Betting Sites in Poland

Poland, located in the heart of Central Europe, is the center of the legal gambling and sports betting industry. Poland is a country that has got the strong and regulated law for betting enthusiasts and operators at the same time. This article is intended to be a short summary of the gaming laws, licensing requirements, fees and taxes betting sites in Poland. Besides that it also shows what you can do and what you cannot do in Polish betting landscape.

Betting Sites in Poland
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Poland’s Geography and Demography

Before we start analyzing the complexities of gambling laws, it is necessary to know what these regulations work in. Poland, being the largest country in Central Europe with Warsaw as its capital city, covers an area of 312,705 square kilometers and has a coastline of 528 kilometers on the Baltic Sea. The land of these 16 provinces and 314 counties, Poland has a population around to the number of 40.57 million people as of January 2024, mostly Poles but also many Germans and Belarusians along with the Jews and other ethnic groups. Poland is mainly Catholic and the official language there is Polish so it created a special gambling market.

Gambling in Poland is strictly regulated; the provision of gambling services without a license or against the laws involves criminal and financial liabilities. The key legal acts governing gambling in Poland include:

  • The Gambling Act of Poland: This statute sets the procedures for running gambling games, the terms of holding them and the rules of taxation.
  • Law on the National Tax Administration: It lays down the procedures for inspection and other delegated activities by the Minister of Finance.
  • Fiscal Penal Code: This code is an inventory of fiscal crimes and offenses against the organization of gambling as well as it gives the penalties for them.

These laws, especially the Gambling Act are the main body of Poland’s gambling regulations, which is highly protected by law enforcement agencies such as the National Revenue Administration.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Poland – 5 Things to Know

Tight rules for gambling responsibly.

Vivid betting sites and sports betting places.

Poland’s gambling scenario is multifaceted.

The comprehensive legal framework is in place.

The state monopoly includes a number of games.

Gambling License of Betting Sites in Poland

The operation of gambling games in Poland is only possible with a valid license issued by the Minister of Finance or other authorized institutions. Licenses are categorized based on the type of gambling operation, with the validity period varying accordingly:

  • Casino, Betting, and Bingo Parlor License: Good for 6 years.
  • Raffle, Promotional Lottery, and Audiotext Lottery License: Effective for 2 years.

Application and Licence Restrictions

There are three main types of licenses for offering relevant products to Polish residents:

  1. A license to operate a land-based casino.
  2. A license to be the betting dealer.
  3. A reminder on the start of a licensable activity.

The licensing scheme, especially after the 2017 amendments, is strict and has a monopoly over most of the gambling games and this applies mostly to those that are offered online. The only online forms that private operators can offer upon getting a permit are mutual betting and/or promotion lottery.

Taxes and Levies

The gambling tax rates in Poland vary by the type of game, with specific rates outlined in the Gambling Act as follows:

Raffle Lottery and Raffle Bingo Game: 10%

  • Cash Lottery: 15%
  • Lottery: 20%
  • Cash Bingo Game, Telebingo Game, Phone or Text Message Lottery, and Poker Game: One fourth of the tube is filled with air.
  • Machine Game, Wheel Game, Dice, Card Game (except Poker at a Tournament): At least 50%.
  • Betting on Sports Competition of Animals: She is not the best one to put out fires of misunderstandings. 5%
  • Other Betting: 12%

The taxable base for gambling tax is different from one type of the game to another and gaming tax constitutes the income of state budget.

Prohibited and Permitted Betting

Even though the Polish gambling market is varied, it should be noted that some types of online gambling are limited by the state monopoly which covers several games. Nevertheless, the betting sites in Poland and the sports betting avenues of Poland are still very much alive sectors, which offer legal options for those who love to bet within the framework of national regulations.

Comprehensive Listing

  • Enactment of Gambling Laws: The Gambling Act of 19 November 2009 is the main law, which was changed from time to time according to the changing gambling situation.
  • License Types and Fees: Licenses for casinos, betting parlors and bingo halls are up for grabs with fees that depend on the type and duration of the license.
  • List of Taxes and Fees: The detailed tax rates vary from 10% to 50%, depending on the type of gambling activity, and some additional financial securities are needed for running online betting platforms and other gambling places.


The design of the Polish betting sites and Poland sports betting is determined by a well-organized legal framework which is supposed to control and supervise gambling activities. For both the operators and participants, to know and follow these regulations is a must for them if they want to survive in the Polish gambling industry. Through the strict control, Poland makes sure that gambling is responsible and safe; thus, it is both thrilling to bet and at the same time regulated and protected.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Poland

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