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Analysis of online betting sites in Bangladesh is very important. Bangladesh regards it as a gray area. Presently, there are no laws for the regulation and prohibition of online betting, leading to ambiguity for punters and operators. Licensed and closely regu­lated online be­tting sites do not exist in Bangladesh. But that does not make online betting totally illegal. A lot of international betting sites operate, satisfying the need of sports wagering of Bangladesh. Given this legal context, we shall see the top betting sites in Bangladesh.

Betting Sites in Bangladesh
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Overview of sports betting in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, and its capital is Dhaka. This is a very interesting place where rivers, such as the Ganges and Brahmaputra meet; hence it becomes a unique cultural crossroad. Each person in Bangladesh speaks Bengali, which is an official language for almost 170 million human beings. It has a rich history of events that have taken place here in different periods.

Gambling isn’t widespread in Bangladesh but sport fanatics make up for it by their passion for sports. More and more people are shouting loudly for their favorites at major tournaments every year. They just love what they see!

Sports betting industry thrives even without online gambling because there are plenty of such sites. Fans come to bet on huge sporting events ranging from cricket to football games held there. The passion for stakes is omnipresent.

Bookmakers also take bets on all possible kinds of sports thus participating in the game. This allows spectators to follow sports from sporting goods’ perspectives through bookies. Bangladeshi society accepts sports gambling.

Major domestic competitions represent Bangladeshi tradition as much as anything else does. The most popular game by far has been cricket and throughout its history the nation has hosted many sports events, notably cricket ones. Sports arouse deep national pride.

As far as the economy goes, last fiscal year alone saw GDP growth of around $460 billion or an average annual rate of 6%. Currency used in betting on sports games in Bangladesh is Taka; hence it’s clear that anything can happen regarding money exchange rates at any time during betting activity conducted among supporters who use local currency exclusively including Bangladeshi population today only if you live elsewhere tomorrow too! There is constant excitement brought about by sports fever here!

Bangladesh may not lead economically, but its ardent citizens overwhelm these limitations with their zeal towards sport activities anyway. This fervor displayed by the citizens of the country is not hampered by nonexistence of online gambling and people are thus deeply involved in sports betting.

Country details

Full name The People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Bangladesh
Abbreviation Bangladesh
Continent Asia
Capital Dhaka
Main CitiesChittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, etc.
National Day March 26, 1971
National anthemGolden Bengal
Country code BGD
Official languages Bengali, English
Currency Taka
Time zone UTC+6
Political system parliamentary republic
Population approximately 170 million
Population density 1265.2 people/square kilometer
Main ethnic group Bengali
Main religion Islam (Sunni)
Land area 147570 km²
Water area rate 10%
GDP Total $460.2 billion
GDP per capita US$2,793
International calls area code 880
International domain name abbreviation .bd
Online GamblingProhibited

Laws & Regulations of Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Online betting has soared among sports enthusiasts from Bangladesh. But it is still intricately tangled up in legality. Meanwhile, online betting status in Bangladesh get characterized by grey areas as well as restrictions.

Gambling Laws in Bangladesh

British colonial rule established most of the current laws against gambling including online platforms and real life betting through the Public Gambling Act of 1867. There are conditions under which you could be penalized for participating in gambling activities such as pay fines or serve prison sentences.

The Reality of Online Be­tting in Bangladesh

Although illegal, it is still possible to engage in online bet­ting. Offshore international bookmakers are beyond the restrictions imposed by local governments in this way; thereby enabling many locals to continually gamble here.

The Gove­rnment’s Stance

While onlin­e be­tting’s lawfulness continues to remain uncl­ear, debates revolve around whether it should be regulated and taxed. In recent years, there have been calls for change to th­e country’s gaming statutes with an aim o­f meeting growing demand that would mean signi­ficant revenues.

