Betting Sites in Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a country with long historical and cultural traditions, and betting sites in Jordan and gambling are represented through a complicated legal system reflecting national values and established legal rules. Situated in the Western Asia, Jordan is a nation of geography and climatic contrasts. Despite being diverse, all gambling which includes such activities as sports betting and casino, is illegal due to adherence to the Islamic law as well as the society norms.

Betting Sites in Jordan
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Gambling in Jordan and Methods of Its Regulation

In general, gambling is not allowed in the Arab world, which includes Jordan, where this activity is perceived through the prism of religious and cultural bans. The fact that there are no land-based casinos in Jordan shows how strict the regulations in the country are towards gambling. The Jordanian penal code does not refer to online gambling, but this form of gambling is treated as illegal, which is the same for any other type of gambling.

Permitted Forms of Gambling

Surprisingly, an exception exists on Jordan gambling scene – The Welfare (or Charity) Lottery. Conducted on live television every ten days, a portion of the lottery’s earnings are donated to charity. Scholars and general citizens are divided over this form of gambling, whether it is in line with Islamic law as gambling in traditional Islamic law is prohibited (maisir).

Gambling Law and Regulation in Jordan – 5 Things to Know

Jordanians are increasingly wagering on sports.

Legal and cultural terrain are extremely significant.

Future depends on changes in the law and technology.

The legal and the cultural landscape must be understood.

Future is a matter of legal changes and technological development.

The Laws of Online Betting Sites in Jordan

Taking the general limitations into consideration, Jordanians have a great opportunity to do online gambling since it is difficult to monitor the activities of the virtual casinos. The attractiveness of betting sites in Jordan, and the bigger possibility of Jordan sports betting online, is a kind of paradox for the prohibitions legally and culturally introduced. It emphasizes the changing nature of gambling in a digital age where geographical boundaries are becoming less and less important.

Legislation and Developments

Even though all types of gambling are illegal under the 1960 Jordan Penal Code and Sharia law, some grey areas have been noticed. The year 2007 marked a significant development when the National Tourism Council, taking Article 8/2 of the Tourism Law of 1988 as a starting point, attempted to include casinos as one of the kingdom’s tourism professions. This strategy was one of the measures introduced to boost the tourism sector although, not without some controversy and accusations of corruption which have provoked the public from time to time.

The Jordanian debate on legalization and regulation of gambling took a different direction when private correspondences were leaked, disclosing the involvement of government officials in the negotiations of casino deals, some of which never appeared in public. These episodes, taking place during the tenures of Prime Ministers Faisal al-Fayez and Marouf Bakhit, revealed the intricacies and challenges in controlling gambling within the framework of the country’s legal and religious systems.

Enforcement and Penalties

The Jordanian penal code spells out penalties of maintaining gambling establishments, including fines and imprisonment, as stipulated in articles 393 to 396 of the Jordanian legal system. The confidentiality of certain governmental pacts with casino operators adds one more layer of complexity to the legal environment and gives rise to issues of openness, legitimacy, and compliance with national as well as Islamic laws.

The Future of Sports Betting Sites in Jordan

The growing interest of Jordanians and sports lovers all over the world in “Betting Sites in Jordan” and “Jordan sports betting” questions is obvious. Mostly prohibitive legislative system notwithstanding, the digital era provides ways of bypassing the traditional regulatory mechanisms. Consequently, the prospects of sports betting and online gambling in Jordan will be determined by legal changes, technological developments, and social and religious attitudes.


The Jordanian approach to gambling, which is focused on severe laws with very few exceptions, is the best way of illustrating the problems other countries have in dealing with the consequences of online gambling. It is imperative that sports bettors and businesses should understand the complex legal and cultural landscape as the focus shifts to Jordan. The fact that Jordan is beginning to bet online and complies with the respective customs and laws looks as if it’s a preview of the future of the virtual gambling in the globally interconnected digital world.

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