Betting Sites in Vietnam

The gambling approach of Vietnam has undergone massive changes over the recent years, which have left milestones that form the current relationship with betting in the country. This comprehensive investigation is designed to provide an insight into the comprehensive gambling regulations that are in place in Vietnam, with a particular emphasis on the fine differences between the allowable and provibited bets. Clear overview of the legal framework that defines the betting sites in Vietnam and the sports betting outlets.

Betting Sites in Vietnam
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The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a dynamic country in South East Asia, has undergone an interesting transformation in its gambling laws that depicts a sophisticated strategy of governing a variety of betting activities. From conventional forms of gaming to internet penetration that was at 80 percent. With 44 million internet users in the beginning of 2024, Vietnam is already in the middle of its journey to a regulated and still dynamic gaming market.

On January 20, 2017 two landmark decrees that broadened the country’s legal gambling framework were issued, which started a new era in the legal landscape of Vietnam:

  • Decree No. 03/2017/ND-CP on Casino Businesses: The above decree brought a revolutionary change, as Vietnamese inhabitants were for the first time able to enter and gamble in particular casinos on experiment basis. It symbolized the creation of a regulatory atmosphere that sought to regulate and promote the casino industry in the country, and at the same time, providing the licensing and operation requirements.
  • Decree No. 06/2017/ND-CP on International Soccer Betting: The passage of this statute took place just a few days after the Casino Decree and for the first time, betting on international soccer competitions became legal as well as betting on horse and greyhound racing. It provided the theoretical framework for sports betting companies and specified the circumstances under which indigenous gamblers could participate in sports betting operations.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Vietnam – 5 Things to Know

Strong base of legal operations

Vietnam’s gambling laws: special way

Careful legalizes and regulates stringently.

Pay attention to the development of sports betting.

The growing and electrifying future of the gambling in Vietnam.

Key Features and Regulations

The introduction of these decrees brought about a structured approach to gambling, highlighting several features and requirements:

  • Betting Business Licensing: Through the decrees, the betting firms are categorised as conditional sectors that necessitate a Betting Business License. This certification shows the control entity to regulatory standards and the capacity to function in a legislative gambling environment.
  • Investment Thresholds: For a sports betting company be set up, the requirements are considerable finacial capital. The minimum capital investment for horse racing and international soccer betting projects is VND 1,000 billion (~USD 459 million) and for greyhound racing projects is VND 300 billion (~USD 137 million).
  • Duration and Restrictions of Licenses: The Betting Business License has the maximum period of 10 years for horse and greyhound racing and 5 years for international soccer betting, thus determining the period when these types of business should run.
  • Betting Limits: The law prescribes betting limit, which restricts waging not more than VND 1 million (~USD 50) per day, as well as obligatory minimum bet to build a responsible gambling culture.
  • Eligibility and Distribution Methods: Betting is restricted to persons who have attained the age of 21 and there are particular requirements in regards to the means by which betting tickets can be dispensed and paid for.

The measures of regulation command Vietnam’s cautious but progressive approach to creating a controlled gaming environment, requiring the growing sector to operate in a transparent and responsible manner.

Development of Betting Sites in Vietnam

Vietnam’s gambling landscape has seen major policy changes with the introduction of sports betting which is related to international football tournaments. The choice of the Ministry of Finance to issue the Vietnam Lottery with the license to pilot a sports betting business identifying the government acceptance of the rising demand for regulated sports betting services.

In addition, licensing venues on which the residents can gamble in casinos and controlling of electronic poker machines reflect the slow but persistent process of the transition to the more open and regulated gambling industry. The setting up of legal framework for the operation of casinos and sports betting demonstrates the fact that Vietnam is interested in having a safe and prosperous gambling industry.


The evolution of Vietnam’s gambling laws is rather unusual one, combining very cautious liberalization with a very strict control. The decrees made in this regard have set a firm framework for the legal functioning of betting sites and sports betting bodies, thus opening up a controlled gambling environment that is in line with international norms. With an ever-improving legal framework, future of gambling in Vietnam will be a dynamic and interesting one for both players including sports gamblers and fans of betting.

Vietnam Betting Sites and Vietnam sports betting are emerging as core stories in Vietnam’s gambling narrative, ushering in a new era of regulated and responsible gambling that respects tradition and the challenges of modern society.

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