Betting Sites in Cuba

Cuba, a country that is an island located in the Northern Caribbean Sea and which has a very lively culture as well as some of the historical events. One of the things that Cuba’s history is known for is its difficult relationship with gambling. Even though all types of gambling have been prohibited since 1959, the country has a long history in games of chance. This article is a comprehensive description of the gambling laws, regulatory agencies, gambling licenses and Betting Sites in Cuba.

Betting Sites in Cuba
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The gambling in Cuba has a long history that starts from the mid-20th century when Havana was called “the Las Vegas of the Caribbean. ” Nevertheless, with the coming to power of Fidel Castro and Cuban Revolution significant changes happened on this field.

  • 1959: The thing that was shortly after the toppling of Fulgencio Batista, Fidel Castro banished all forms of gambling. This ban has stayed in force up to now.
  • October 1960: Fidel Castro made the island’s hotel-casinos nationalize and prohibited gambling which resulted in the destruction of several casinos and slot machines.

History of Gambling Law Legislation

The gambling laws in Cuba have been changing every now and then, mostly because of the political changes and social attitudes.

  • 1953-1959: The Cuban Revolution happened, and this was the reason for the significant political changes which resulted in gambling being banned.
  • Ley 86 1959: This is the vital part of gambling law in Cuba which was issued shortly after the revolution. It bans all gambling and imposes fines on anyone who breaks the law.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Cuba – 5 Things to Know

Online gambling not directly regulated, but actually it is illegal.

Nationalization of hotel-casinos in 1960 was the cause of ban.

The long history of the games of chance and sports betting in Cuba.

All kinds of gambling have been prohibited since the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban gambling industry is very much influenced by the tough legislative environment.

Regulatory Agencies

Cuba is not known for its regulatory agencies in gambling as they are entirely prohibited. The gambling law enforcement is the responsibility of general law enforcers who supervise and punish illegal gambling activities.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Cuba does not issue gambling licenses as all the gambling activities are banned. Thus, there are no fees or legal procedures for getting such licenses.

Gambling Taxes

Due to the fact that gambling is prohibited in Cuba, there are no taxes connected with it. All the types of gambling, even online gambling, are regarded as illegal and therefore no tax frameworks have been built.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

All kinds of gambling, which also includes sports betting are forbidden in Cuba. Nevertheless, the ban does not eliminate the natural attraction of sports betting to locals, especially in such popular sports as boxing and baseball. Although the old types of gambling, like cockfighting, la bolita and jai alai were once quite common; now they are done in secret because of legal restrictions.

Online Betting Sites in Cuba

Online gambling is not unambiguously regulated in Cuba because the major gambling law was adopted in 1959, that long before the internet had been created. Nevertheless, it is still a crime since gambling is totally prohibited. Tourists can in fact play online casinos while in Cuba, but a lot of the gambling websites are blocked.

The main events in Cuba’s gambling legislation.

  • 1959: All kinds of gambling were forbidden after the Cuban Revolution.
  • October 1960: Nationalization of hotel-casinos and strengthening the gambling ban.


Cuba’s gambling scene is formed by a strict legal system that prohibits all forms of gambling. Although this is true, the country still has a great history in games of chance and sports betting which are now an important part of its cultural heritage. To comprehend the legal situation, historical background and present state of gambling in Cuba is crucial for those who want to know about this issue. Although gambling is still illegal, the Cuba betting sites are very popular and so is the Cuba sports betting that both locals and visitors like to do.

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