Betting Sites in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is a pearl in the northeast Mediterranean and the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The Betting Sites in Cyprus is a guiding star to all those who prefer gambling. Known for its subtropical Mediterranean climate, ancient history, and lively culture, Cyprus is also a center of legal gambling, with sports betting being especially popular. This article tries to demystify the tangled web of Cyprus sports betting laws looking at the dos and don’ts for both operators and bettors.

Betting Sites in Cyprus
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Sports betting in Cyprus is practiced under a well-monitored framework aimed at fair play, bettors’ protection, and the nation’s economy. The legislative framework governing these activities has evolved over the years, with significant laws shaping the landscape, including:The legislative framework governing these activities has evolved over the years, with significant laws shaping the landscape, including:

  • The Lotteries Law of 1983 set the creation and operating structure of the National Lottery, and it included a private lotteries ban, with a few exemptions.
  • The regulations of 1983 gave a granular framework that provided the detailed regulations on how the national lottery should operate.
  • Law No. 48 of 1973, in two following amendments, explicitly deals with horse race betting, providing the legal ground work further developed and perfected by the amendments.

The creation of the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission in 2015 cast a decisive moment in the history of the gambling regulation of the country, and opened a completely new chapter for the legal gambling in Cyprus.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Cyprus – 5 Things to Know

Betting activities in Cyprus have a strict legal body, as the law prohibits certain types of gambling.

Dynamic legal environment in Cyprus is an example of the country’s adaptability to the changes of times.

Cyprus approach regarding the regulation of the betting industry is used as a template for regulation and growth equilibrium.

Cyprus offers betting operators an attractive destination due to reasonable licensing fees, and a very beneficial tax environment.

The licensing Cyprua system of betting sites is directed at the online sports betting, and its aim is to provide a safe and strong operation.

Betting Law of 2012- Betting Sites in Cyprus

The Betting Law of 2012 opened new horizons for betting sites and Cyprus sports betting in general which was updated even as in 2019. This act was thus a stepping stone for sports betting both online and offline, by creating a legal framework but at the same time preserving strict prohibitions for online casinos and other forms of digital gambling.

Distinct Licensing Classes

Central to the Betting Law are two categories of betting licenses:

  • Class A license: This allows land-based betting services to operate in licensed premises, to the exclusion of online services and horseracing.
  • Class B license: Solely controls online sports betting, without slot machines, casinos, and lotteries.

The National Betting Authority (NBA) came into being as the main regulatory authority that controlled gambling operations in Cyprus, and it was in charge of examining applications, issuing licenses, auditing, and monitoring betting activities.

Online Sports Betting License – Class B Conditions

A Class B license is a magic wand for companies looking to launch betting sites on Cyprus, focusing on the online dimension.Key requirements include:

  • Minimum Paid-up Share Capital: A minimum paid up share capital of EUR 500,000 is required in addition to a Cypriot establishment or branch offering betting services.
  • Bank Guarantee: A critical bank guarantee of EUR 550,000 from a reputable financial institution located in Cyprus or the EU to have a period of validity of six months accommodation after the expiry date of the license.
  • Operational and Financial Integrity: Operators should have capability to cover winnings, strong accounting systems, and follow player protection regulations.

The licenses have a period of one or two years with the renewal subject to an approval by the NBA reflecting the Cypriot regulatory stance.

Compliance and Operations of Betting Sites in Cyprus

Modernizing the betting landscape are specific operational and compliance mandates:Modernizing the betting landscape are specific operational and compliance mandates:

  • AML Legislation: Prevents class B licensees from betting on credit, including debit/credit cards and other electronic transactions, and bars cash transactions.
  • Technical and Security Standards: Requirement of backing server in Cyprus, special domain used by betting platforms and strict criterion which was set by 2012 Betting Law.

Prohibited Activities

Cyprus, although it has a whole legal system, bans some betting events like horse and dog racing, spread betting, limited betting games machines and finally bitcoin gambling that makes the country too conservative regarding gambling.

Future of Betting Licenses.

The licensing regime for betting operators in Cyprus and the concentration on online sports betting have also carved out a unique betting ecosystem. It manifests Cyprus’s desire always to stay at the top of regulated internet sports betting and, at the same time, to get a safe, fair, and responsible landscape of betting.

By offering competitive licensing fees and favorable tax regime, Cyprus becomes an appealing destination for punters, offering a mix of regulatory strictness and market opportunity. Not only does such a strategy benefit the local economy but also provides a model of how regulation can be balanced with growth in the field of betting.


In the end, the state of the legal regulation of betting sites in Cyprus and in general of Cyprus sports betting reveals a country changed according to the requirement of the time. Cyprus due to its strict, but just laws not only protects its inhabitants but also creates a legal, booming betting environment attracting international operators.


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