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Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. Borders the Gulf of Honduras to the east and faces Honduras across the bay. The country’s legal system and the regulatory practices are the ones that make it a good place for both operators and gamblers. The article is a thorough research on the legal system, history of gambling, regulatory agencies, licensing requirements, sports betting and taxation in Belize as far as betting sites in Belize.

Betting Sites in Belize
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The History of Gambling Legislation in Belize

Belize’s gaming regulatory journey began in the mid-1990s, with significant developments occurring since 1995:

  • 1995: The Computer Wagering Licensing Act was passed, which set up the Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board.
  • 2000: The Gaming Control Act was amended to be in accordance with the international norms.
  • October 2004: The Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations that were introduced, which catered to the online gaming operators.

Key Legislation

Belize’s gambling industry is governed by several key pieces of legislation:

  • Computer Wagering Licensing Act of 1995: This law was the starting point for online gambling regulation in Belize.
  • Gaming Control Act of 2000 (Revised Edition): This law that was developed from the gaming countries which are successful in regulating the gambling activities of Belize ensures that Belize’s gambling is well-regulated and transparent.
  • Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations of 2004: These regulations were made on purpose for the sake of online gaming operators.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Belize – 5 Things to Know

Belize has a total of five licensed gaming premises.

The gambling history in Belize started to be written from 1995.

The strong regulatory supervision and the low tax policy in Belize.

The online and offline gambling activities should be governed by a distinct legal system.

The government in 2021 has taken measures to curb the operation of unlicensed gaming houses.

Regulatory Framework of Betting Sites in Belize

Regulatory Agencies

The major controller of gaming industry in Belize is the Gaming Control Board. This board is in charge of the granting of licenses, keeping an eye on compliance and making sure that gambling establishments abide by the law.

Licensing Requirements

To be legally allowed to run a betting site or any other form of gambling in Belize, one has to hold a license from the Gaming Control Board.

  • Conduct of operations: The online gaming operators must do their customer service operations from within Belize throughout all of the time.
  • Licensing fee: The Government of Belize is entitled to a fee as soon as the license is issued.
  • License validity: Each license is good for twelve months in a row starting from the day it was given to you, and if you want to renew it, apply 60 days before its expiration.


The tax regime implemented in Belize for gambling activities:

  • Gambling Tax: The 15% withholding tax is imposed on the payments of prizes. This tax is imposed on the companies, not on the players.
  • Additional Taxes on Winnings: The winners do not have to pay any more taxes on their winnings because the 15% withholding tax already takes this into account.

Allowed and Banned Betting Activities

Permitted Betting Activities

Belize has numerous betting opportunities which make it the most preferable place to bet on all sorts of gambling:

  • Sports Betting: Both online and offline sports betting are legal. Operators are required to get a bookmaker’s license.
  • Casino Gaming: Legal in both the physical and virtual stores.
  • Lotteries: The law allows the holding of lotteries with a valid license.
  • Poker and Other Card Games: Live games like poker and blackjack are legal in licensed premises.

Prohibited Betting Activities

While Belize allows a wide range of gambling activities, unlicensed operations are strictly regulated and prohibited:

  • Unlicensed Gaming: Any person who operates gambling activities without a license from the Gaming Control Board is committing an illegal act.
  • Illegal Online Gaming Websites: The government keeps a watch on and closes the websites that are falsely claiming to have a Belizean license.

The Key Dates and Events in the History of the Gambling Industry of Belize

  • 1995: The Computer Wagering Licensing Act is the one that introduces the Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board.
  • 2000: The Gaming Control Act should be revised to fit with international norms.
  • October 2004: The Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations.
  • September 2021: The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment is at the forefront in clamping down on unlicensed gaming houses.
  • February 2022: The Government of Belize is responding to the false claims by several online gaming websites that they have a Belizean gaming license.

License Premises List

Currently, there are five licensed gaming venues in Belize that allow live games such as poker and blackjack:

  • Princess Entertainment (Free Zone) Limited – Corozal
  • El Dorado Investment Limited – Corozal
  • Casino Tropicana Company Limited in Belize City.
  • Princess Entertainment (Belize) Limited – Belize City
  • Princess International (San Ignacio) Limited is a company situated in San Ignacio Town.


Belize is a very closely regulated and the best jurisdiction for online as well as offline gambling. I Its simple legislative system, strong regulatory control and low tax makes it an ideal place for both operators and gamblers. Regardless of whether you are into gambling sites in Belize or checking out the sports betting in Belize, knowing the country’s legal situation will help you to be more conscious while making decisions.

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