Betting Sites in El Salvador

El Salvador, which is located in the northern part of Central America, is divided into 14 provinces and each province contains a total of 262 cities. The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador which occupies a territory of 21,040 square kilometers. This article deals with the betting sites in El Salvador, and it covers such topics as the country’s legal framework, historical background of gambling there, regulatory bodies that control this industry, licensing rules for betting sites and sports betting.

Betting Sites in El Salvador
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El Salvador has been a place of the gambling troubles. The road to the present day started in 1882 when all games of chance were banned. Nevertheless, the gambling activities went on disregarding by both participants and authorities. The turning point was in 2002 when the local congress rejected the legalization of gambling, thereby, confirming that all forms except for the lottery are prohibited. However, gambling in many forms such as table games and slot machines is still very popular.

The main Historical Events in Gambling Legislation

  • 1882: Prohibition of all forms of gambling is applicable to this case.
  • 2002: Veto of gambling legalization by the local congress is a good example.
  • 1983: Municipal Code providing local authorities with the power to decide on some issues, for example gambling.
  • 2017: National Lottery has declared that it is now working on a complete gaming law.
  • June 2020: Partnership with Tenlot Group to extend online games and sports betting.
  • December 2021: The Ministry of Finance laws would regulate the online and sports betting.

Gambling Law and Regulation in El Salvador – 5 Things to Know

The operators and the players have got chances.

The possible financial benefits from the gambling taxes.

The future of gambling in El Salvador looks very bright.

Stay up to date on the latest trends in the gaming industry.

Concentrate on online gambling and the regulatory improvements.

The regulatory framework for gambling in El Salvador is multi-layered, determined by both the national and municipal laws. The LNB, or the National Charity Lottery of El Salvador, is a major player in the gambling activities rules and operations.

Important Regulatory Developments

  • 2017: The National Lottery through a new gaming law has regulated multiple sectors, including casinos.
  • 2020: The cooperation with Tenlot Group to jointly run online games and sports betting products.
  • 2021: The Ministry of Finance has introduced a law to legislate and regulate sports betting as well as online casino games.

Powers and Duties of the LNB

Under the proposed National Charitable Lottery Act, the LNB would:

  • Control, watch over, keep an eye on and run the new forms of gambling through third parties.
  • Issue and withdraw licenses for 10 years.
  • Channel the surplus from new games into health and social welfare programs.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in El Salvador

The licensing structure in El Salvador is meant to make sure that only the authorized entities can run gambling activities. The types of licenses and their corresponding fees are very important for the regulation and fairness in gaming.

License Types and Fees

  • Traditional Lottery License: An annual fee of $10,000.
  • Instant Lottery License: $15,000 a year is the fee.
  • Sports Betting License: $20,000 per year cost.
  • Online Casino License: $25,000 a year is what I would have to pay if I were to join the club.
  • Bingo and Slots License: This is the amount of $12,000 that you will have to pay every year.
  • Card Games License: $10,000 is charged as an annual fee.

Gambling Taxes

The gambling companies in El Salvador are under the obligation of paying different taxes which make a great part of the national budget. The taxation system is made in such a way that it makes the operators and players to be equal contributors to the economy.

Taxation Details

  • Corporate Income Tax: 30% of the total revenue.
  • Pago a Cuenta: 1. A corporate income tax is paid 75% monthly in advance.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): 13%.
  • Non-Resident Income Tax: 5% on the dividends, 20% on the interest and 20% of the royalties.
  • Non-Resident (Tax Haven): 25% on dividends, 25% on interest, and 25% on royalties.

Prohibited and Permitted of Betting Sites in El Salvador

In El Salvador, some types of betting are strictly regulated while others are allowed under certain conditions. The comprehension of these differences is very important for both operators and players to make sure that they are in the right.

Permitted Betting Activities

  • Lottery Games: Controlled by the LNB and its affiliates.
  • Sports Betting: Online and in-person, both under the supervision of licensed operators.
  • Casino Games: Besides, these establishments have all the usual gambling games and slot machines.
  • Online Gambling: Besides, sports betting, virtual sports gambling and live games are allowed on the authorized platforms like Dale.

Prohibited Betting Activities

  • Unauthorized Online Betting: Every wagering activity online that is not authorized by the LNB.
  • Unlicensed Gambling Establishments: Any type of gambling done without a valid license.
  • Unregulated Betting Events: Wagering on the events that are not officially recognized or regulated by the government.

The Future of Gambling in El Salvador

The future of gambling in El Salvador seems to be very good, as there are still some efforts being made to regulate and develop the industry. The LNB and Tenlot Group, the introducing of new changes in gambling legislation shows that there is a tendency towards a more organized and transparent gaming industry.

Key Future Developments

  • Expansion of Online Gambling: Boosted concentration on online sports betting and casino games.
  • Regulatory Enhancements: The regulations and the control will be tightened to guarantee the equal treatment and respect of rules.
  • Economic Contributions: Increased gambling taxes as the source of revenue to finance social and health programs.


To sum up, although El Salvador has a complicated legal background for gambling, the current activities to regulate and develop this area bring many chances for both providers and customers. With the appropriate licenses, tax compliance and adherence to the permitted betting activities future of gambling in El Salvador seems to be on a way of growth and increased legitimacy.

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