Betting Sites in Turkey

Turkey is where continents, cultures, and civilizations meet and has an amazing blend of history and modernity. In the middle of its many cultural and economic activities, betting and gambling are very popular, deeply rooted in the fabric of the nation, although the government strictly controls them. This article covers the present legal situation about the betting sites in Turkey, turkey sports betting in r turkey sportsbook, what is allowed under the law, and what is prohibited by the Turkish law.

Betting Sites in Turkey
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Betting Laws in Turkey

Regulation of gambling and betting in Turkey is mostly characterized with strict laws that are targeted at protecting moral and social values and eliminating a possibility of money laundering. The Republic of Turkey is strategically located and has a diverse population in excess of 85 million, creating a somewhat unique betting market under strict regulatory oversight.

Permitted Betting Activities

In Turkey, the area of legitimate betting is narrowly defined, where the state holds a monopoly over most betting and gambling activities.

  • State-Sponsored Sports Betting (IDDAA): This is a parastatal that provides betting on a myriad of sports events, the local and international ones. This type has been a legal means of gaming since its inception and still enjoys large patronage.
  • Horse Race Betting: Legally sanctioned in 1984, the betting on horse races is allowed by the Law on Horse Racing. The government controls this kind of entertainment and it is one of the few kinds of licensed betting allowed in Turkey.

Betting and Gambling Prohibition Activities.

The Turkish law sets a position that unauthorized gambling and betting are prohibited:

  • Closure of Casinos and Betting Houses: December 1996 saw a government order declaring a ban on casinos as well as their akin instalments due to money laundering and societal negative effects. This ban is also extended to illegal online gambling sites, rendering the operation and use of such services within Turkey unlawful.
  • Online Gambling: Being strictly regulated by the state, online gambling on platforms not owned or approved by the government was prohibited in 2007. Although regulations are in place, illegal online casinos and betting websites targeted to Turkish citizens have been seen.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Turkey – 5 Things to Know

Few options for Turkish sports bettors.

Caution & restriction under Turkish gambling laws

Regulations from Turkey & monopoly on sports betting

Regulatory strict oversight for the equity & antimalpractice.

Tradition, regulation and passion in Turkeys betting market.

Turkish law enforces strict penalties for those who provide or participate in unauthorized gambling activities:

  • Penalties for Operators: Unauthorized gambling locations can be fined and much fined. If the activities are aimed at minors or are done using electronic systems, the penalty clause can be increased. The penalty clause is regulated in Article 228 of the Turkish Criminal Code.
  • Individual Gamblers: Gamblers discovered under Petty Offenses Law risk administrative penalties and their winnings may be confiscated.

Gambling Laws Acronymic Timeline:

  • 1984: Horse race bet legalization.
  • 1990: The initial approval of casinos.
  • July 1996: Casino restrictions ending with a total ban by December.
  • 2007: Online gambling that was not regulated by the state was outlawed.
  • 2011: The reports on the illegal casinos “members only” in Istanbul.
  • July 15, 2016: Following the coup d’état attempt, grew aggressive actions against illegal gambling.

Betting Sites in Turkey and Sports Betting

The strict regulations and state monopoly on sports betting via IDDAA and regulated horse race betting restrict the landscape of sports gamblers and betting enthusiasts within Turkey well below the international standards.

However, IDDAA, among other legal alternatives, still provides a select but lively betting market to bettors, with bets on horse races and the state-sponsored sports events being run under strict regulatory control to ensure fair practice and to prevent malpractice.


The approach of Turkey to gambling and betting is based on careful control and restrictions, with the state keeping a tight hand over permitted activities but with very strict enforcement of the laws against unauthorized gambling activities. Betting activities for Turkish sports gambler and bettors are following the legal paths now and are covered by the state and local laws as well.

This extensive knowledge of gambling laws in Turkey and strictly defined roles, both for operators and players, acts as a useful manual for manoeuvring through the complicated and tightly controlled betting environment of the country, showcasing the unique blend of tradition, regulation and love for sports betting activities in Turkey.

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