Betting Sites in France

France is serves as one of the few obstacles to unregulated betting practices, providing both citizens and tourists with a choice of gambling, be it ordinary casino games or online sports betting. This paper gives a thorough insight into the French gambling world, with a focus on the development of betting sites in France, France sports betting, online betting, complex gambling laws, licensing subtleties, and the fine line between a prohibited and an allowed bet.

Betting Sites in France
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The population of France reaches 64 million. A gambling capital of the world, that housed 82 million people as of January 2024, has observed the development of the occurrence of gambling as a pass-time for the upper class to a legal industry managed by severe laws and separate specialist bodies. The analysis of this change should be based on the legislation that has determined the present-day gambling environment.

French Gambling Legislation Milestones

Understanding the today gambling ecosystem is impossible without recognizing crucial legal landmarks. Here’s a brief timeline illustrating France’s key legislative acts:

  • 1933: The legality of the French National Lottery was brought out by the passage of Article 136, Finance Law.
  • 1976 & 1985: France granted Française des Jeux (FDJ) the power to organize lottery and sports betting, taking a stronghold on all operations of betting within its territories.
  • 2010: Captioned a memorable year with the legalization of online gambling under the supervision of ARJEL which is now replaced with the National Gambling Authority (ANJ).
  • May 12, 2010: Law No 2010-476 passed by the French National Assembly has finally broken the monopolies of FDJ and PMU on online gambling, allowing the licensed private players to provide the online sports betting, horse racing betting, and poker games.
  • May 2023: The bill 1248 suggested by Philippe Latombe proposed a five-year moratorium for national actors on the legalization of online casino gambling, which means a stepwise liberalization of this market.

Gambling Law and Regulation in France – 5 Things to Know

French gambling stands at a crossroad.

Hefty tax rates are still an issue of debate.

Bill 1248 is a picture of the dawn of the online gambling industry.

The gambling regulations in France are complex and changeable.

The French gambling market is regulated by the regulatory agency.

The Regulatory Framework

The French gambling market is regulated by two major entities:

  • PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain): Mainly deals with horse racing.
  • FDJ (Française de Jeux): Controls betting games and lotteries both offline and online.

The oversight extends to online gambling, meticulously supervised by the National Gambling Authority, ANJ, which delineates permissible forms of digital betting:

  • Horserace betting
  • Sports betting
  • Gambling clubs, with the present approved game being online poker.

Permitted and Prohibited Bets

The French approach to gambling is characterized by a limited permission to betting activities and some prohibitions aimed at safeguarding the society and fair play. Online casinos have always been on the fringes of the legal aspect, but current proposals are meant to introduce them subtly to the regulated market.

Sports Betting and Betting Sites in France

France sports betting is one of the major parts of gambling with the country’s love of sports and a well-regulated betting environment. France betting sites options are many, which include football, tennis, and rugby among others, and they follow legal regulations to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of sport.

Licensing and Taxation: Numbers Snapshot

Operating a gambling establishment or betting site in France comes with its set of regulatory and fiscal responsibilities:

  • Licensing: Peakmarking entities are required to get licenses on the specific gambles they offer with the ANJ to provide control for operations being done online.
  • Taxation: The gambling tax system of France is complex and high to the extent that it influences all the areas of the casino revenue to sports betting and poker.

The high taxation rate is a source of debate but is a vital part of the regulatory strategy that seeks to balance the economic profits and social obligations.

The Future of Gambling in France

The gambling field in France is standing at a crossroads with traditional regulatory frameworks becoming questioned by the digital revolution of betting activities. Initiatives such as Bill 1248 imply a prudent yet encouraging receptiveness toward developing online gambling outlets, suggesting a time when gambling, in both its traditional and online contexts, would grow and thrive under the watchful eyes of regulatory authorities.


To conclude, the French gambling industry with its glamorous history and dynamic present remains able to adjust to the times. All these aspects are extremely important for both the amateurs and professional punters to successfully deal with the ever active betting scene in France. be it French betting sites or the layered system of France sports betting, the whole industry provides an intriguing look at the country’s continuous battle with gaming, within the colorful palette of its ample cultural background.

FAQ of Betting Sites in France

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