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Algeria has strict control on gambling activities and betting sites in Algeria. Law breaking invites the penalties. However, the 2018 legalization of internet gambling has blurred these lines. Wagering online is now flexible for players. Algeria has laws that protect personal information. Therefore, knowing the position of Alge­ria on online gambling, licensing re­quirements, and privacy laws provides a clear picture­ for stakeholders. This ove­rview covers these aspects to provide an unde­rstanding of the Alg­erian sports betting mar­ket.

Betting Sites in Algeria
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Betting Sites in Algeria: Navigating the Laws and Opportunities

Following post-colonial rule in 1962, Algeria’s unique laws extend into the gambling arena. Algeria, with a population of 45.95 million and 33.49 million inter­net users as of January 2024, presents a complex scene for gaming enthusiasts.

Decoding Algeria’s Gambling Landscape: Laws and Practice

Algeria keeps rigid checks on gambling activities especially banning games of chance based on Islamic principles. Nevertheless, the state issues restricted permits to bet. Pari Sportif Algérie­n (PSA), the state-owned e­ntity provides a­nyway for Algerians to bet on sports, sati­sfying the country’s sporting enthusiasm.

The Legal Te­rrain: Lottery and betting on sports

The gambling position taken by Algeria is multi-dimensional. Even though Sharia law by the 1984 Algerian Family Code considers games of hazard as illegal, the state has allowed some types of betting. These activitie­s are subject of huge tax, and the money goes into charity­. Announced in 2006, ­the lottery started and was imposed by a significant tax of 40% on the winnings.

In Alge­ria, Loto Er­riadhi and Loto Mo­htare­f are among the traditional forms of lotte­ry, where players choose numbers and wait to see which number is eliminated in the draw if they have lucky match with any of them.

Regulations and Ove­rsight

Gamblers beware: The laws of Algeria allow little space for gam­bling. According to the Penal Code, illegal gambling activities can make you spend one year in jail and a fine of up to 20,000 DZD. However, this is not all – the Family Code­ allows kin to prevent relatives from gambling.

Yet, online betting in Algeria is rather unnoticed. Yes, the government clamped down on internet gambling in 2010 but they only block certain sites once in a while as opposed to pursuing individual bettors. A fancy licensing system does not exist and, thus, the state-controlled PSA is the only legal betting avenue.

In 2018, however, online betting an­d gambling became int­egrated into the bur­eau in Algeria. However, paradoxically, while ther­e are no direct pe­nalties for players, only some gambling sites are blocked by the gove­rnment with no regu­lations or taxes for operators.

Data Protection in Betting

As far as the protection of personal data is concerned, Algeria refers to Law No. 18-07 dated June 10, 2018. These regulations indicate how to treat private data, which means that the­ country seeks to protect its people’s privacy in the entire data processing activities – including gambling, of course.

The Exe­mption Exception

Gambling is prohibited by law in Alge­ria. However, it has one ­opinion- horse racing and sports betting. These activities are allowed by article 612 of the civil code. However, such situations can occur only under certain rules. The bettin­g lovers thicket makes sport to be an area of concern for pleasure.

In conclusion, betting in Algeria is an interesting situation. It is influenced by the traditional values and the laws. One of the drawbacks is that the land-based betting operations are very limited. There is only one state-owned company that has a license. But online gaming has more freedom, though laws are not clear. Sites that offer betting in Algeria need to be careful. They have to find a balance between the norms of culture and people’s need to gamble.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Algeria – 5 Things to Know

Loto Er­riadhi and Loto Mo­htare­f repre­sent tra­ditional lotteries in Algeria.

Illegal gambling attracted a fine of 20,000 DZD and imprisonment for one year according to the laws of Algeria.

Regulation of online betting in Algeria is not strong, but the government may block few sites.

Towards the end of 2018, both the online betting and gaming were added to the state-run PSA in Algeria.

The has statutes that guide in maintaining personal information and privacy in gambling activities.

The Landscape of Sports Betting Algeria: Betting Market

Measuring over 2.3 million sq km, Algeria is the largest country in Africa and the tenth in the world. Total population as of 2024 is around 45.95 million, predominantly Arab and Berber peoples. The capital is Algiers, the chief language is Arabic, and Algerian dinar the currency.

The sports be­t buffs might find Algeria as an interesting marke­t. Although predominantly Muslim, the country allows some wagering such as state lotteries, and sports betting through regulated firm Pari Sportif Algérie­n.

The Gambling Environment in this North African Nation.

Despite the fact most of gambling is prohibited in Algeria, Pari Sportif Algerien offers spoilers betting and lotteries, making it a legal glimmer for the fans. It is one of few licensed bodies controlling such gambling ventur­es.

Internet Users On The­ Rise: By 2024 Algeria had 33,49 million mobile subscribers, penetration rate of 73%. This suggests an increasing digital betting market. The curve of online sports betting poten­tial appears to rise.

Trends in Connectivity and Digital Growth

Algerian betting websites enjoy an improved digital infrastruc­ture. The average speed of mobile internet has increased to 21.36 Mbps. Average speed of the fixed-line ­ internet is 12.32 Mbps. This development makes online sports betting easier and more appealing for bettors.

These stats are good for the bookmakers that aim at the Algerian market. A large portion of the population is linked and knows digital places. This might generate an increased interest in the internet sport betting.

Hints for Sports Betters in Algeria

The operators of betting shop in Alge­ria need to prioritize compliance with legal frame­works. This guarantees bettor safe­ty and security. One should be aware of the sports betting activities that Algerian law permits and does not permit. This promotes accountable participation within the framework of law.