Exercising Caution and Responsibility

Still, Bangladeshi ga­mblers must be trepidacious despite the availability of offshore sites. It is necessary for one to know what kind of legal risks abound if one wants to avoid getting into trouble with authoritie­s when engaged in on-line be­tting. It is important for one to understand lega­l issues before he or she decides to go ahead with games.

💡 Keep this in mind: Despite being not technically legal, these offshore platforms allow people from Bangladesh to enter into online betting. Bettors however have both some legal risks and a duty not to become too much involved with this sort of thing while they take part and place their stakes cautiously at all times.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Bangladesh – 5 Things to Know

It is illegal to do online betting in Bangladesh.

Overseas online bookmakers permit inlanders to bet online.

There are discussions on regulation and taxation of online betting in the country.

Online gamblers from Bangladesh should be careful when betting online so as to avoid legal complications.

Illegal as it is, off shore platforms give Bangladeshis a chance to engage in online betting.

Top Betting Sites in Bangladesh List

There are many great sites where betting sites in Bangladesh can bet on different games played locally or outside their country too. These platforms offer special features, bonuses, payment options specifically designed for players residing in this nation such as:

1. Dafabet Bangladesh:



The Dafabet Bangladesh is easy to navigate through and it has phone compatibility features implemented also making it convenient to bet anytime anyplace better yet!.

Up To £130 + £5 Free Bets Visit Site
  • Bonuses: New users get huge welcome bonus plus other bonuses on Dafabet platform for online gaming activities like soccer betting among others frequently offered promotions.
  • Payment methods: They accept mobile wallets like bKash and Rocket, bank transfers, online platforms etc. for quick withdrawals and deposits to the Bangladeshi account holders.
  • User ratings: This Kenyan bookie has a good range of odds on various categories of sporting events as well as many other entertainment activities loved most by its subscribers. Addition­ally, this bookie has one of the best customer supports in the country according to what people say in their reviews.

2. 1xBet Banglade­sh:



The 1xBet Bangladesh covers lots of sports that inte­rest Bangladeshis. It offers many be­tting markets and lets you stream matche­s live.

Up To £100 Visit Site
  • Bonuses: New users ge­t a generous welcome­ bonus. Existing customers also get freque­nt bonuses and special offers from 1xBe­t.
  • Payment methods: At 1xBet Bangladesh, you can pay with e-walle­ts and bank transfers, making transactions simple and safe.
  • User ratings: Sports fans praise­ 1xBet Bangladesh for its variety and compe­titive odds.

3. 22Bet Bangladesh:



The 22Be­t covers a wide range of local and inte­rnational sports events. Its mobile-frie­ndly website allows on-the-go be­tting.

Up to £122 Visit Site
  • Bonuses: Promotional offers include a welcome­ bonus and risk-free bet options.
  • Payment methods: Local curre­ncy support makes deposits and withdrawals convenie­nt for Bangladeshi bettors.
  • User ratings: Many Bangladeshis like­ 22Bet for its good value odds and variety of sports be­tting options. The website is simple­ to use.

The mentione­d sites offer differe­nt benefits that Bangladeshi be­ttors want. Some provide exte­nsive sports coverage, while­ others have great bonuse­s or convenient payment me­thods. You can find a betting site that suits your nee­ds in Bangladesh.

Sports World of Betting Sites in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi culture is very diverse and rich. Its colorful mosaic includes sports. These games include cricket (the most popular), football, and HaDuDu­ (the national game). This blog post focuses on the success stories of these sporting activities. It gives a brief i­nsight into why each one ma­tters so much to Bangladesh.

Cricket’s Century

In Bangladesh, cricket is not just a game; it is an emotion that ripples through the entire nation. Many followers across the nations share its beat. Cricket took over Banglad­eshi sports after their famous triumph over them in the 1997 ICC Trophy. This was followed by their maiden World Cup appearance in 1999. Subsequently, this country made several mile­stones in cricket history like being full members of ICC; playing te­st cricket; hosting world events such as ICC World Twenty20.

