Betting Sites in Romania

Romania is located in southeastern Europe and has a growing gambling and tourism industry. Through Bucharest, its vibrant capital Romania becomes a place where bettors and gaming enthusiasts go to because it is legal and regulated environment that supports both traditional betting activities as well as online betting ones. This article is going to give a full coverage of the betting sites in Romania, covering such important things as gaming laws, licensing, taxes and what kinds of betting are allowed or not.

Betting Sites in Romania
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A Peek at Romania’s Gambling Past

The development of gambling in Romania is a story of change and the adaptation to the modern world. Here are some pivotal moments:

  • 1906: The creation of Loteria Romana, that was the start of gambling legalization in Romania.
  • 1991: After Romania became independent from Russia, the country opens its first casino. This event is an indication of a new period in gambling.
  • 2009-2010: The period when the modern gambling legislation was passed, and online gambling became legal is a turning point in the history of betting.

The Legal Framework

Romania’s gambling industry is governed by a well thought of legal system, thus making the betting environment regulated, safe and fair. The key legislative milestones include:

  • Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009: The basis of the law that gives a framework for how gambling activities should be organized and run.
  • Amendments in 2013 and 2016: These changes led to the introduction of new licenses and the strengthening of the legal system in gambling, both online and offline.
  • AML Law no. 129/2019: This law takes its direction from the EU Directives which put a lot of emphasis on the prevention of money laundering in the gambling sector.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Romania – 5 Things to Know

Romania: Model of the regulated gambling

The safe and lively atmosphere of gambling.

The comprehensive laws and the licensing requirements

The progressive tax system for the operators and bettors is a good idea.

The historical background of the online betting platforms to the modern ones.

Licensing and Authorisation

The vital part of Romania’s gambling legislation is the clause that operators must get certain licenses and authorizations, depending on what they want to do. Thus, any companies, be it land-based casinos or online betting sites, should be regulated and governed by the set of rules and principles.

Prohibited and Permitted Betting

The gambling laws of Romania set the clear line between what is forbidden and what is allowed in betting, hence there are many types of gambling that can be done like lotteries, casinos, sports betting and also online gaming.

Key Regulations and Fees

In Romania, the regulatory environment is set up to make sure that gambling industry maintains its integrity by means of licensing types, gaming taxes and operational guidelines. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Licensing Types and Fees: Different gambling activities have different fees that are designed to cover the costs and also reflect the size and type of operation.
  • Gaming Taxes and Administrative Fees: A well-defined system of taxes and fees that are imposed on the gambling operators, so they can make a just contribution to the national economy.
  • Provisions for Online Gambling Operators: The latest amendments have made the online betting sites to be operated in a way that it has some requirements, thus improving the regulatory framework.

Gaming Taxes of Betting Sites in Romania

The Romanian government imposes the taxes and fees on gambling activities, which are aimed to control the industry and guarantee fair play.

Taxation Overview:

  • Fixed-Odds Betting: 16% of the total revenue is taxed at, and there is a minimum threshold.
  • Casino Table Games and Gaming Machines: Based on the type and the location of a given transaction, fixed fees are charged.
  • Online Gambling: Moreover, 16% of the total revenue is also taxed.

Player Taxation on Winnings

The Romanian gambling winnings are subject to taxation; the rates of tax being different depending on how much you win in a year.

Taxation Rates for Players:

  • 1. Winnings up to RON 66,750: Taxed at 1 percent.
  • 2. Winnings between RON 66,750 and RON 445,000: Depends on the fixed amount plus 16% of the surplus over RON 66,750.
  • 3. Winnings exceeding RON 445,000: A constant amount and 25% of the over RON 445,000.


Romania’s gambling industry is an example of the excellent control and development, it provides a complete system that appeals to both operators and bettors. The strict laws, the specific licensing conditions and the step-by-step tax system of Romania make it a safe and lively place for gambling. If you are looking for the best Romanian betting sites or Romania sports betting, there is a regulated and diversified betting world in this country.

The people who are interested in discovering the gambling world of Romania, they should know the legal and regulatory details. Starting from the historical background of 1906 to the present sophisticated online betting platforms, Romania’s gambling industry is developing and provides new opportunities for both beginners and experienced bettors.

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