Betting Sites in Haiti

Haiti, which is officially the Republic of Haiti, It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and Cuba and Jamaica to the west across the sea. Although, Haiti is famous for its culture and history, it also has a legalized gambling framework that has been in force for many years. This paper analyzes the legal environment, regulatory authorities, and different aspects of the gambling industry through betting sites in Haiti and sports betting.

Betting Sites in Haiti
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Historical Background

Gambling in Haiti has been legal since 1934 as it was stated by Moniteur du ler Février Issue No. 10. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 1960s that gambling started to be popularized by then-President Duvalier who even made casinos in hotels with more than 200 rooms legal and allowed them. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this condition was set up, no hotel in Haiti had more than 200 rooms and thus it could be said that the law was not really effective.

Major legislation and regulatory bodies

  • 1934: First legislation of gambling.
  • 1960: The gambling laws, which were made by François Duvalier, and under this law the casinos are allowed in the hotels with more than 200 rooms.
  • 1958: The law which makes the Haitian State Lottery (Loterie de l’État Haïtien or LEH) the only regulatory body for games of chance and money.

The LEH is the body that regulates the gambling sector, and licenses are awarded by the Lottery of Haitian State (LISA). Nonetheless, the data on licensing application and conditions is still not widely available.

Recent Developments

The Haitian government has been trying to control more the online gambling activities in recent years. For example, on August 1st, 2023 Luc Ouanche the General Director of LEH announced a prohibition on operations by Sojaca Presco S. A. , which is a company that specializes in online gambling platforms. The companies, which were using the services of Sojaca Presco S. A. , had only five days to cut off their connection or they would be punished with either three months of operation ban and a huge penalty or twelve months of operation ban and a very hefty penalty.

Taxation and Licensing of Betting Sites in Haiti

Gambling Taxes

Casinos of Haiti are taxed 40% on the gross profit and a fee of $1,000 is paid annually. Besides, a 5% withholding tax on players’ winnings is taken from operators, not the punters.

License Types and Fees

Although the particular details on license types and fees are not easily accessible, it is obvious that to get a gambling license in Haiti one has to comply with the regulations of LEH.

Impact of Natural Disasters

The crippling 2010 earthquake was the main cause of Haiti’s economy and its gambling industry damage. A lot of land-based casinos were shut down, but some have managed to revive and go on working.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Haiti – 5 Things to Know

Four Aces Casino has electronic gaming and table games.

LEH is devoted to the fight against illegal gambling in Haiti.

Regulations are the key to a successful gambling experience.

Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino has 30 slot machines and table games.

Haiti’s gambling environment is a combination of the history and evolution.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets of Betting Sites in Haiti

Permitted Bets

  • Casino Games: Table games such as blackjack, roulette and Caribbean stud poker as well as video slot machines are allowed.
  • Sports Betting: Sports betting, which is also known as betting on blood sports, is legal.
  • Cockfighting: This is a widely used type of betting in Haiti.

Prohibited Bets

  • Unregulated Online Gambling: The companies that do not have a valid concession contract from LEH cannot operate.
  • Loot Boxes, Skin Gambling, and Fantasy Sports: These types of gambling are still not regulated and thus, they are in a legal grey zone.

Notable Casinos in Haiti

El Rancho Hotel & Casino

El Rancho Hotel & Casino, originally established by Americans in the 1980s and then owned by Haitians in 1992, was completely renovated in 2013. Now it has more than 100 gaming machines, which are slots, video poker and electronic roulette as well as 13 table games. The casino provides a poker room and some eating places, too.

Four Aces in Port-au-Prince

Placed at the Sunrise Market in Port-au-Prince, Four Aces Casino is a combination of electronic gaming machines and table games like blackjack and roulette. It has a VIP room for high-stakes players and also a poker room that is offering No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino

The Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino has a small gambling area with 30 video slot machines and six table games, such as blackjack, Caribbean stud poker and roulette. It, besides providing good food on-site, also has many restaurants in the surrounding area.

Regulatory Actions

In August 2018, the Haitian State Lottery (LEH) joined a raid with the National Police of Haiti (PNH) to catch some people that were involved in illegal gambling activities in Delmas 65. Marie Margareth Fortuné, the Director of LEH, stressed that the organization would continue to fight illegal gambling throughout the nation.


The gambling scene in Haiti is a combination of the historical legal frameworks, which are now changing regulations and both land-based and online gambling activities. Although there are still some difficulties to be solved, such as the ones after natural disasters and the necessity of more transparent regulations, but at present it is clear that this industry has a bright future.

Hopefully, you are interested in traditional casino games, sports betting or exploring online betting sites; the regulatory environment and legal requirements should be known for a successful and compliant gambling experience in Haiti.

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