Betting Sites in Tuvalu

Tuvalu is relatively unknown in the gambling industry. But it is crucial to point out that real money gaming is prohibited in Tuvalu under the Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1964. It also defines clear terms that are especially designed to regulate and reduce the gambling activities in the territory of this state. In the following sections, we are going to discuss the whole history, legislation, and certain aspects related to betting and gambling in Tuvalu with a focus on sports betting and betting sites in Tuvalu.

Betting Sites in Tuvalu
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Overview of Tuvalu Gambling Legislation

Key Dates and Legislations:

  • 1964: The Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act was passed with the primary aim of prohibiting all forms of gambling that entails staking and/or winning of cash.
  • 2008: An amendment of the Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act where the initial prohibitions were retained but without any reference to online gambling.

The legal framework of gambling in Tuvalu is primarily regulated by the Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1964. The Act outlaws placing, promoting or soliciting money or other valuable items to play a game unless the money is for the winnings. This broad prohibition outlawed all forms of gambling, be it through betting on sports or through the internet.

Sports Betting in Tuvalu

Similarly to other types of betting, including the offline and online ones, sports betting is prohibited under the 1964 Act. As is the case with many other countries, Tuvalu does not have any legal gaps that will allow the establishment of betting services. However, there is some uncertainty in relation to betting with foreign online bookmakers. Although it is legal for Tuvalu residents to bet on Internet sites that are based in other countries, it is prohibited for such services to be based in Tuvalu.

Online Gaming in Tuvalu

Thus, it is possible to conclude that according to the law, online gaming, including online casinos, is prohibited in Tuvalu. Even in the age of advanced technology and the increase in the use of social platforms, particularly in the field of gaming, Tuvalu’s laws are still rather strict.

Key Regulations:

  • 1964 Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act: Bans all kinds of gambling that involve wagers that do not match the return value.
  • 2008 Amendment: Online gambling was not addressed specifically thus they continued to enforce the ban on it.

Because of these restrictive laws, there are no legal online casino sites registered in Tuvalu, and there is no way to get a gambling license in the country. Nevertheless, there are many online gambling sites based in other countries that accept Tuvalu citizens as they don’t aggressively prosecute individuals for violating these laws if they are gambling from their homes.

Regulatory Agencies and Licensing

There is no specific authority for gambling in Tuvalu due to the country’s highly prohibitive legal regime. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the administration of the Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act, but no specific provisions exist for granting gambling licenses or controlling gaming operations.

License Types and Fees:

As there are no licenses for gambling activities in Tuvalu, there are no related fees or particular licenses for both the land-based and online gambling companies.

Gambling Taxes

Since all forms of gambling are prohibited in Tuvalu, there are no taxes imposed on gambling earnings or operations in the country. Lack of a legal gambling market implies that any prospective gambling taxes are out of the question.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Tuvalu – 5 Things to Know

Tuvalu Lottery encourages legal gambling

The minimum age for betting is 18 years old

Online bookmakers are allowed but not in Tuvalu.

Some laws do not cover prohibitions on online gambling

Account betting only for those who are above 21 years of age

Prohibited and Permitted Bets of Betting Sites in Tuvalu

Prohibited Bets:

  • All Real Money Gaming: In this case, it is important to note that any form of gambling that does not involve stakes that are proportional to the potential winnings is prohibited.
  • Sports Betting: No provision excludes sports betting from the general ban.
  • Online Casinos: Because the law is rather ambiguous, activities associated with online casinos also fall under the ban.

Permitted Bets:

  • Non-Commercial Gambling: It may be legal to gamble without risking money and for recreational purposes and not for business.
  • Foreign Online Bookmakers: Although it is not legal, betting with foreign online bookmakers is not prohibited.

Enforcement and Penalties

The Tuvalu gambling laws are mainly aimed at the public and commercial gambling. Engaging in unlawful gambling in public is unlawful and attracts a fine of one hundred dollars. However, there is no legal prohibition on people engaging in online gambling from the comfort of their homes since they are not public places.

  • 1964: The Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act was first passed.
  • 2008: Change of the Act, reiteration of banned activities without focusing on Internet gambling.

Responsible Gaming and Community Impact

Tuvalu Lottery has a responsible gambling policy that encourages clients to gamble as a form of entertainment without harming their financial or personal well-being. The organization works with utmost determination to fight against the illegality of gambling while encouraging legal forms of betting.

Key Points:

  • Minimum Age: It is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18 to place a bet or collect a winning ticket.
  • Account Betting: It can only be accessed by persons who are above 21 years of age.
  • Responsible Gaming: Before joining the game, players are advised to read the Responsible Gaming guidelines.


Like most countries in the world, gambling in Tuvalu and Tuvalu sports betting are highly regulated due to the laws against betting. Although the Tuvalu Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1964 and the amendment of 2008 are the primary laws governing this area, they lack provisions for contemporary forms of online betting. Therefore, real money gaming is banned in Tuvalu and this includes online casinos and sports betting platforms. While people have no legal consequences for betting with foreign online bookmakers, it is still prohibited to set up such services in Tuvalu.

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