Betting Sites in Georgia

Betting sites in Georgia – the changing scenery of sports betting. The EU demand for the social isses with gambling in Georgia is happening at the time when the middle of the regulation of gambling industry and the state is experiencing dramatic changes of the current legislation. Within this resource, we provide the specifics of Georgia betting laws from what society can and cannot do and the steps that are taken to protect vulnerable populations.

Betting Sites in Georgia
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Understanding Georgia’s Gambling Laws

Georgia that is located in the center of the South Caucasus has seen considerable changes in its attitude towards the regulation of gambling. Georgia is a subtropical paradise bordered by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and the vast Black Sea, which hosts a rich tapestry of culture and history, including at the same time a great deal of gambling and betting.

Historical Overview

In Georgia, gambling is governed by the Law on Organizing Lotteries, Games of Chance and Other Prize Games that was enacted in 2005. The act established the framework for regulation and management of gambling activities in the country.

Recent Legislative Changes

There is a novel character of the gambling landscape in Georgia, especially during the last years, when the government attempts to strengthen regulations and adopt more rigorous measures.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Georgia – 5 Things to Know

Gambling and sports betting need to be highly regulated and under total government control in Georgia.

A person must be conversant with Georgian sports betting rules to assure that his/her betting is safe and legal.

The government approach towards regulation of gambling represents a trade-off between economic benefits and societal welfare.

Betting at Georgia will be a good regulated and moraly mindful bet environment since the bettors are provided with the knowledge of the legal policies.

Legal developments and changes, as well as these shared by all jurisdictions, are very important in creating a comfortable gambling in sports in Georgia.

Regulatory Milestones of Betting Sites in Georgia

November 2022: The move to impose compulsory licences on online gambling entities was a radical policy U-turn. An online gambling site operator, slot machine operator and casino operating in Georgia must be permitted to do so by the regulatory authority. This step is going to concentrate the online gambling industry having only few licenses to operate. The permits cost GEL 100,000 (approximately $36,916) per annum and there are stiff penalties for non-compliance.

November 2023: The Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced the increase of gambling taxes to 15% and with a higher tax percentage on business withdrawals from banks. The increased taxes are projected to plug the state budget by another ₾700 million ($257 million) in 2024. The decision was made due to the growth in the turnover of the gambling industry of the country and the need of diminishing the negative impact of gambling.

July 1, 2024: A crucial date for the future of the gambling sector in Georgia, when the stronger preventive measures will come into force. Legal age for participation in both land-based and online gambling activities will be increased to 25 for Georgian citizens and 18 for foreigners. Heavy fines will also be imposed on the internet cafes should they be found to have allowed people to play online for money.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The regulatory framework is very clear in distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized bets in order to protect the interests and enforce order among the gambling industry.

  • Permitted Bets: While under the present law, it is legal to bet on sports, among others, including online sports betting, provided that it is within the bounds of licensed operators. The sports betting sites in Georgia must comply with the regulatory requirements and hold the necessary licenses.
  • Prohibited Bets: All bets carried out by unlicensed entities, wherein licensed entities are ones that have obtained the required permits, are considered to be unlawful. Lastly, certain groups, particularly people under 25 years (starting from July 1, 2024), are prohibited from gambling activities, thereby reiterating the government’s determination to safeguard at-risk populations.

Navigating Sports Betting Sites in Georgia

The changing regulatory structure requires avid sports bettors to have a good knowledge of what is appropriate and what is not. Participation in licensed betting sites in Georgia ensures compliance and a safer betting environment. It is recommended that enthusiasts remain up-to-date with the legalities and the evolving changes to have a full enjoyment of the dynamism of Georgia sports betting.

The phased strategy of the government, as represented by progressive prohibition of the online gambling advert and additional tax measures, is a balanced approach. It is targeted to protect the economic gain stemming from the gambling industry and prioritizing the social benefit and the consistency with the European overall.


The line of gambling and sports betting laws in Georgia reflects a strategy of more controlled regulation, bigger state control, and concern for the community good. An emergence of these changes would require both bettors and gaming businesses to adjust, thus, keeping the excitement of betting safe within the realms of legal compliance.

The next years will for sure become determining ones in the regulated territory of the Georgian gambling industry, as all the involved parties step on this route. Suffused with a better understanding of the legal setting, sports betting fans are now able to enjoy their beloved activity in the context of a more regulated and morally responsible betting environment.


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