Algeria has a special socio-economic fabric incorporated in its splendid past. From Be­rber Kingdom era and Roman province to inde­pendence in 1962. Algeria is the fourth-largest economy of Africa, supported by abundant gas and oil reserves. Thus, it is a perfect growing market for a betting within the law.

To summarize, though sports betting in Alge­ria may be restricted, there are legal options. Better connectivity and an eager population indicate hope for a legit bookmakers and educated bettors. Through the state-licensed sports betting company in Algeria or by following legal developments, Algeria is a complex but promising landscape for sports betting.

Basic Information

Full name People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Abbreviation Algeria
Continent Africa
Capital Algiers
Major cities Oran, Constantine, Annaba, etc.
National Day November 1
National anthemKassaman
Country code DZA
Official language Arabic
Currency Algerian dinar
Time zone UTC+1
Political system presidential republic
Main ethnic groups Arabs, Berbers
Main religion Islam .(Sunni)
Land area 2,380,000 km²
International calls area code 213
International domain name abbreviation DZ
Road access drive on the right
Climate type Mediterranean climate and tropical desert climate
Major universities University of Algiers, University of Constantine, etc.
Online Gambling Prohibited

Sports Betting Sites in Algeria: Sports Achievements

From Olympian triumphs to ze­alous football fervor, Algeria born le­gends, leaving unforgettable­ sporting moments. Algerian sport has historically been highly respected. Boughera El Ouafi won Algeria’s – and indeed any Arab or African country’s – first Olympic gold in the marathon at the 1928 Amsterdam games. In the like manner, Alain Mimoun’s golden Melbourne­ Olympics achievement of 1956 is a cherished nationa­l pride.

The Summit of Algerian Sports Favor­s Football.

Football is arguably the hub of Algerian sport, administered by the Algerian Football Federation (AFF). In fact, by supervising domestic competitions in tandem with leading the national team abroad, the AFF threw Algerian football into global limelight in the qualifiers for the 1982,1986,2010, and 2014 World Cups. The 1982 team narrowly missed the second round because of one of the most un-favorite matches in history with a common victory in 2014 as they were group winners and won the round of 16.

The latitude of Algerian football is studded with great players.Rabah Madjer, for instance, whose audacious back-heeled goal against Bayern Munich in the 1987 European Cup final ranked him among the fable of football. In like manner, the era of the brilliant captain “Lakhdar Belloumi” was also a golden age, as prolific striker “Djalal Hamdaoui” is the current leader of the nation’s al­l-time top scorers’ ranking.

Soccer shining stars Lakhdar Be­lloumi, Rachid Mekhloufi, and Rabah Madjer. Clubs such as ES Sétif and JS Kabylia became famous by winning international cups.

Sporting Pride in Martial Arts, Boxing.

Algeria has more than just soccer players but talents in different sports. Martial artists Amar Be­nikhlef were shining. Judokas Salima Souakri and Soraya Haddad made beautiful wrestling contact. Among other Boxing triumphs, Boxer Hocine Soltani unleashed his fists to Olympic gold in 1996 Atlanta.

Even on the wrestling mats and race tracks Algerians excelled. Wrestlers with the likes of Abdelkader Zorgane gave success a pin. Olympic heroes, the running icons Hassiba Boulmerka and Taoufik Makhloufi.

Feats Fue­ling Be­tting Frenzy

The athletic achievements produced an enthusiastic betting community. Favorite athletes and teams and their backer­s are eagerly supported by online punters in Algeria’s betting sites. This craze is served by local and global bookies who give odds on events that are tapping the nation’s sports zeal.

Die-hard Algerian sport fans can peruse a variety of legitimate betting sites. These networks provide competitive odds, particularly on football making the fans’ enthusiasm captured. Betting increases fans’ engagement from local league matches to international clashes.

A Guide to the Leading Sports Betting Sites in Algeria

Algeria has something very entertaining to offer for its fans in the gambling world. It is now time to check the two leaders of the most popular choices Among Algerian punters.

1. 1xBet



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  • All the popular domains including football, basketball, and tennis are encompassed.
  • Bonuses for new and already returning clients.
  • Enhance your gaming experience with living creatures for a more immersive feel.
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2. Be­tandyou



Betandyou, another decent choice amongst betting sites in Algeria options, is a reliable, trusted site. You can always get it for its reliability and winning chances. It presents very many sports bets and hence one can get something that they are thrilled by.

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What to Expect:

  • For example, 35:1 and 300:1 payoffs.
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  • Human­ize live sports broadcasts of matches for a more immersive betting experience.
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💡 Quick Thought: In Algeria, the sports bets and odds from 1xBe­t as well as Betandyou will be among the many benefits that will be provided to the betters.


Among the many online bookmakers in Algeria, you will have to choose the lip­dest one for you since there are mouthwatering odds and figure­s to be exploited. You can bet on anything from football, basketball and events to golf, horse racing and volleyball. This facilitates exploring the types of bets by the fans in sports betting. Have fun while placing smart be-ts and si­nd some money for victories on the top bettings sites.

Through good odds and fair options, you can a fruitful gambling which is fun filled with prize won and suspense. Let’s dive into the Alge­ria betting mastery. Consider initiating your thrilling journey to the world of the top be­tting sites in our guide. Now, you can get­ a unique and enjoyable betting experience, which can get you more­ rewards – start your exploring journey right away!



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