Betting Sites in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is an island nation in the southwest part of the Pacific Ocean in the zone known as Melanesia. However, besides great nature gifts, the country has also become one of the most popular places for implementing both physical and cyber gambling. This article aims at giving an insight on what the betting sites in Solomon Islands on the historical background on the legislation on betting, the authority that governs it, the process of licensing and the allowed and prohibited betting categories.

Betting Sites in Solomon Islands
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Gambling is permitted in the Solomon Islands and there is only one operating casino in the country in Honiara which is the capital city. The legalisation of gambling activities is controlled by the Gaming and Lotteries Act which was passed in 1961. This Act provided the initial legal structure of the licensing and regulation of gambling premises and has been amended a number of times since its enactment.

Key Legislative Milestones

  • 1961: The Gaming and Lotteries Ordinance is passed, formulating general guidelines for gambling and permitting those over the age of 18 to gamble. For the under 18-year-old, membership was allowed subject to being accompanied by either a parent or a legal guardian.
  • 1987: The Gaming and Lotteries Board is set to issue and authorize the issuance of any gaming permit and license that is legally allowed.
  • 1991: The Solomon Islands grants the first online gambling license to New Discoveries for casino games, sports betting and otherwise wagering.
  • 1994: There are four types of casino licenses which permit various games that include American roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, and Chinese mahjong. It also permits slot machines to be placed in the largest venue in Honiara.
  • 1996: The Gaming and Lotteries Act is constantly modified to enhance the legal requirements for commercial gambling.
  • 2004: The gaming and lotteries (amendment) bill allows for gambling only to foreigners who are visitors in the hotel resorts while only two physical shops are allowed for gambling in Honiara.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Solomon Islands – 5 Things to Know

Bright future of gambling business in Solomon Islands

Rising cases of “play pass” creates concern in Honiara

Increased operation against unlawful gambling business

Codes, codes and guidelines to enhance gambling safety

Recent improvement of the legislation of the Solomon Islands concerning gambling

Regulatory Agencies and Licensing

The Gaming and Lotteries Board is a group of five members who get appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs to control the issuance of the gaming permits and licenses. These are assigned by the Board, and their major function is to oversee compliance assessment by paying visits to the various organizations.

The following are the various types of licenses and fees that one can be asked to pay:

  • Casino Licenses: Allow the hosting of games such as American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Chinese Mahjong and slots.
  • Online Gambling Licenses: The proposed law will allow operators to provide casino games, sporting events, and wagering services internationally.
  • License Fees: The specific fees related to the various license categories are not available to the public, however they are controlled by the Gaming and Lotteries Board.

Gambling Taxes

There is no exhaustive information on specific taxes that may be levied on the operations of gambling activities. However, the recommendations addressing that all the licensed operators have to obey the national tax legislation.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets of Betting Sites in Solomon Islands

  • Prohibited Bets: The 2004 Amendment bars people within the local community from engaging in commercial gambling. Gambling is only legal to foreign guests in hotel resorts only.
  • Permitted Bets: They can play such games as the American roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, Chinese mah-jong, and slot machines. Solomon Islands licensed gambling sites may include casino type games and sporting events betting services.

Recent Developments

Throughout its implementation in January 2023, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) as well as the Solomon’s International Assistance Force (SIAF) police nabbed thirty-four suspects involved in the play pass, commonly referred to as “stope gambling”. This operation also shows that the authorities are continually working to combat and prevent the growth of gambling within their region.

Honiara City Police Commander Hon Mr Chris Laekalia has reiterated recent concern made by community leaders on increased flow of play pass in Honiara. This calls for more stringent legal measures to check on companies involved in offering these services illegally while encouraging only licensed companies.


The Solomon Islands has a properly developed legal basis for both land-based and Internet gambling operations. The country’s authorities guarantee compliance with laws adopted in the field of gambling, providing for a legal framework for the activity of gambling operators. Nevertheless, there is a high potential for gambling in Solomon Islands as the country develops its socio-economic infrastructure, such as internet connections.

Those who want to try out the best Solomon Islands betting sites or participate in Solomon Islands betting online need to gain the necessary knowledge regarding legal issues and regulations. The country’s policies regarding regulated gambling ensures that both the operators and the players are always secure and have something to look forward to.

Betting sites in Solomon Islands: FAQ

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