Betting Sites in Switzerland

Switzerland, has a well-regulated and developing gambling industry. The legal system that regulates the gambling activities, including betting sites in Switzerland and sports betting of Switzerland has undergone a lot of changes over the years. This article is a comprehensive examination of the country’s gambling legal legislation. It covers in detail the history of gambling law legislation, regulatory agencies, gambling licenses and fees, gambling taxes and detailed descriptions of prohibited and permitted bets.

Betting Sites in Switzerland
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Switzerland’s gambling regulations are both federal and cantonal, plus there is an inter-cantonal concordate. Several authorities are in charge of the regulatory and supervisory functions of different gambling activities.

Key Regulatory Agencies

  • Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority (Gespa): This is also called Interkantonale Geldspielaufsicht in German, Autorité intercantonale de surveillance des jeux d’argent in French and Autorità intercantonale di vigilanza sui giochi in denaro. Gespa is in charge of licensing and supervising the big gambling activities like lotteries, sports betting, and skill-based games which are operated intercantonally, online or via automatic means.
  • Federal Gaming Commission (ESBK): In charge of the supervision and enforcement of the Money Gaming Act which is about casino games.
  • Cantonal Authorities: Guide and make the Money Gaming Act law concerning small-scale gaming, including raffles and small poker tournaments held outside of casinos.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Switzerland – 5 Things to Know

VAT does not apply to gambling winnings.

The non-sports betting is only allowed with a casino license.

Corporations have tax rates that vary from 11. 9% to 21. 6%.

The gambling industry in Switzerland is very much controlled.

Swisslos and Lotterie Romande are the providers of legal sports betting.

History of Gambling Laws in Switzerland

Key Events and Legislation

  • 1923: The Lottery was re-legalized with the Act on Lotteries and Commercial Betting.
  • 1993: Gambling was partially re-legalized, and hence the limited-stakes casino gambling became possible.
  • 1998: The federal act on games of chance and casinos was passed, thus marking the beginning of the re-legalization of casinos.
  • 2000: Total re-legalization of gambling, which is followed by the fast growth of the gambling industry.

Recent Legislative Acts

  • 2017: The Money Gaming Act (SR 935. 51) was adopted, it came into effect on January 1st ,2019. This law is the framework of the regulation of gaming revenue from brick-and-mortar, online and skill-related money gaming.
  • 2018: The Federal Gaming Ordinance (SR 935. 511) and the Federal Casino Ordinance (SR 935. 511. 1) were adopted on November 7, 2018, and became effective on January 1,2020.
  • 2018: The particular Money Laundering Ordinance that was issued by the Federal Gaming Board (SR 955. 021) came into effect on January 1,2018.

Licenses of Betting Sites in Switzerland

Types of Gambling Licenses

  • Lottery License: Governed by the Federal Act on Lotteries and Commercial Wagering, released by the Intercantonal Lotteries and Betting Board (Comlot). This license is for the regional lottery and betting but it does not cover online betting or lo. .. et me make that clear.
  • Casino License: The portrayal of the two kinds is controlled by brick-and-mortar casino gambling and, if to be extended, online casino games.

Types of Casino Licenses

  • Casino License A (Grand Casinos): There is no restriction on the number of tables and gaming machines, maximum stake per game can be more than CHF 25, progressive jackpots are also allowed.
  • Casino License B (Spa, Resort Casino License): Only 3 tables can be used at a time, the bet per game should not be more than CHF 25 and there is no progressive jackpot.

Licensing Process

Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) is the authority that gives a gambling license. The application process is about meeting the particular criteria, which includes location requirements and potential gross gaming revenue (GGR). For example:

  • Type A License: Needs a GGR of over CHF 30 million per year, usually can be reached if there are more than 300 thousand people living within the radius of 30 minutes drive.
  • Type B License: As a rule, the GGR of at least CHF 10 million per year is needed, which can be achieved if there are 100,000 people living within a 30-minute drive.

On April 27, 2022 the Federal Council of Switzerland approved the division of the country into 23 zones for licensing purposes and stipulated that only one license per zone is allowed.

Gambling Taxes of Betting Sites in Switzerland

Land-Based Gambling Tax:

  • The 40% is applicable to the CHF 10 million per tax year.
  • For every other million franc, the tax rate goes up by 0. 5% at the most, up to 80%.

Online Gambling Tax:

  • Twenty percent up to a maximum of three million CHF.
  • For every extra million francs, the tax rate goes up by 0. 5% is the minimum contribution and it can go up to 80%.

Additional Tax Information

Gambling in Switzerland is not subject to VAT. The corporate tax rates are 11. 9% and 21. The tax on the winnings from land-based gambling establishments in Switzerland is 6%.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Prohibited Bets

Some kinds of betting are prohibited in Switzerland. To illustrate, waging beyond sports betting is only allowed if it falls under a casino game that has no more than 1,000 players and the organizer must have a Swiss casino license.

Permitted Bets

  • Sports Betting: The licensed operators, among them are Swisslos and Lotterie Romande can legally provide sports betting.
  • Lotteries: Run by the licensed companies such as Swisslos and Lotterie Romande.
  • Skill-Based Games: Authorized on the condition of fulfillment of some regulations, and supervised by Gespa.


Switzerland’s gambling scene is very well regulated and provides a wide range of bets for both the locals and tourists. The history and the current legal status of betting sites in Switzerland as well as Switzerland sports betting is very important for any person who wants to know about it. If you want to have more information or if you would like to know about the possibilities of gambling, contact The Swiss Federal Gaming Board or visit the websites of licensed operators.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting Sites in Switzerland

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