Betting Sites in Tajikistan

Located between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and China, Tajikistan has shown a lot of significant changes in the betting and gambling laws recently. The country, which has a population of about 1 million, is uncommon in Central Asia for its non-Turkic majority and unclear gambling regulations. The aim of this article is to offer additional insight into betting sites in Tajikistan and betting laws on sports betting and to supply a comprehensive manual for sports bettors.

Betting Sites in Tajikistan
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In General Gambling Legislation in Tajikistan

It should be noted that in 2004 Tajikistan is gambling that represents a shift in this country approach to gambling practices. This transition not only led to legislative requirements for all gambling types, including sports betting, but also laid the foundations for betting sites to function in a regulated environment. Despite the fact that these laws offered a different gambling environment, they can be said to have brought certain measures of organizing and controlling the gambling activities in the country.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Tajikistan – 5 Things to Know

Legalization of betting sites in Tajikistan

The amendments to the betting law of Tajikistan

Demand for knowing the changes in legislation in Tajikistan.

Regulation of taxation laws for gambling companies in Tajikistan.

Adjusting between regulatory oversight and desire for sports betting.

Milestone in the Tajikistan Betting Laws Development

  • 1991: Tajikistan gains its independence from the USSR and rejects the Soviet gambling law for her to retain. This period marked the criminalization of the lotteries as opposed to their legal status under the Soviet power.
  • 2004: The year of the milestone that gambling was legalized coincided with processes elsewhere in Muslim and ex-USSR countries: Egypt, Armenia, and Kazakhstan, for instance. In addition, the law allowed legalizing online gambling which is a new vision in Tajikistan concerning the wagering.
  • 2009: Alterations to legal frameworks were made to address the gaps and shortcomings of the gambling industry, though these changes were underregulations.
  • 2012: In an attempt to fight against the illegal gambling such activities, the government implemented an import ban for gambling goods including machine gaming and tables, even for personal use.
  • 2019: Revealing of the biggest illegal gambling network in Tajikistan, it has been proven that this issue was also associated with the mafia from other countries and the politicians in the local. Thus, it is clear that there are some difficulties orienting this sector.

Amongst these transformations the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan became a central power that issues licenses for gambling. The procedure, set in rules given in a law based on the 2004 Law on Licensing Certain Specific Types of Activities, contains tough standards of operators who are interested in penetrating the Tajikistan betting market.

The Environment for Betting Sites and Sports Betting

Today, Tajikistan’s stance on betting sites and sports betting is defined by two principal legal facets. allowed gambling activities and details of licensing and taxation.

Permitted Bets:

  • Lottery: Keno, scratchcards and probably bingo also, are one of the legal forms of gambling that are popular with many Tajikistanis.
  • Sports Betting: Legalized with the broader acceptance of gambling in 2004, sports betting allows a controlled avenue for sports addicts to interact with the favorite sports.

Licensing and Taxation:

Those wishing to set up betting venues or start sports betting businesses need licenses which are obtained from the Ministry of Finance. This path system, developed by the 2004 law and successive updates, creates legal gambling activities pathways.

The tax payable by gambling companies is to be in compliance with the provisions of the Tax Code of the Republic of Tajikistan. This law defines the method of calculating VAT in cases when it is difficult to directly calculate, such as gambling and lottery services.

Future of Betting Sites in Tajikistan

Standing on the threshold of upcoming changes to the legal field, in particular, the draft Law on the Activities of Totalizators, Bookmakers, and Lottery-like Games, Tajikistan is close to further development of the betting sphere. The betting sites in Tajikistan laws and the activities related to Tajikistan sports betting are going to be changed and the new regulations are supposed to improve the overall regulatory environment and create the opportunities for clearer regulations for the operators and the fans.

The complexities of finding the right way in the Tajikistan gambling laws represent the tendency to balance the regulatory matters regarding the rising demand for betting and online gambling. For the aficionados and operators in this Central Asian country, keeping up to date with legal changes is of a necessity to be compliant and make most of betting opportunities in the regulated betting market.

Betting sites in Tajikistan – FAQ

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