Betting Sites in Myanmar

The gambling landscape of Myanmar has changed considerably with the passage of the Gambling Law 2019 (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 13/2019) . This transformation signifies a very significant change in the legal framework of Myanmar in as far as gambling activities are concerned, changing from an era of complete prohibition to selective legalization and regulation. Specifically with emphasis on betting sites in Myanmar and the details of Myanmar sports betting.

Betting Sites in Myanmar
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New Revolution in the Laws of Gambling in Myanmar

Burmese Sea is a transitional point of South-Eastern Asia between the Bay of Bengal, India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, and Laos Burma is a country located at the threshold of SE south Asian states – countries of the southern part of the Far East (Burma 2019). The nation is very strategically located geographically, consists of about 54 million people is home to about 135 ethnic groups mainly practices Buddhism and has 7 provinces, 7 states, and a federal district. In this vibrant cultural and demographic mosaic, the way Myanmar is approaching gambling has assumed revolutionary nature.

In Myanmar Gambling Legalization.

With the coming into force of the Gambling Law 2019, the era of strict prohibition which was built upon the Gambling Law 1986 came to an end. In addition, this new legislation also provides a platform for a controlled gambling environment that comes with potential advantages that include improved protection of the citizens, income generation for the country, job creation, and a more secure gambling scene.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Myanmar – 5 Things to Know

Impact on Local Communities

Ethical and Responsible Gambling

Unanswered Questions on Implementation

Gambling Law 2019: Options and Oportunities

The Responsible Journey in the New Landscape.

Betting Sites in Myanmar and Sports Betting

A legal start is a significant in the world of Myanmar sports betting that among other things means that Myanmar betting sites are now accessible by both sports gamblers and betting enthusiasts. The new law stipulates:

Gambling Definition: A full definition includes games of chance, gambling, and transactions with an accepted monetary value.

Casino Definition: An approved establishment of the Federal Government, which only serves foreigners for gambling purposes.

Lottery Definition: It is just applicable to Aung Bar Lay Lottery which is conducted by the Internal Revenue Department, under the Ministry of Planning and Finance, appointed by the Union Government.

Stipulations and Future Directions

The Gambling Act 2019 sets the stage for working of casinos under prescribed conditions with the permission of the Union Government implying a huge policy change making ways for foreign investors and tourists. Nevertheless, a number of issues are to be clarified – forms of investment allowed for casino business, areas for the operation, and repatriation of funds. The specific ban on gambling by the local citizens means a measure to protect social interests.

Enacted Gambling Laws of Betting Sites in Myanmar

A documentary of Myanmar’s gambling laws which are now enriched by the Gambling Law enacted on 7th May 2019 ushers in the dawn of the period targeted at updating gambling laws, increasing tax revenues, and supporting tourism. It represents an economic and social oriented strategic shift from the tough prohibition under the Gambling Law 1986 to the era of controlled legalization.

Challenges and Prospects

The Gambling Law 2019 is progressive law, but it did not answer the questions about the participation of Myanmar people in gambling ventures, the effect on the local communities, and the means to assure ethical and responsible gambling. The act also declared penalties for offences, from imprisonment to fine, thus reflecting a strong regulatory focus. However, these laws require other notifications, rules, or directives from the Union Government for successful implementation.


In the end, the legalization and regulation of gambling in Myanmar, with a specific focus on betting sites in Myanmar and Myanmar sports betting, reflects a monumental reorientation of the nation’s socio-economic structure. However, as Myanmar enters this new territory, the promise of economic development, along with the chance of creating a systematic and accountable gambling environment, opens a new phase. Nonetheless, the challenge to know how to move in this space wisely and responsible but is still important to maintain the culture of society in Myanmar.

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