Betting Sites in Latvia

In the beautiful country Latvia which is on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, has a long history that shows how it changed from being a part of the Soviet Union to becoming a country with its own legal gambling framework. has a well-developed regulatory system for betting sites in Latvia and sports betting fans. This article is a full-fledged guide which describes Latvia’s gambling laws, the licensing process for gambling entities, and both permitted and prohibited bets.

Betting Sites in Latvia
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Latvian gambling legislation

The process of Latvia’s gambling industry development is characterized by the series of legislative steps which have the goal of both regulating and supporting the sector. The said advancements have resulted in a very strong gambling industry that has in turn provided for the country’s economic development. The following is a chronological summary of the major legislative bills:

  • 1998: The legalization of gambling in Latvia was the result of the introduction of the Law on Gambling and Lotteries which set the framework for the regulatory structure of the industry.
  • 2005: The law on Gambling and Lotteries is to be updated in order to make both land-based and online gambling operations more convenient.
  • 2006: Legalization of online gambling, but a license should be obtained by those who run games of chance or betting online.
  • 2021: The Cabinet Order No. 509, the plan of action for gambling and lottery policy for 2021-2027, is the attention on the protection of the public interest and the reduction of the risk.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Latvia – 5 Things to Know

Latvia is a top place for the gamblers to enjoy their time.

The country has both the traditional and online betting platforms.

Latvia is a country with a variety of gambling activities which are on the rise.

The recent legislative changes show how the sector is managed in an agile way.

The regulatory framework puts economic growth and participant protection as its main priorities.

Licensing and Gambling Operators in Latvia

In order to be a lawful gambler in Latvia, the gambling enterprises must pass through a very strict licensing process, which is controlled by the Latvian Gambling and Lottery Supervision Inspection. This process is a strategic way of making the operators follow the financial, ethical and operational standards.

Key requirements to obtain a license:

  • Corporate Structure: Joint stock companies in Latvia are required to be registered with a minimum share capital of EUR 1,400,000. Moreover, Latvian owners should have more than 51% of the company’s shares.
  • Application Process: The applicants are required to present a lot of information such as their financial situation, absence of debt, and development plans in details. The Inspection assesses applications within 90 days.
  • Site-specific Permission: Operators who want to open new venues should design a full plan, which should include the premises layout and the local authority permissions.

Licensing Costs and Taxes:

The tax and fee rates for the gambling operators depends on the kind of game and venue. Here are the fees involved:

  • General License: EUR 427,000 in the beginning, and casinos and gaming halls have to pay the annual fees which are different.
  • Annual Game Object Taxes: Integrate the quotas of the roulette tables, slot machines, and other gambling objects.
  • Tax Amendments: Of course, the 2024 tax rate increase is the most outstanding of all planned measures, it will be adjusted for the inflation and the state revenue will be boosted.

Types of betting of Betting Sites in Latvia

The Latvian law divides several gaming types as legal, which are slot machines, roulette, card games, bets, tote, bingo, and online games. The authorized games are the Latvian way of giving the people a wide range of entertainment options while at the same time, the games are monitored by the government to make sure that the players are protected and the gaming is done responsibly.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets:

Following the regulatory frameworks, Latvia permits a wide range of betting activities, but only if they are licensed and operated according to the regulations. Internet gambling and betting sites must follow the defined RTP (return to player) percentages, which guarantee the fairness and transparency of the gaming experiences.

The Thriving Gambling Scene

Latvia has thirteen licensed operators, one of which is the state-owned Latvijas Loto, and the gambling scene is full of life. The country offers both the traditional and new ways of betting, hence, people, both locals and tourists, have enough opportunities to participate in their betting activities.

The Impact of Regulatory Changes:

The changes in the gambling and betting sector, especially the rise in the gambling taxes, which are recent and impending legislative changes, are Latvia’s way of efficiently managing the sector. These adjustments are made in order to be in harmony with the economic changes, at the same time, they help the nation to achieve its fiscal and social objectives.


Latvia’s betting sites and sports betting industry serves as a proper example of a well-regulated the a industry that puts both the economic development and the safety of the participants at the top of the list. By a well-organized legal and regulatory system, Latvia has become a top gambling place for all the fans of this kind of entertainment. The case is, these parties may be gambling operators who want to enter the Latvian market, or they may be bettors who are searching for a safe betting environment, Latvia is the place to be.

Betting Sites in Latvia FAQ

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