Betting Sites in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, a wonderful island country in the Eastern Caribbean, is now becoming famous for its gambling industry. With a population of 184,000 and land area of 616 square kilometers, the country has faced many changes in its gaming laws for several decades. This guide will give you a comprehensive view of the Sports Betting and Betting Sites in Saint Lucia gambling legislation, history, regulatory agencies, licensing requirements, taxes on betting and types of permitted and prohibited bets.

Betting Sites in Saint Lucia
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The Legalization of Gambling in Saint Lucia

The legal system of gambling in Saint Lucia has been substantially changed since the late 1990s. Here is a detailed timeline of the key events, laws, and regulations that have shaped the island’s gambling industry:

  • 1998: National Lotteries Act No. The Act 27 of 1998 legalized gambling, which was at first limited to state lotteries.
  • 2000: The Labour administration was the one that introduced the Gaming Authority Control Act.
  • 2003: The Gaming Authority Control Act has to be amended so that more regulations are added.
  • 2004: The passage of the Gaming Control Act – It became the main law regulating games of chance in Saint Lucia.
  • 2005: The Treasure Bay (St. Lucia) Limited has been granted the preliminary approval to run casino gaming operations in Saint Lucia.
  • 2010: The first Gaming Operator’s License to Treasure Bay was issued and the casino operations at Treasure Bay Casino started.
  • 2020: The closure of Treasure Bay Casino, which is the last land-based casino on St. Maarten, has a big effect in ending all this type of operations on the island.

History of Gambling Legislation

The gambling history of Saint Lucia is a bit late as compared to other Caribbean nations. At first, gambling was confined to the state lotteries under the National Lotteries Act of 1998. Nevertheless, the 2004 Gaming Control Act brought some major changes along with itself, increasing the range of legal gambling.

Prior to 1997, the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which was headed by Julian R. Hunte, disagreed with the idea of having casinos in Saint Lucia. Nevertheless, this view was modified after the party won the 1997 general election with Dr. Kenny Anthony at its helm. The Gaming Authority Control Act was brought about by the Labour administration in 2000 and later on it was amended in 2003 to make it more comprehensive.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Saint Lucia – 5 Things to Know

Unlicensed online gambling is not allowed.

Locals are not allowed to join the licensed casinos.

Online lottery and sports betting are also permitted.

State lotteries and casino games are among the allowed bets.

Saint Lucia has passed the laws that allow different types of gambling.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Saint Lucia

The main body responsible for the supervision of gambling in Saint Lucia is Gaming, Racing and Betting Authority. This body is responsible for:

  • The process of reviewing and approving the license applications.
  • Advising the Minister on what to do.
  • Inspecting gaming devices.
  • The office of the gaming commission publishes lists of people who are not allowed to be involved in gambling activities.

The types of gambling licenses and their fees

Under the Gaming Control Act, various types of licenses can be granted, including:

  • 1. Gaming Operator License: The ones who are into the business of gaming.
  • 2. Gaming Distributor License: For firms that produce gaming equipment.
  • 3. Gaming Manufacturer License: These are the main suppliers of gaming devices.
  • 4. Gaming Machine License: For the single gaming machines.
  • 5. Racecourse Operator License: To the directors of racecourses.
  • 6. Betting Provider License: For the providers of betting services.

The fees and the conditions for these licenses are obtainable on demand from the Gaming Authority.

Gambling Taxes

Saint Lucia is not a country that has a special tax for gambling activities. The only thing it asks from the operators of online casinos is to pay the fixed license fees. Gambling winnings of the players are not taxable, which is so attractive for bettors.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Though Saint Lucia has permitted several gambling activities, there are still some limitations that keep the rules fair and the business honest. Here are the types of permitted and prohibited bets:

Permitted Bets

  • State Lotteries: Legalized in 1998.
  • Casino Games: Legalized under the 2004 Gaming Control Act and operated by Treasure Bay until 2020.
  • Online Lottery: The event will be held by the St. Lucia National Lottery.
  • Sports Betting: Licensed betting providers allow this to happen.

Prohibited Bets

  • Unlicensed Online Gambling: Notwithstanding the increasing interest in iGaming, Saint Lucia has not yet legalized online gambling which is more than just a national lottery.
  • Local Participation in Licensed Casinos: Residents cannot bet in the licensed gambling establishments, with the exception of lottery retailers.


The gambling industry of Saint Lucia, although it is quite young, has a good regulation and different opportunities for both the operators and the bettors. The island’s legal system guarantees that all the gambling activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner, thus creating a safe environment for the participants.

The fact that the world’s interest in iGaming is increasing and it has not yet been known how Saint Lucia will change its regulations to fit this trend remains. While waiting for the island to be able to bet, those who are interested in betting can do so through licensed betting providers and national lottery.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Saint Lucia

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