Betting Sites in India

Indian sport betting and gambling laws are a labyrinth wherein bettors, especially sports fans and gamblers, need to find their way.The legal betting sites in India and activities for sports betting have a sharp and diversified outline that needs pedantic perception.The objective here is to provide a clear and clear-cut overview of the gambling laws available in India, both those that are presumed to be legal and those that are not, taking into account state-specific norms and the status of some seminal legislative pronouncements.

Betting Sites in India
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Understanding India’s Gambling Laws

The stance of India as regards to gambling and betting is not uniform throughout the country, basically because India is divided into 29 states and 7 central territories.The legislative powers as defined in the Constitution of India, 1950, give states the authority to make their laws regarding betting and gambling within their territories.Such decentralized system has introduced many regulations, which have resulted in a patchwork of laws for gamblers and betting sites.

Central vs.State Legislation

The Public Gambling Act, 1867 is one of the oldest central acts, some states still apply it supplementarily without such specific gambling or betting legislations.However, some states have chosen to enact their legislations and thus the different regulatory landscapes found in India.For those who want to bet on Indian sports betting activities, the complexities of these laws are confusing, therefore, one must know the individual state laws.

The latest laws of betting sites in India

In recent years, some states have taken significant steps to either tighten or relax their gambling laws, directly affecting betting sites in India:

  • The statewide and detailed reform of State Gaming Laws by both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also changed the control on gambling where games of skill were earlier creating exemptions and the blanket prohibition was placed on all kinds of forms of gambling, including over the Internet.
  • The state of Tamil Nadu, in its step in this direction, has introduced the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Act, 2022, that also clearly bans online gambling and real money games of chance.
  • At the central level, Minitsry of Electronics and Information Technology made amendments to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.This amendment proposes a co-regulatory approach to online gambling with self-regulatory bodies you approve permissible online real-money games based on set criteria.

Gambling Law and Regulation in India – 5 Things to Know

India is a melting pot of gambling and sports betting law.

In the provision of responsible and legal participation in fantasy sports, casino games, and more.

Punters need to be aware of the evolving legal scenery in India so that they do not cross the line.

Some of the restrictions that apply to the games of chance may not apply to the games of skill in India.

Keep yourself updated about the local legislation on the management of sports betting and other forms of gambling in India.

Main Gambling Laws Date

For those navigating the complex landscape of betting sites in India, here’s a consolidated list detailing critical gambling laws and their enactments:

  • Public Gambling Act, 1867: A colonial-rule statute continues to prevail in many states with modifications by the states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.
  • The Telangana Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2017: Removed the exception with respect to games of skill and imposed a universal ban.
  • The Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2020: Such provisions are aimed at strengthening the control of the gambling activities, both offline and online.
  • Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Act, 2022: Implemented in April 2023 does impose broad prohibitions on online gambling and games of chance for real money.
  • Amendments to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (Online Gaming Rules): As of April 2023, overnight internet gambling will become legal at a state level by means of a new legislative framework.

Licenses Required: Laws on betting in India continue to differ significantly between states and the central government. Specific licenses or registrations vary by the game type (e.g., skill games vs. games of chance) and the medium (internet vs.real life).

Casino licenses are awarded in few states such as Goa and Sikkim to five-star hotels and offshore vessels.

Skill games like poker and fantasy sports may need licenses for online provision in states as Nagaland and Sikkim. All providers of online games in Tamil Nadu are required to have a certificate of registration from the Tamil Nadu Online Gaming Authority.

Bingo and betting: Considered games of chance, mostly prohibited under state laws, though special permissions might be sought in areas like Sikkim and for specific formats like horse race betting in a few states.

Understanding the Distinction: The distinction between games of skill, which may be less regulated, and games of chance, which often are strictly regulated or even prohibited, is very important for bettors and operators. Jurisdictional subtleties play a vital role in defining what is legal and illegal in practice, so it is highly essential for the bettors to remain updated about the local jurisdictions.


Indian betting sites operate under what is one of the most diverse legal frameworks in the world for gambling and sports betting. Sports bettors and betting fans need to be updated with the changing legal environment to ensure that they are operating within the law. In both fantasy sports and licensed casinos, the key to engaging in such activities responsibly is an informed understanding of India’s intricate web of gambling laws.


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