Betting Sites in Taiwan

Taiwan is an exciting case of contrasts in the sphere of gambling. On the other hand, it presents the string laws that regulate and ban practically all the gambling activities. However, it provides a gateway into the subtle and changing attitude towards gambling, including the failed legalising of offshore-island casinos. This feature looked thoroughly into Taiwan gambling law, how the betting sites in Taiwan are, and Taiwan sport betting, servicing as a brief guide for sports gambler and betting fans.

Betting Sites in Taiwan
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Taiwan is situated on the continental shelf off the southeast coast of China, and is characterized by a prohibition permission hybrid in the gambling landscape. The island is under the jurisdiction of the Penal Code of Republic of China which provides clear rules regarding what gambling activities are legal or illegal.

Main Characteristics of Taiwan’s Legal Position on Gambling

  • State lotteries, for example the Unified Invoice Lottery, are the only legal forms of gambling in Taiwan China. This form of lottery, which was introduced in 1951, is targeted at fighting tax evasion and presents citizens with legal means of gambling.
  • The marks for opening casinos on the outlying islands of Taiwan were made in 2009 by amending the Outlying Islands Development Act. Nevertheless, to the best of my knowledge, no casinos have been built on the islands of Kinmen, Matsu, or Penghu, despite differing levels of local approval.
  • Both traditional and electronic games, such as poker and mahjong, are conditionally permitted as “temporary entertainment,” occurring within specified days or under specific conditions.
  • The operation or patronage of public gambling establishments is explicitly prohibited under the Criminal Code, and those who violate the code are liable to severe penalties.

Summary of Criminal Law on Gambling

Below is a snapshot of pertinent articles from Taiwan’s Criminal Code regarding gambling offenses:

  1. Article 266: Specifies the offences for public gambling that include fines and seizure of gaming equipments.
  2. Article 267: Habitual gambling is treated as a crime with imprisonment and fines being the penalty.
  3. Article 268-270: Essays about organizing the gambling institutions for the sake of profits, unlawful sale of lotteries, and increased punishment of corruption-related issues.

Allowed Types of Betting and Gambling Sites

Taiwan sports fans face restrictions in the area of sports betting. The country has not entirely accepted online betting sites or all-inclusive sports betting systems. The no presence of locally licensed online betting platforms forces Taiwan sports betting enthusiasts to patronize offshore betting sites that fall in the grey area of Taiwan’s gambling law.

Gambling Law and Regulation in X – 5 Things to Know

2009 Amendment: Stimulating Local Economies.

Possible Revolution in Taiwan Gambling Scenario.

Penghu and Matsu Referendums: Impaired Performance.

Conclusion: Possible Development of Gambling Laws in Taiwan.

Notable Proposals: Penghu, Matsu, Islands New Taipei and Keelung islands.

Offshore Casino Betting Sites in Taiwan Proposal

In 2009, an amendment was made in an attempt to stimulate the local economy of the outlying islands by allowing the casino developments under the local referenda. Nevertheless, the Penghu and Mtsu proposals were not so successful, with the latter showing support but with no construction under way. These projects suggest about the potential changes in the gambling field in Taiwan, which in turn may help to, develop a more liberal position towards gambling and sports betting.

Notable Proposals:

  • Penghu Islands: Did not succeed in the local 2009 referendum for casino development.
  • Matsu Islands: In 2012, the inhabitants voted for the construction of the casino, which was a significant change but the place has not yet started.
  • New Taipei City and Keelung Island: Have been suggested ideas of creation of a casino economy from different angles to foster tourism and competitive ness but without any real results.


The strategy used by Taiwan in gambling and sports betting is considered moderate because it combines the maintenance of social order and the possibilities in growth through sanctioned gambling. The betting sites and betting on sports in Taiwan are still a highly regulated landscape under limited exceptions. While the talks about allowing the casinos on the offshore islands do not end, the gambling laws in Taiwan might change, providing new prospects for the gamblers who are into sports and bettors.

Betting Sites in Taiwan FAQ

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