Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, which is on the island of Hispaniola and shares it with Haiti, The national language is Spanish. The Dominican Republic has been the main center of gambling in the Caribbean for many years now. This article deals with the gambling laws of the country, regulatory system, licensing issues, taxes and permitted as well as prohibited types of bets. This is a comprehensive guide to betting sites in Dominican Republic and for those keen to learn about the country’s sports betting market.

Betting Sites in Dominican Republic
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History of Gambling Legislation in the Dominican Republic

The history of gambling in the Dominican Republic is marked by several key legislative milestones:

  • 1998: Online gambling got the green light with Law 24-98, which changed Law 351.
  • 2006: Online casinos were legalized, and this led to the issuance of gambling licenses.
  • 2011: Amaya Gaming Group was granted an online gambling license, thus becoming the first and only company to be officially allowed to operate in the Dominican Republic.
  • 2017: Amaya Gaming Group changed the name to The Stars Group Inc.
  • 2020: The Stars Group Inc. was bought by the British gaming giant Flutter Entertainment.
  • April 2024: The new law 136-2024 was signed into effect, thus creating the set of rules for licensing online casinos and bookmakers.

Regulatory Agencies

The following agencies oversee gambling activities in the Dominican Republic:

  • Casino Department of the Ministry of Finance: Licensing and regulating of land-based as well as internet casinos is under the jurisdiction of this department.
  • Loteria Nacional: The one responsible for the lottery license is us.
  • Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Community Development: It controls the sports betting industry.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Dominican Republic – 5 Things to Know

Legalizing the different types of bets.

Government regulation and oversight

Banned bets that are not stated in the law.

Dominican Republic’s gambling industry overview

An appealing market for both the operators and bettors.

Licensing and Fees of Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

Gambling licenses in the Dominican Republic are given out by the Casino Department of the Ministry of Finance, with a final approval being granted by the National Casino Commission. The commission is made up of the members like the Minister of Finance, the Minister of National Security, the general manager of Tourism and the general manager Internal Taxation.

1. Online Gambling Licenses:

  • Online Casinos: $346,000 for five years.
  • Sports Betting: $260,000 for a period of five years.
  • Other Types of Online Gambling: $170,000 for a five-year term.

2. Land-Based Casinos:

  • 1 to 15 tables: RD$12,000 is the charge for each table per month.
  • 16 to 30 tables: RD$14,000 per table monthly.
  • 31 to 60 tables: RD$16,000 per table each month.

3. Casinos in Beach Areas:

  • Juan Dolio, Boca Chica, Punta Cana (East): RD$8,000 is charged for a table on per month basis.
  • Southern Region, Puerto Plata, Rio San Juan (North): $6,000 per table is the monthly rent.

4. Betting Shops and Bookmakers:

  • National Capital and two other big cities: DR$250,000 a year.
  • Other regions: That is a salary of $150,000 per year.
  • Private Lotteries: 24% tax on net profits.
  • Corporate Tax: 27% (cut down from 29%), which is only on the income that comes within the Dominican Republic. The online gambling companies pay a 10% tax on the gross revenue, while land-based gambling establishments par $27%, as per Law 139-11.
  • February 7, 1994: The Dominica Lotteries Commission (DLC) was created.
  • 1995: The Diskette System by Canadian Banknote Co. Ltd. (CBN) was introduced, and the LOTTO game was launched as a result of this introduction.
  • 1999: The casinos which are under the Law 351 as amended by the Law 24-98.
  • 2002: The introduction of the daily game Daily 3, has made the lottery products more varied.
  • May 2010: The first modernized touch-screen lottery machine was launched by CBN Dominica Inc.

Gambling Taxes

Gambling Winnings: 15% withholding tax on winnings over DR$50,000 ($880), paid by the gambling establishment.

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR): Online gambling companies are taxed at 10% while land-based establishments pay 27%.

Key Taxation Legislation

Law 139-11: Every company pays tax, which is governed by the government. The taxes set for land-based operations are 27%.

Law 24-98: Made the legal basis for online gambling, altered from Law 351.

Prohibited and Permitted of Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

Permitted Bets

  • Casino Games: Roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and poker are to be found there beside the slot machines.
  • Lottery: Legal and controlled by the government, with a lot of games such as LOTTO, Winlotto, and Daily 3.
  • Sports Betting: It has been legal since 2006, and the regulation is under the Secretary of State for Sports and Physical Education.
  • Online Gambling: Online casinos are legal since 1998 and in 2006.

Prohibited Bets

Dominican Republic being a place of numerous gambling activities, some kinds of bets still to be limited. Nevertheless, the available legislation does not specify the exact prohibitions.


The Dominican Republic is the leader of gambling in the Caribbean with its biggest industry and a variety of options like casinos, lotteries, sports betting and online gambling that are legalized and regulated. The regulatory frame, which is controlled by different governmental bodies, guarantees a well-organized and just gambling field. By having a well-established licensing procedure and distinct tax rules, the country is an attractive place for gambling operators and at the same time it creates opportunities for bettors.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

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