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Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America, is famous for its abundant natural resources and many important historical places. Of all its sectors, gambling has undergone a distinct and complicated development, influenced by many legal and regulatory events. This article focuses on the gambling legislation in Bolivia, historical progressions, regulatory bodies, licensing, taxes, and the current condition of Sports betting and Betting Sites in Bolivia.

Betting Sites in Bolivia
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Gambling Legislation History

Gambling in Bolivia has a long and tumultuous history, marked by periods of legality and prohibition:

  • 1871 – 1938: Betting was allowed in Bolivia.
  • 1938 – 1996: Gaming activities were totally prohibited.
  • 1996: The Bolivian government has legalized 200 illegal “bingo halls” that were actually slot halls. Such business were offered a pardon on the condition of obeying with the regulations and the payment of gambling taxes.

Key Legislative Milestones

  • 2002: Legalization of casinos. But the casino industry was not successful and there were only a few small casinos that were functioning in the country.
  • 2009 – 2011: Many casinos as well as slot halls were opened as a result of the arrival of a huge number of Russian investors because of the changes in gambling legislation in Russia. As at 2021, the majority of these firms had shut down or gone out of business.
  • 2010: Passing of Law No. Law 060 is the main gambling law in Bolivia. As a result, such activities as unlicensed casinos, online gambling, and even participating in unauthorized betting are not allowed by the law, and strict fines are applied to the operators and even the players.

Regulatory Agencies

In Bolivia, gambling activities are primarily regulated by the Autoridad de Fiscalización del Juego (AJ), which has come into existence in 2010. The AJ licenses and regulates all gambling activities in the country.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Bolivia – 5 Things to Know

Bolivia’s gambling history: evolution and perils.

Perpetual changes and the industry be compliant.

Formation of Gaming Board and Russian investors’ entry.

Modernization efforts: control over Internet-based gambling

The legalization of gambling with its later ban in 1938 and 1996 accordingly.

Licensing and Fees of Betting Sites in Bolivia

Despite the establishment of a regulatory body, the issuance of gambling licenses has been limited:

  • 2014: An average of just two licenses was issued.
  • Current State: There have been no further licenses issued since 2014. Despite the fact that the AJ is vested with the power to license online gambling, such licenses do not exist at the moment.

Gambling Taxes

Bolivia imposes various taxes on gambling activities:

  • Lottery and Gambling Games: One-third of the revenue.
  • March 2011: The gambling bill 971 introduction that included major tax hikes:
  • Casinos: 30% tax on income.
  • Clients’ Proceeds: 15% tax.
  • Business Promotions: 10% tax on games of chance for promotional purposes or attracting clients. This incorporates loot boxes and skin gambling in video games and mobile games although they have not been taxed yet.

There is no tax on player winnings, taxation only applies to company or operator.

Prohibited and Permitted of Betting Sites in Bolivia

Law No. 060 specifically prohibits all unauthorized gambling, also, the activities related to online gambling. Nevertheless, the law is unclear about the procedure of licencing the online gambling operators. Thus, many foreign-based online gambling sites welcome Bolivian players, with low actions by the government.

Recent Developments

Bolivia started reviewing its attitude towards online gambling in 2020 under the influence of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. At the 2020 Public Accountability Hearing, then-AJ Executive Director Juan Carlos Antonio Abrego proposed updates to the gambling regulation, aiming to:

  • Benefit companies.
  • Bring in a new system of sanctions.
  • Amend Law 060.
  • Boost the economy.
  • Strengthen the business portfolio.
  • Create jobs and wealth.

The creation of the online gaming descent is one of the main thrusts of the amendments, as this vertical is growing all over the continent even without regulation and tax regimes. Nonetheless, these regulations have failed to advance.

In April 2023, the AJ declared increased regulations on the industry and a market study that will focus on the size of the online market.

Gambling Legislation and Significant Dates

  • 1871 – 1938: Bolivia is a gambling-friendly country.
  • 1938 – 1996: Total prohibition of gambling.
  • 1996: The legalization of 200 bingo halls operating illegally.
  • 2001: Gaming Board (Autoridad de Fiscalización del Juego – AJ).
  • 2002: Legalization of casinos.
  • 2009: Russian capital inflow in the gambling sector.
  • 2010: Passing of Law No. 060.
  • 2011: Reform of gambling laws; shutting down of bingo halls because of widespread tax evasion and money laundering.
  • 2014: Granting of two gambling licenses.
  • 2020: A suggestion to modernize the gambling rules to cover the online gaming.
  • 2023: Declaration of the tightened controls over the industry and an Establishment of a study of online market size.


The gambling sector of Bolivia has gone through a lot of changes, and from being prohibited, the industry has been regulated now. Despite the difficulties and complications, attempts are being made to modify and update the legal environment, especially in terms of internet betting. Thus as Bolivia works on these changes it remains vital that all the stakeholders should be continuously updated and compliant with the existing legislations.

Those who would want to explore the betting sites in Bolivia, as well as the Bolivia sports betting, knowing the gambling law and the regulation that the country has in place is necessary. Keep on watching for the incremental gripping on the gambling industry in Bolivia.

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