Betting Sites in Israel

Israel is a country at the heart of the Middle East, being the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, and is famous for its rich cultural tapestry and, more recently, for the state-regulated version of sports betting and gambling. As is its culture, which is practiced by Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and is strict in most cases, with exceptions allowed for the state-controlled gambling entities. This article goes into detail regarding betting sites in Israel, sports betting, Overview of legal and criminal law relating to gambling.

Betting Sites in Israel
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Legal regulation of the Israeli gambling market is rather complex, thus demonstrating the state’s cautious attitude toward gambling as such activities. The main statutory laws that control gambling are the Penal Law and the Law on Regulation of Sports’ Betting of 1967. The laws define the limits of legal gambling and betting, what is allowed and what remains prohibited within the borders of Israel.

Key Legislations:

  • Israel Penal Law, 1977 (Chapter 12): This statute provides a universal ban on all types of lotteries, bets, and games of chance that promise to award cash or valuable prizes.
  • Law for the Regulation of Sports Betting, 1967: Particularly created the Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB), giving it the monopoly to manage and organize sport betting services in the country.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Israel – 5 Things to Know

National lottery and sports betting is permitted with tight regulation.

ISBB is under monopoly in sport betting in Israel, restricting the bettors there.

The lovers of sports may still participate in legal and responsible betting in Israel.

Following the state’s legal requirement is a condition which will create a pleasant betting experience in Israel.

Regulatory laws are designed to protect the public from the adverse effects that may come with unsupervised gambling.

Permitted vs. Prohibited Gambling Activities

While the overarching theme of Israeli gambling laws leans towards prohibition, there are notable exceptions that allow for some state-regulated gambling activities:

  • Mifal Hapayis (National Lottery): And provides scratch cards, weekly lottery subscriptions, and other raffle products under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB): A legal monopoly to organize and regulate sports betting, and Israel sports betting online platforms.
  • Social Gaming: An exemption is created in Israeli law for gambling activities which are limited to amusement or entertainment within a private circle and not conducted at gambling places.

Prohibited Gambling Forms:

Casino gaming, which is represented mainly by slot machines, roulette, and blackjack, is still prohibited in Israel. The only legal sports betting operations are those that are run by the ISBB, which had started as being mainly soccer oriented but have now expanded over the years. Horse race betting was also included in 2018, with the ISBB however, this has been discontinued.

Regulatory and Licenses of Betting Sites in Israel

MoF and ISBB are the main two regulatory bodies responsible with legal gambling activities in Israel. These licenses are only granted to the National Lottery and the ISBB, permitting them to provide certain betting and lottery services under the requested structure of the relevant legislations.

Taxation on Gambling Winnings

The Israeli tax legislation puts the 35% tax rate on the winnings from gambling, lottery, or prize winning activity, with specific exemptions recognized for the profit range. Such regulations highlight the state’s commitment to the monitoring and close control of activities related to gambling in order to achieve a fair share for the country in terms of taxation.

Understanding of Betting Sites in Israel

Because of the strict legal environment, betting sites in Israel, more specifically, those related to Israel sports betting, are working in a closely regulated field. This state of affairs has meant that the ISBB have a monopoly over sports betting and therefore those who wish to engage in online or sports wagering must turn to state-sanction platforms in order to bet legally.

What This Means for Sports Betting Enthusiasts:

Israel gambling market is a regulated and tight kind of environment for sports bettors and betting enthusiasts. Another way in which these limitations could be interpreted would be to say that they also serve to protect the public from the potential dangers that accompany unregulated betting, which is a way of keeping betting as a controlled and responsible activity.


Israel’s policy towards gambling and betting is a conscious equilibrium between banning and control. Recognizing the role of national lottery and sports betting operations in the society, Israel tolerates such activities within certain limits, however, with strict controls to prevent illegal gambling. Legal details are important for Israel sports betting lovers in order to be able to bet in the state legally and in a pleasurable way.


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