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If the information is more detailed or you have doubts and questions, feel free to write us at [email protected]. It will be a pleasure for us to respond to the queries and/or overcome any fear. Don’t be shy to ask any questions – we need our base clean and to the point. Also intend to give a quick email reply.

Disclaimers for betting sites

We can’t do the work of re-written content with all the information and instructions given. In order to be useful to you, it is necessary for you to provide details, like the mood you want the output to be, the level of formality, degree of informality or variety, e.t.c. should be in the rewritten text. Moreover, it would be reasonable to add the first text to me because it would enable me to target the preservation of major ideas and adjusting of ambiguity and complication. I look forward to the rewrite after knowing your aims. In case any clarification or extra details are required, kindly indicate.

From this betting sites you can go to other web sites by clicking on the provided links. We hope our quality links will connect users to helpful, moral betting sites. On the one hand, we cannot manage the information coming from the external content. These links only serve as references and do not fully endorse the content of the sites linked to. Owners may replace content and this could happen without notification before the bad links are removed.

Besides please also stay informed that the same destination will be controlled by other sites that have terms and conditions, policies different from ours. Kindly check these sites’ “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”, wich is normally on the bottom of the web page, before proceeding or sharing anything.


In using this website, you have agreed to our Disclaimer. It W flushes out its use features. We cover the background of how we will work together, your expectations, and make sure that we clearly define our mutual obligations.


We regret revising the content in any case unless you provide us with the required information, i.e., the tone you prefer to use, the emotion you intend to use, the main subject of the content and the level of variation. Can you please highlight clearly the simple instructions on how I should rewrite the sentence in these conditions? Do not hesitate to contact me later on, after I myself have got a clearer understanding of your intentions.

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