Betting Sites in Barbados

Barbados, the coral limestone island at the easternmost tip of the Lesser Antilles in Eastern Caribbean is a lively place famous for its cultural diversity and breathtaking scenery. Nevertheless, in the middle of its natural beauty, Barbados also has a well-organized yet controlled betting and gambling industry. This manual is a detailed description of the gambling law of betting sites in Barbados, its history and the current state. It covers all main aspects such as regulatory agencies, gambling licenses and fees, tax on gambling etc.

Betting Sites in Barbados
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Gambling Legislation in Barbados

The gambling in Barbados is regulated by a set of laws that guarantee the fair and safe carrying out of this activity. These laws have been modernized throughout the years, showing how the country’s perception of gambling and efforts to protect both consumers and economy changed.

  • 1950: The Act of Betting and Gaming, which was the foundation for legal gambling in the country.
  • 1972: The Betting and Gaming Duties Act that was passed created the rules for licensing and taxation.
  • 2005: The Barbados Lottery Association should be regulated by the laws that will expand its area of legitimate gambling.
  • 2019: The new tax laws which prescribed a 17. The 5% tax on the net-drop for gaming machines and a 20% withholding tax on gambling winnings from lotteries and betting is applied.
  • 2023: The expectation of the new law which will regulate online gaming announced by the Minister of Finance, Ryan Straughn.

Regulatory Agencies

The main authority in charge of gambling in Barbados is the Betting and Gaming Committee. This committee is responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses to operators.
  • Making sure that gambling laws are obeyed.
  • Surveying gambling activities to avoid illegal operations and safeguard consumers.

Even though it plays the main part in the betting and gaming industry, Betting and Gaming Committee does not have an official website nor a centralized contact information which makes direct communication with potential operators difficult.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Barbados – 5 Things to Know

The future possibilities of gambling in Barbados.

Barbados has a variety of legal gambling options.

The online gaming legislation will be introduced in 2023.

The set requirements guarantee safety and fun atmosphere.

Gambling regulations are the result of a proactive government approach.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Barbados

Barbados provides different types of licenses for the particular activities of gambling. License requirements and associated fees:

  • Lottery License: As a result of the GTECH Corporation’s monopoly, online lottery services are exclusively provided by the Barbados Lottery Association.
  • Horse Racing License: Given to persons involved in the organization of horse races at the Garrison Savannah racetrack.
  • Slot Machine License: Accessible to the places with a liquor license and they are allowed to run slot machines under very strict rules.

The charges for getting these licenses can be different, and those who are interested in them must contact the Betting and Gaming Committee to get precise information.

Gambling Taxes

Barbados imposes a few taxes on gambling activities to control the industry and at the same time raise funds for the government. The key taxes include:

  • 17. 5% Tax on Net-Drop: The net revenue of all the gaming machines.
  • 20% Withholding Tax on Gambling Winnings: The taxes are deducted from winnings that you win through lotteries and betting activities. This tax is deducted by the operators and does not need to be paid again by the players.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Although Barbados courts some types of gambling, others are completely forbidden. Allowed gambling includes:

  • Slot Machines: The restaurants, bars and pool halls are some of the places where this is sold.
  • Lottery: Administered by the Barbados Lottery Association, this lottery provides games such as Pick 3, Pick 4, Caribbean Keno, Jackpot Bingo,C aribbean Lotto,Mega6 ,Double Draw and Instant Scratch Tickets.
  • Horse Racing: Legal and very much in popular at the Garrison Savannah race track.

Prohibited gambling includes:

  • Tables and roulette wheels.
  • Online horse racing betting.
  • Any other illegal gambling activities.

Online Gaming Regulation

In March 2023, Barbados is preparing to put a law on the control of online gaming into effect. The regulations to be introduced in the future are designed for controlling the activities that could bring a lot of danger to the financial sector and also, all people. This program shows the government’s attitude of a leader who is always ready to change with the times.


Barbados is the only country in the world that combines legal, well-regulated gambling with its beautiful nature. Those who are into Barbados sports betting or want to visit a betting site in Barbados, they need to know the legal framework, tax consequences and permitted activities of betting.

Through the strong regulatory framework and unambiguous rules, Barbados guarantees a secure and pleasant gambling atmosphere for both residents and visitors. With the introduction of new laws, especially in online gaming which is one of the newest trends to hit Barbados, gambling will continue to change and be an exciting industry for people.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Barbados

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