Betting Sites in Lithuania

Lithuania in the domain of gambling and sports betting. has been carefully and gradually changing its gambling laws, thus, indicating a mature attitude to the growing global trend of sports betting and online gaming. This article explains the most important steps of Lithuanian gambling legislation, emphasizing the key laws that have formed the current situation of betting sites in Lithuania, the procedures of getting gaming licenses, and the system of gambling taxes and the activities that are allowed in the country.

Betting Sites in Lithuania
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Key Legislation Milestones

  • 2016: It was a turning point year for Lithuania when it officially defined the online gambling, thus establishing the grounds for the licensed and lawful digital betting environment. This legislative action was the basis for the operators to get the online casino games, slot machines, betting, and bingo under a regulated system.
  • 2020: The amendments to the Gaming Law will be the introduction of the details for the licensing and the protocol for the revocation, suspension of a licence, and the sanctions for the infringements.
  • 2022: This is denoted by the significant changes in the legislation that enabled the online gambling market to operate without the need of the land-based gambling establishments – a complete contrast to the 2016 directive. This amendment opened up the online betting to more people and made it more accessible to them.
  • 2024: People see the way the proposal is moving forward with the idea of increasing the minimum age for all gambling activities to 21, which proves the government’s dedication to responsible gambling.
  • 2025: Foresees a total prohibition of the gambling advertising, stressing the hard line of the gambling promotions and sponsorships.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Lithuania – 5 Things to Know

The most famous tax rates for gambling in Lithuania.

Lithuania’s stance on taxing gambling is well-distributed.

The rates are tuned for the purpose of encouraging the responsible gambling.

Lithuania is a great example of the fair play and competition in the gambling market.

The legislative subtleties are the key for businesses in the gambling sector in Lithuania.

Licensing: Betting Sites in Lithuania

The Gaming Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania is the principal body governing gambling licenses, offering various categories catering to the diverse spectrum of gambling activities:

  • Category B Machine Gaming
  • Bingo
  • Totalisator
  • Betting

These licenses are a proof that a gambling company follows the regulations of the Lithuanian government and this guarantees a safe and fair gambling.

License Types and Fees

The development of the licensing system, and especially after 2022, shows the strategic move of creating a favorable environment for online betting and gaming services. The most significant step in this direction is the introduction of a special online gambling license which will allow the people to gamble online without the need of being physically present in the gambling place. Key fees associated with obtaining these licenses are outlined as follows:

  • Remote Gambling License Fee: €0.5 million
  • Casinos, Table Games, and Categories A and B Slots License Fee: €0.3 million
  • Bingo and Betting Offices License Fee: €0.1 million

Gaming Taxes and Regulatory Control

The fiscal system of gambling in Lithuania proves that the state takes a reasonable attitude towards the taxation of the gambling revenues, thus, the gambling business is sustainable and at the same time the public exchequer is fed. Notable tax rates include:

  • Lottery Tax Rate: The 5% of the nominal value of the distributed lottery tickets is the cost of their distribution.
  • Bingo Tax Rate: 18% of the bill except for the winnings paid.
  • Sports Betting Tax Rate: The 18% of receipts minus winnings was paid.
  • Online Gambling Tax Rate: The 13% of revenue minus the winnings that are paid.
  • Category A and B Gambling Machine Tax: A flat fee per machine, monthly
  • Table Games Tax: €2300 per month, fixed fee

The rates are set in such a way that they promote the development of the betting and gambling sector and at the same time, they also make sure that the gaming is done in a responsible way.


The direction of Lithuania’s gambling laws clearly shows the country’s way to a regulated, inclusive, and responsible betting market. Lithuania has become a prominent jurisdiction in the European betting and gambling panorama, because it pays a lot of attention to the protection of the punters, the promotion of fair play and the creation of a competitive market landscape. For businesses that want to be solidly established in the Lithuanian gambling industry, knowing the legal details is vital as this will help them to make the right decisions and be in line with the national gambling policy.

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