Betting Sites in Montenegro

Montenegro is located in the central and western part of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, bordering Albania to the southeast, Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to the northwest, and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest. Betting sites in Montenegro for sports betting adhere to strict gambling laws. This article explores the core of Montenegro’s gambling laws, license types and fees, gambling taxes, and describes what gambling is and is not allowed in this beautiful European country.

Betting Sites in Montenegro
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Montenegro’s Gaming Landscape

The Montenegrin way of gambling is both modern and friendly, which makes it a significant jurisdiction in the European gambling market. Montenegro, being the country where land-based casinos were first legalized in 2006 that has a long history of gambling, has developed a legal system that regulates both land-based and online gambling activities.

The main laws and the organizations that regulate them are.

The primary piece of legislation governing gambling in Montenegro is the Games of Chance Act (Zakon o igrama na sreću), which categorizes games of chance into two main groups: lottery games and other kinds of special games are what these casino houses can offer. This distinction is the basis of understanding the extent of gambling activities in the country.

  • Lottery Games: This class embraces the good old lottery, bingo, lotto, keno and other similar games of chance where you have to draw a number.
  • Special Games of Chance: It includes casino games, betting, sports betting and the games on gaming machines.

The Administration for Games of Chance, which is under the Ministry of Finance, is the main regulatory body that issues gambling licenses in Montenegro.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Montenegro – 5 Things to Know

Problems of digital payments adaptation.

The free gambling atmosphere in Montenegro

Rules changing to the level of international standards.

A place that operators and enthusiasts would love to visit.

Task Force for Gambling Coordination is the responsible name of this organization.

Gambling Licensing

The procedure of getting a gambling license in Montenegro is not complicated, but it involves compliance with the certain regulatory standards established by the Administration for Games of Chance. Licenses are given on demand except for the casino and lottery concessions, which are awarded through a competitive tender process.

Important Milestones and Fees

  • 2006: The Games of Chance Act was introduced and land-based casinos were legalized.
  • 2011: Most of the forms of online gambling were legalized, and this was the starting point for Montenegro Gambling Commission.

License Types and Fees:

  • Land-Based Casino License: Dependent on the competition of tendering.
  • Online Gambling License: A fixed fee of around €75,000 is the case with various types of licenses being sought.

Tax on Gaming and Prohibited and Permitted Betting

The Montenegrin government has set up the tax rates for various gambling activities so that it can maintain a healthy gambling industry while at the same time, paying its fair share to the public.

Tax and Fee Schedule

  • Casino Games: The yearly flat fee of EUR 50,000 plus the percentage of gross gambling revenue is either in your favor or not.
  • Lottery and Lottery-like Games: 10% of the revenue from ticket sales, excluding the prize fund.

Betting: The monthly fixed fee of EUR 500 for each betting shop plus a percentage of the gross gambling revenue.

  • Gaming Machines: The charge for each machine is EUR 50 and then there will be a 10% of the gross gambling revenue.
  • Online Gambling: The monthly cost of EUR 10,000 is the fixed fee.

These tax rates are on top of the regular taxes, for example, the corporate tax which is 9%, one of the lowest in Europe. Surprisingly, online gambling is charged with the lowest fixed fee which has always made Montenegro to be a hub for internet licensing of gambling.

Developments of Betting Sites in Montenegro

  • 2022: A study trip organized by the Slovakian Ministry of Finance and the country’s gambling regulator with a view to improving transparency and responsible management of public finances from gambling was held.
  • 2024: The amendments to the Games of Chance Law that were introduced aimed at regulating the organization of games of chance via the internet more systematically and sustainably.

Prohibited and Permitted Betting

Although Montenegro is a country with huge gambling opportunities, some limits are put to protect the public interests and ensure that people gamble responsibly. Of course, the plans to ban electronic payment methods for gambling are perfect examples of how cautious they are towards digital transactions in the gambling sector.

The Future of Gambling in Montenegro

Montenegro is still in the process of adjusting its gambling laws to the international norms and social welfare concerns. The creation of the Coordination Task Force for Protecting and Enhancing Public Interest in Organizing Gambling Activities is a proof that the government really wants to have a gambling industry which will be both balanced and responsible.


The strategic way of Montenegro to control the gambling activities, combined with its low tax rates and simplified licensing procedures, is what makes this country a popular place for both gambling operators and fans. Nevertheless, there are still some issues such as the adjustment to the online payment trends that need to be solved but Montenegro is in a good position of being one of the main players on European gambling market and will keep offering exciting opportunities for both betting sites and sports bettors from Montenegro.

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