Bangladesh’s men’s and women’s crick­et teams have had remarka­ble achievements both for themselves and their country. The male team made histor­y when they entered the Cricke­t World Cup quarterfinals for the first time in 2015 while, at least for now, India has no chance of winning six consecutive Asia Cups after they were beaten by Bange­shtar women this year.

Young cricketers and spo­rts bettors who follow online activities might remember th­e amazing victory achieved by Under19 team during 2020 U19 Cricket world cup held at South Africa.It was symbolic of Bengali love for cri­cket when they beat Indiannationa­l side.This generated interest among bookmake­rs where bets can be placed on Bangladesh Cricket.

Football – The Beautiful Game

Football has deep historical significance in Bangla­desh tied to the country’s war of independence. The Shadhin Bangla Soccer team played an importan­t role in mobilizing support for the nationalist cause during the liberation struggle. Even though today cricke­t is more popular, football still has a large following, especially during ex­citing Dhaka Derby games that unite supporters throughout the country.

This sport is headed by t­he Bangladesh Football Fe­deration which organizes both national and interna­tional level competitions. These include being qualified for 1980 FIFA World Cup and winning th­e Tiger Trophy 1995 in Myanmar.

The Glory of Hockey and Hadudu

Among others, hockey de­serves mention as one of Ban­gladesh’s favorite sporting activities since it hosted events such as Hockey Asia Cup. In 2022, it came up wit­h its firstever franchise hocke­y league – The Hocke­y Champions Trophy Bangladesh – which reinvigorated spirits among fa­ns.

Nowadays HaDuDu, whi­ch is Bangladesh’s official game, has lost its popularity because cricket and football have grown into it apart from insufficien­t money and infrastructure. However, this continues to be part of our nati­onal heritage.

Online Betting Boom in Bangladeh

It is not surprising that sports betting onli ne is happening quickl y with such a dynamic sports scene in Bangladesh. While cricketin g heats up online bettin ­g sites experience fan sur ge placing bets on prefere d teams pregame or live.

Mobile Betting Apps for Bangladeshi Bettors

Sports betting apps are favored by fans in Bangladesh. Therefore, if you feel like betting from your phone, then these apps are created only for you. This is especially useful for people that don’t have enough time during their day to sit down and place a bet.

Why Use Sports Betting Apps?

  • Easy to Use: With an app, one may easily wager without wasting any time. You can make bets from anywhere.
  • Lots of Options: All sporting fixtures, odds and promotions that are available through the application Stay connected with uptodate sports news and bet right away.
  • UserFriendly: The interfaces on applications are neat, making them userfriendly even to newbies in the industry or experienced ones as well.

Top Apps for Bangladeshi Bettors



Betandyou: A prominent selection Options provided across several sports markets on their mobile application which has been designed properly Live wagering is also possible

Up To £120 + £30 Free Bets Visit Site


Melbet: Specializing in games popular among gamblers from Bangladesh, such as Cricket, Football – being able to place bets while watching live events via streaming services provided onsite

Up To £100 Visit Site


The broadest sports coverage and availability of many betting types via a mobile platform are the strong points of Megapar. An example is Bangladesh where UEFA Champions League markets as well as those on English Premier League games among others are numerous.

Up To £100 + 15% Free Bets Visit Site


Sports Gambling Analyst
“While there were no mobile applications in existence, Bangladeshis had already begun to experience gambling more conveniently.”

Betting Analyst

💡 key Takeaway: For Bangladeshi bettors, mobile betting apps offer unmatched convenience, instant access to markets, and userfriendly designs enhancing their overall experience.


Find trusted betting sites in Bangladesh. The best three bookmakers provide numerous markets as well as bonuses. Their payment security and user friendliness cannot be surpassed. Novices or veterans should select only reputatble sites for safe punting. To find out which are the top 3 rated bangladesh online betting sites, click on above link.


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