Betting Sites in Lebanon

Located in the centre of the Middle East, Lebanon is a poignant mix of richness of cultures and depth of history, its landscapes telling tales of many ancient eras and modern resilience. The country has found a place for itself as a gambling and betting nation with milestone achievements known throughout the global community of enthusiasts. The article looks into the gambling history of Lebanon, which concentrates on its legal frameworks, major establishments of the field and emerging areas of Betting Sites in Lebanon.

Betting Sites in Lebanon
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Lebanon with Beirut as its capital is located almost at the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a country that although it only has a land area of 10,452 square kilometers and an Arab-preponderant population, has managed to make notable advancements in the world’s gambling industry. The landscape of Lebanon gambling has been primarily formed by the Casino du Liban, the only casino in the country.

Milestones in Lebanese Gambling:

  • 1959: Casino du Liban starts and introduces a new chapter in Lebanese entertainment and betting.
  • 1989 – 1996: The casino will be temporarily shut down because of the regional instability.
  • 1995: A crucial year when Casino du Liban is given monopoly in casino gambling, monopoly extended to online casino gambling, thus signifying the legalization of online gambling.
  • 2002: The lottery is legalized by the Lebanese government.
  • 2020: The Orient Queen cruise ship casino in Beirut blast.
  • 2026: The expected end to the monopoly of Casino du Liban.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Lebanon – 5 Things to Know

Lebanese spirit queerness and flexibility

Blending of old gambling with digital systems

Casino du Liban: A proof of Lebanon’s gambling legacy

Lebanon in the global gambling forecast (fascinating history, tax frameworks)

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Gambling is one of the legal businesses in Lebanon, though it is highly regulated to make sure that everything is done in a proper and ethical manner. The state-operated Casino du Liban has an exclusive monopoly over all areas of gaming but the lottery and sports betting which is valid until 2026. At the same time, La Libanaise des Jeux has a monopoly in lottery operations, a service that was made legal in 2002.

The Scope of Legal Gambling:

  • Casino gambling is restricted to the Casino du Liban.
  • The lottery is a monopoly of La Libanaise des Jeux.

The restrictions of land-based gambling are mirrored by online gambling with the Casino du Liban maintaining a monopoly. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the casino does not have an online presence and this makes a unique case in the gambling industry.

Navigating the World of Online Betting:

Although the limitations, the attractions of ‘Betting Sites in Lebanon’ and ‘Lebanon sports betting’ are increasing. The growing fascination goes beyond the limits of the regular gambling trailing ways for lovers to interact with their hobby.

Taxes of Betting Sites in Lebanon

Due to existing monopolies, recently there is no specific gambling licenses, so, for regulatory purposes, Lebanon uses a well-structured system of taxes in the sector. Key components include:

  • A state tax of 40% on the profits from the casinos and online casino gambling.
  • A 10% stamp duty on the value of lottery tickets.

Such regulatory model delivers a harmonious and just practice in the gambling sector ensuring interests of both the state and the players.

Betting Sites in Lebanon: Casino du Liban

Maameltein-based and with a magnificent view of the sea, Casino du Liban is the most important sign of Lebanon’s gambling tradition. It has gone through changes that represent the strength and flexibility of the Lebanese soul since its opening in 1959. Today, it reverberates with life, housing numerous cultural and entertainment activities such as poker tournaments to culinary festivals, which makes it a key character of the Lebanese and Middle Eastern gambling tale.

Exclusive Online Ventures:

Casino Du Liban’s monopoly on Bet Arabia and Poker Arabia is a major step towards merging the classic gambling with the virtual platforms. Owned and operated by Onlive Support Services, these sites capture the combination of tradition and modernity, capturing the spirit of Lebanese gambling culture in the digital environment.


The gambling history of Lebanon, which has legal processes, the sole monopoly of Casino du Liban, and tax schemes, appears as a complex but interesting landscape. Lebanon continues to carve a niche for itself with the projected increase in “Betting Sites in Lebanon” and “Lebanon sports betting. ”In this way, Lebanon’s gambling sector represents a fascinating journey of betting, with its long history and promising prospects that will be attractive to both an experienced player and an amateur enthusiast.

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