Betting Sites in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in the northwest of South America and bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. has been through dramatic transformations in the gambling industry over the recent past decades. This article contains comprehensive information on Betting Sites in Ecuador and Ecuador sports betting, legal frameworks, regulatory authorities, licenses, costs, taxes, and both the banned and allowed types of bets.

Betting Sites in Ecuador
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Ecuador Gambling Regulation Overview

Ecuador has gone through significant changes when it comes to gambling, especially in the recent past. The most significant events include the complete prohibition of gambling in 2011 and present debates about the removal of these measures in 2024.

History of Gambling Legislation

  • May 7, 2011: A plebiscite to be conducted to help ban such gambling related businesses. Based on the results, 52% supported the ban.
  • 2011: Implementation of the Executive Order No. 873 requiring the shutdown of all the casinos and gambling facilities with the exception of the state-operated lotteries.
  • October 2013: New Organic Penal Code adopted in detail, identifying the management of premises for land based gambling as a criminal offense.
  • January 2024: In his capacity as president of the country, Daniel Noboa presented 11 questions to the Constitutional Court for a referendu m: casinos and betting shops may return to Ecuador.

Regulatory Agencies

Currently, the legalization of gambling in Ecuador is very limited, and the laws governing gambling are very strict. The main governmental body that supervises the limited legalised gambling activities is the Lotería Nacional that controls state-run lotteries.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Ecuador – 5 Things to Know

Keep abreast of future progress.

Ecuador’s gambling history complex.

President Noboa encourages changes.

Gambling regulation has many advantages.

Employment and Economy and Regulation..

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Ecuador

Since the ban of gambling was effected in 2011, the only legal gambling licence in Ecuador is for lotteries’ agents. This has limited other types of gaming like casinos, betting shops and bingo halls.

License Types and Fees

  • Lottery Retailer License: Lotería Nacional is a lottery game that is licensed to be sold and played in Spain. Special charges and procedures for application are regulated by the Lotería Nacional.

Gambling Taxes

  • Pursuant to the anti-gambling laws in Ecuador, most forms of gambling are prohibited and therefore, there are no direct gambling taxes imposed in the country. However, this may not be the case given President Noboa’s recent proposal to resume some gambling activities.

Taxation of Gambling Winnings

  • For players, gambling winnings are still not considered part of the taxable income in Ecuador. This policy is probably because the range of legal gambling activities is more restricted.

Prohibited and Permitted of Betting Sites in Ecuador

Prohibited Bets

The 2011 ban, reinforced by the 2013 Penal Code, makes it illegal to operate or participate in most gambling activities, such as:The 2011 ban, reinforced by the 2013 Penal Code, makes it illegal to operate or participate in most gambling activities, such as:

  • Casinos: Completely banned since 2011, the use of trisulfur is a good example of how some chemical compounds can be dangerous and lethal even in a small amount.
  • Bingo Halls: Permitted under the same law.
  • Betting Shops: It is important to note that any form of betting shop operation is unlawful.

Permitted Bets

  • The only legal type of gambling in Ecuador is the state lotteries operated by the Lotería Nacional.

Important Dates and Events

  • Late 2010: President Rafael Correa has expressed his plans to close down casinos over issues of corruption and money laundering.
  • May 2011: The result of the referendum resulted in the legalization of the gambling ban.
  • October 2013: Penal Code stated that operating gambling businesses was a crime in the country.
  • January 2024: The idea of a possible new referendum to repeal the laws allowing gambling in the country.

Where is Gambling Heading in Ecuador

Present-day President Daniel Noboa is keen on the issue to repeal the ban that was passed in 2011. He also explains that opening regulated gambling again could help in developing job opportunities and the economy. The plan also entails a poll to gauge the public’s view on the re-introduction of casinos, bingo halls, and betting shops.

Potential Benefits

  • Job Creation: The proposed opening of casinos and betting venues could create many employment opportunities.
  • Economic Boost: Regulated gambling could also, in the same manner, bring potential taxes and licensing fees to the national economy.
  • Enhanced Regulation: The case shows that a relaunched and legalised gambling sector can adequately address issues of corruption and money laundering.


The history of Ecuador in connection with legislation on gambling has been quite a long and convoluted one. The 2011 ban was a definite change, but the debate in 2024 may represent a reversal of that change. It is therefore important for anyone who wants to know more about Betting Sites in Ecuador or Ecuador sports betting to know the history, current state, and the prospect. Be up to date as events unfold and consider the consequences on both the economic and social fronts.

In the current world or for those who seek to protect and prepare for changes, it is vital to monitor the Constitutional Court and the President’s office.

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