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Last updated: February 24 , 2024

Note­ that you need to read carefully the terms and con­di­tions be­fore using the service­.

Interpretation and Definitions


The beginning of a sentence is often marked by a capital L. Both singular and plural forms are governed by these meanings.


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:

  • Affiliate indicates an entity that directly, indirectly or as a result of mutual control is controlled by a party, or where with the expression “control” is understood an entity that owns 50% or more of the shares, equity interest or other securities entitled to voting for directors election or other managing authority.
  • Organisation (Company can be referred to as “The Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) is websites where people can bet.
  • Device stands for any device that can possibly access the Service including a computer, a cellphone or a digital tablet.

Servicerefers to Website

Terms and Conditions (which we also refer as “Terms”) mean this agreement (“Terms and Conditions”) which are the entire agreement between You and the Company that establishes the conditions of use of the Service.

Third-party Social Media Service refers to any services, content (for instance, data, information, products, or services) rendered by a third party that may be found, employed or become available via the Service.

Website refers to betting sites, accessible from https://uuuvu.com/

“You” is here used interchangeably to mean the individual who is using or accessing the service, the company or other legal entity on whose behalf such individual uses or accesses the service.


This list includes the rights and obligations of our service users and what you as a user are agreeing to by using our service It enlists rules about what the user can and cannot do on the site.

  • Please note, that by using our ser­vice, you agree to accept T­e­rms and Conditions. These refer to all visitors and its users.
  • You undertake to observe the below mentioned terms by using the Se­rvice. However, you refrain from the Service if you disagree­.
  • You are over 18 years. No person younger than 18 is allowed to access the­ Service.

Furthermore, your access to and usage of the Service are conditioned by your acceptance and compliance with the Privacy Policy of the Company, as well. The Privacy Policy describes Our policies and procedures concerning the collection, use and sharing of your personal information by the Application or the Website and it also tells you about your privacy rights and the way the law protects You. Please also take time to read the terms of Our Privacy Policy before utilizing Our Service.

Links to Other Websites

Our Service may include other websites or services that are not associated with the Company.

Company has no responsibilities regarding third party websites. It’s not be­ reproduce­ material on those websites, it’s limited as regard to damage from using content.

Make sure that you carefully read terms, conditions, and privacy policy when joining any website or service.


We may either terminate or suspend your account any time, in our sole discretion, with or without prior notice, for any reason, and with no liability to be undertaken by us., should You breach these Terms and Conditions.

When the contract expires, that is no longer possible.

Limitation of Liability

The company will not be responsible for any damages that are associated with using or disuses of the Service which include special, incidental or consequential damages; losses of profits, data, privacy or business; or damages from third parties’ hardware or software. This applies even when the court is notified and the re-medy is not effective.

Moreover, in some states such limitations might not exist. The maximum extent limit of each party shall be in full compliance with the law.

This kind of disclaimer protects the organizer from potential liability of any kind to the participants who might get injured during the course of the event.

The Service is delivered to You with no warranty of any nature, either express or implied, and is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. To the extent permissible by applicable law, the company, on its own behalf and on behalf of its Affiliates and its and their respective licensors and service providers, unconditionally disclaims any representation or guarantee, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, with respect to the Service and all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, and warranties that may In addition to the above, the Company makes no warranty, undertaking or representation that the Service will achieve any particular goals; that the Service will work with any other software, application, system or service; that the Service will be uninterrupted; Service will be compatible with any other hardware, software, application or other underlying technology or that any errors or defects will be removed.

It is worth noting that the Company does not provide any guaran­tees concerning the Services. It does not warrant­ that the Service will be up­-and-­running all the time, be error­-free or give ­accurate info. The Service might be having some problems or some dangerous codes such as viruses.

The laws that some situations are governed by may prohibit disclaiming of any warranties or the protection of consumer rights, therefore this case will apply only in some limited situations. Hence, exemptions, and exclusions will be applied according to their own degree.

Governing Law

The Disputes/Conflicts in the Country, not its laws, will govern this the Terms of the Service. While it may do so, also, use may comply with other laws.

Disputes Resolution

Contacting the Company is advised if you have any worry in relation to the Service, which can be done informally.

As for European Union (EU) Users

If you are from the EU and have the residence in a certain country, you are being governed by the laws of that country.

United States Legal Compliance

By agreeing to this repre­sentation, you represent yourself as someone who neither is in an embargoe­d or terrorist country nor is on a US party watchlist.

Severability and Waiver


If some aspects of these Terms are not applicable or illegal, they will be replaced with legally enforceable terms. And the rest lives on.


Such conditions of these terms already prohibit non­performance of obligation or forfeiture of a particular right. The non-­terrence does not imply subsequent-­breaches are also waived off.

Changes to It.

We may make amendments­ to these Terms from time to time. If major changes are implemented, we will offer 30 days of­ notice ahead­ of­ the­ new terms coming into effect. What make us different from others is our own choice.

If you still use our se­rvice after re­vising the ter­ms, you agree to new te­rms. If the above options do not fit you, stop using the site and Service.

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