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Nicaragua which is situated in Central America is a presidential republic. It consists of 16 provinces and 2 autonomous regions with a total number of 153 cities and towns. The capital city is Managua and as of 2023 the population of the country is at a level of 6. 84 million. In this paper, we will focus on the history of Nicaragua’s gambling legislation, the regulatory bodies concerning gambling, licensing requirements and legal status of sports betting as well as betting sites in Nicaragua.

Betting Sites in Nicaragua
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Gambling legislation in Nicaragua past and present

Nicaragua has a long saga of gambling regulations which are full of ups and downs, characterized by many drastic changes that have taken place over the years. Here’s a timeline of key events and legislation:

  • 1979: During the Sandinista regime, all kinds of gambling were banned.
  • 1996: The national lottery was launched.
  • 2001: After the first try to legalize gambling, it was successful but only for real casinos.
  • 2010: The first full-scale legal framework for gambling, “special law 766 on the control and regulation of casinos and other gambling places,” was passed.
  • 2011: Online gambling was legalized by the Special Law 766.
  • 2014: The gambling industry regulation was moved from the Ministry of Tourism to the Ministry of Finance.

Regulatory Agencies

The gambling industry of Nicaragua is controlled by different official bodies in order to guarantee the following and fair practices. The primary regulatory bodies include:

  • Control Board of Casino and Gaming Venues: It is this body that manages the activities of casinos and gaming centers.
  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit: The one who is in charge of the financial regulations, such as Financial Analysis Unit and Treasury.
  • Oficina de Casinos y Salas de Juegos: The Ministry of Finance is the operating body that controls and regulates the licensing and land casinos.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Nicaragua – 5 Things to Know

Compliance crucial for businesses

Nicaraguan gambling regulations evolving

The online gambling was legalized in 2011.

It is important to have a thorough knowledge of the market.

The major casinos in Managua and other cities cannot be missed.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s gambling laws specify that both online and offline gambling operators are to be licensed in order for them to operate legally. Here are the key licenses and associated fees:

  • Operating License: This is a good and realistic product that has been around for 20 years, costing $2,000.
  • Machine Registration Fee: The charge per machine $20, is monthly.
  • Table Game Registration Fee: $100 per table game, accrued monthly.
  • Annual Fee: The regulating entity INTUR is paid every year by the tourist.

Gambling Taxes

Gambling operators in Nicaragua are taxed by the government which adds to its revenue. The primary taxes include:

  • Income Tax: Usually, it is the gross income of casinos and betting operators that is subject to tax.
  • Player Winnings Tax: Legally, the winnings are taxable but in practice this is not always enforced. The players who receive large sums of money ($100,000+) are suggested to declare their winnings in order not to get into legal troubles.

The online gambling in Nicaragua has been legal since 2011 and is controlled by Special Law 766. Nevertheless, the legal system stipulates that only those companies which have land-based outlets can get licenses for online gambling. Besides, this constraint has also made the number of licensed online casinos not that high. Here are some specific regulations:

  • Eligibility: Only companies that have the brick-and-mortar operations or partnerships with such companies are eligible to apply for online gambling licenses.
  • Licensing Authority: The Oficina de Casinos y Salas de Juegos is in charge of the licensing procedure.
  • Fairness and Compliance: All gaming machines have to be in line with the international standards, and Random Number Generators (RNGs) must be fair so that they cannot be manipulated.
  • Prohibited and Permitted Bets
  • Permitted Bets: Enlist the casino games, slot machines and sports betting in it.
  • Prohibited Bets: Add any unlicensed gambling activities and operations without the Treasury’s permission.

Key Legislation and Events

  • 1979: The Prohibition of all the gambling activities under Sandinista rule.
  • 1996: Creation of the national lottery.
  • 2001: The half-way legalization of gambling.
  • 2010: Special Law 766 passed.
  • 2011: Online gambling legalization.
  • 2014: Shift of the regulatory power to the Ministry of Finance.

Nicaraguan Casino Listings


  • Aladdin Casino
  • Barceló Montelimar Beach Hotel
  • Casino Admiral
  • Casino Kingdom
  • Managua Princess Casino
  • Palms Casino
  • Pharaohs Casino is located on the way to Camino Real.
  • Pharaohs Casino – Managua
  • Red Palace
  • Riviera Casino
  • Zona Pharaohs – Managua

Other Cities:

  • Bluefields: Oasis Hotel and Casino
  • Chinandega: Zona del Farao – Chinandega
  • Esteli: Atlantic City Casino – Esteli
  • León: The Perla Hotel and Casino
  • Masaya: Put your money on CR Masaya, Nicarao’s Casino.
  • San Juan del Sur: Atlantic City Casino – San Juan del Sur, Surf Casino


The regulatory system for betting sites in Nicaragua and sports betting in Nicaragua is changing, trying to find the balance between letting a regulated market exist and at the same time meeting all international standards. Through a thorough comprehension of the historical background, present rules and regulations as well as licensing conditions, businesses and individuals can get around the Nicaraguan gambling industry successfully. For those who are willing to enter this market, it is very important that they keep abreast of the legislation and adhere to all the rules.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Nicaragua

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