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Turkmenistan being a landlocked country in Central Asia has a unique gambling landscape both geographically and extends to sports betting. Characterized by a rich cultural tapestry that knits its historical relationship with the Soviet Union and its predominantly Muslim population, the gambling laws of Turkmenistan have evolved considerably in the years. This article is intended to provide sports bettors and betting sites in Turkmenistan with a brief review of these laws.

Betting Sites in Turkmenistan
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Gambling Legislation in Turkmenistan

Gambling in Turkmenistan has taken interesting turns over the years, with significant legal changes marking the landscape:

  • 1991: Upon being independent from the USSR, Turkmenistan decided not to adopt the Soviet laws on gambling and hence, lotteries, legal in the Soviet times, were banned.
  • 1999: A turning point year, when gambling was legalized and the era of new betting was established in Turkmenistan.
  • 2016: The dynamics for bettors and operators in the country were altered by the ban of online gambling as well as gambling advertisements following the endorsement of the “On Advertising” bill.

However, these amendments made to the original Law of Licensing of Some Types of Activities have not changed the legality of traditional casinos since 1999. This law and the other subsequent alterations made to it are the basis of the system that Turkmenistan has adopted regarding the control of gambling.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Turkmenistan – 5 Things to Know

In Turkmenistan, gambling is an unusual activity.

Control and taxation are major characteristics of the sector.

The gambling laws in Turkmenistan are strict, but organized.

Bettors can continue to enjoy their hobby but with great care.

The legal framework is one of the most important issues for operators.

Gambling Taxation in Turkmenistan

The Tax Code of Turkmenistan describes the particular gambling taxation rules, establishing fixed fees depending on the amount of gaming machines, tables, and the size of the gaming area among others. Here are some key points regarding the taxation structure:

  • Gaming Machines: A tax rate of 30 manat Turkmenistan a day a machin.
  • Gaming Tables: A table is levied 370 turkmenistan manat per day.
  • Seats: In a game of cards, a bingo, or a tournament, each table seat is taxed 7 Turkmen manats per day.
  • Gaming Area: The daily tax per square meter is 3 manats in Turkmenistan.
  • Cash Registers: A tax of 38 Turkmenistan manats is charged for every register daily.

Operators are required to comply with the normal corporate taxes which are at 8% for local companies and 20% for foreign entities.

Players need to consider only the possible tax on gambling wins, since the majority of responsibility falls upon operators. In particular, income that is generated by owning a casino business is taxed at a crushing 60%.

The Online Betting Landscape

With the overall ban on online gambling in 2016, the measures against people using foreign betting websites are not strict. In Turkmenistan players play with international gambling platforms without being prosecuted, showing a discrepancy between the law and its practical application.

Betting Sites in Turkmenistan and Sports Betting

The gambling world in Turkmenistan poses an intriguing duality for sports bettors and betting fans. Although local online betting sites are illegal, a lot of offshore sites do accept Turkmen players and offer a variety of betting options for both global and local matches.

Turkmenistan Gambling Licenses

The licensing system of gambling operations in Turkmenistan is comprehensive requiring many documents to be submitted that include the details of all the intended gambling activities. The proceedings are controlled by the powers specified in the Law on Licensing of Some Types of Activity, which gives control and the right to revoke or re-register licenses as needed.

Tax and Law Landscape Navigation

The primary concern with those working in the gambling industry in Turkmenistan is the knowledge of the legal framework and compliance with taxation laws. The laws of the country provide for an organized though repressive setting for the operators with an obvious focus on state control and revenue generation with fixed taxes on gambling activities.

However oppressive the rules, particularly those related to online gaming, Turkmenistan’s gambling laws offer a sanctuary for bettors, who are required to enjoy their obsession but in a discreet and legal manner.

In conclusion

In sum, in Turkmenistan the gambling scene is a picture of contradictions, having very regulated state control but allowing foreign online betting platforms. For both players and operators, such a landscape is complex and requires an understanding of the laws, taxation policies and the peculiar nature of the betting in this part of Central Asia. Whether finding excitement of casino tables or browsing betting sites in Turkmenistan, people are still attracted to the lure of gambling although with the concern of the Turkmen law.

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