Betting Sites in Colombia

Colombia is bounded by Venezuela and Brazil in the east, south of it lies Ecuador and Peru, in the west is the Pacific Ocean, to its northwest is Panama, and to the north of it lies the Caribbean Sea. Regulated under specific laws and regulations. This article aims to provide in-depth information about the legal framework for gambling on Betting Sites in Colombia, its history, regulatory bodies, license types and sports betting, as well as authorized and prohibited bets.

Betting Sites in Colombia
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Colombia Gambling Law in Nutshell

The process of Colombia’s gambling market regulation was initiated by the law 643 Colombian Gambling Act adopted in 2001. The law ‘Authorization for the Management of Gaming Establishments’ was a cornerstone of making a systematic and structured gaming industry in the country.

Key Milestones:

  • 2001: Law 643 – promulgation of the Colombian Games Law.
  • 2015: Resolution 2695 – Land based gambling.
  • 2016: eGaming Act – Gaming Interactivity Legalization.
  • 2021: Resolution 036784 – Regulation of responsible gambling (RG).
  • 2023: Resolution 17474 – Amendment of requirements for license applications.
  • 2024: Deployment of new RG rules (delay from 2021).

Regulatory Agencies

The Colombian gambling industry is regulated by a twofold structure whereby both national and regional authorities are involved. The primary regulatory bodies are:

  • Coljuegos: The supreme regulatory body that supervises and governs the overall operation of the gambling industry.
  • National Council of Games of Luck and Chance (CNJSA): Plays regional supervision is one of the key dimensions.
  • Health Superintendency: Regionally controlled by.

National Level:

  • Coljuegos regulates and controls the industry of games, determining rules, agreements and resolutions.
  • Makes concession contracts and collects exploitations rights in place of classic gambling taxes.

Regional Level:

  • Governance is done by the regional governments.
  • Control however is vested on CNJSA and the Health Ministry.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Colombia – 5 Things to Know

Well defined legal regime in a system.

Latin American gambling industry leader.

Opportunities for national and international operators.

Reactive response to innovation and investor safeguarding.

Colombia is a country where gambling industry is properly regulated.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Colombia

Colombia, unlike many others countries, issues concession contracts instead of traditional licenses. The agreements permit operators to provide all forms of gambling, whether online or offline.

Types of Licenses:

  • Concession Contracts: The only form of licence awarded through public tender processes for individual games.
  • Exclusive Licenses: A single license is provided in respect of game types such Baloto, Super Astro, and pari-mutuel betting.

License Availability:

  • Most of the games are not limited to the number of concession contracts.
  • Exclusive licenses for some games are given through public tender for five years.

Duration of Licenses:

  • Minimum: 3 years
  • Maximum: 5 years
  • Horse-race betting concession: ten years

Gambling Taxes of Betting Sites in Colombia

The Colombian gambling tax system is created to benefit public health services through exploitation rights as well as various win and stake levies.

Exploitation Rights:

  • Paid when games of chance are operated by third parties under a concession agreement.
  • Utilized for the financing of public health services.

Value-Added Tax (VAT):

  • General rate: 19%
  • Applicable to terrestrial games like slots, casino games (roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. ), and bingo.

Tax on Winnings:

  • Put at 20% on winnings.
  • Withhold by operator at the time of withdrawal or award payment.
  • Is applicable for withdrawals over around USD 400.

Permitted and Prohibited Bets

The Colombian Gambling Act and other resolutions that follow it provide the definition of banned and allowed bets within the jurisdiction of the country.

Permitted Bets:

  • Land-Based Gambling: Comprised of poker, roulette, METs, spherometers, bingo, and other casino table games.
  • Online Gambling: Such services include the interactive gaming; betting and poker services under the eGaming Act.
  • Sports Betting: Fixed-odds bet on real sporting events, racing, and virtual sports.

Prohibited Bets:

  • Any type of gambling not expressly allowed according to the Colombian Gambling Act or its resolutions.

Summary of Key Dates and Events

  • 2001: Law 643 – Colombian Gambling Act.
  • 2015: Resolution 2695 – Landbased gambling definition.
  • 2016: eGaming Act – Authorizing the use of interactive gaming.
  • 2021: Resolution 036784 – Regulation of responsible gambling (RG).
  • 2023: Resolution 17474 – Modification of license application requirements.
  • 2024: New RG regulations implementation (postponement from 2021).


The gambling sector in Colombia is tight regulated industry that offers numerous opportunities for operators, both domestic and foreign. Its organized legal system, together with the transparent licensing schemes and tax rules, creates it to be a favorable environment for investment. The industry keeps developing and thus, staying current with the latest regulations and requirements is a must for those who want to enter or grow within this sector.

In case one wants to know more about betting sites in Colombia and Colombia sports betting, it is important to know the legal field. Having a solid regulatory system and active approach to innovation and investor protection, Colombia is a flagship in the Latin American gaming industry.

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