Betting Sites in Bulgaria

Bulgaria located in the southeastern part of the Balkans, with a rich history and rapidly growing gambling industry. Having a territory of 111,000sq km and a population of about 6. In January 2024, Bulgaria has become a significant gambling market for both sports betting and online betting platforms, with 65 million. This comprehensive article details the current gambling market in Bulgaria paying attention to its legal framework, the range of betting sites in Bulgaria that exist and how the laws have developed through time.

Betting Sites in Bulgaria
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Brief Review of Gambling in Bulgaria

The legal status of gambling in Bulgaria has changed dramatically in the course of years and in line with the social and technological progress. During the 1957 legalization of gambling, Bulgaria has been building a consistent legal framework aimed at regulation and creation of a safe environment for gambling. This initiative not only guarantees consumer protection but also uses the industry as an important source of revenue for the country’s economy.

Legal Milestones of The Bulgarian Gambling System

Below is an extensive schedule that amasses the major legal milestones of the Bulgarian gambling sector:

  • 19th Century: The first approaches of the government regarding the control of gambling through the prohibition indicate the understanding of the existence of gambling and its potential problems.
  • 1957: The creation of the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator is the state recognition and the legalization of lottery, sports betting, and bingo.
  • 1993: Modernisation of gambling laws, enlargement of the scope of legal gambling activities, amplification of measures against money laundering, and development of a comprehensive licencing regime.
  • 2008: Legalization of the online gambling was followed by the comprehensive regulation of the online betting sites in Bulgaria in 2012.
  • 2013: The reform of the gambling law that introduces a one-time licensing fee and changes the tax model to the taxation on gross gaming revenue.
  • 2021: The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency assumes the role of a regulator and licensing body for gambling replacing the State Commission on Gambling.
  • 2024: Bills mandating the blanket prohibition of gambling ads on nearly all media on the basis of promoting responsible gambling and shielding vulnerable groups.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Bulgaria – 5 Things to Know

The country adheres to responsible gambling.

Bulgarian gambling laws are open and equitable.

There is a wide range of betting options that include E-gaming.

Betting sites are required to meet stringent licensing provisions.

This is because gambling on sports is quite popular in Bulgaria, a strong sports culture.

Detailed Gambling Regulations

The regulation of gambling in Bulgaria is a complex issue since it includes the control over different forms of gambling types, each of which has its own set of rules and conditions.

Types of Licenses

The licensing system of the Bulgarian gambling framework classifies licenses into several segments:

  • Lotteries: Comprise traditional, quick draw, raffle, number games, and their offshoots.
  • Sports Betting and Racetrack Betting: Bet sports competitions and the results of horse and dog races.
  • Casino Gambling: Licenses especially for casino operations with elaborate investment criteria.
  • Online Gambling: Bulgaria has all round regulations for betting sites with various types of activities that are allowed.

License Durations and Conditions

  • General Duration is 5 years, and Super duration (10 years) is applicable to large investments over specific threshold: BGN 1,000,000 for general gambling activities and up to BGN 3,000,000 for casino operations.
  • Standard Provisions for manufacturing, distributing, and servicing gambling equipment specify the financial responsibilities of a 10-year license.


  • Over the years, the tax on gambling business activities has changed and in 2013 it almost doubled to 15%, for land-based operations outside of casinos, with additional fees.
  • The online betting tax is 20% of gross gaming revenue and creates a structured system of taxing the expanding online betting sector in Bulgaria.

The Effect on Betting Sites in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s regulatory environment is designed to deliver transparent, fair, and safe gambling arena. Licensing obligations for betting websites in Bulgaria are stringent, and the sites must pay taxes that help to boost the country’s economy and provide safe and responsible betting activities for consumers.

Why Bookmakers Are Interested in Bulgarian Betting

Bulgaria sports betting holds a strong position in the gambling matrix of the country due to a strong sporting culture and legal embrace of betting activities. Bettors are being offered a very wide range of betting products, from traditional sports to e-sports, based on the principle of fair gambling and consumer protection.


The gambling environment in Bulgaria is clean, secure, and vivid. The development of gambling laws and rules is a manifestation of how the country is committed to the act of balancing the benefits of the economy with consumer protection and responsible gambling initiatives. This country is an attractive destination for both the operators and the bettors due to its legality, various betting options and a promise to maintain a perfectly regulated gambling landscape.

Betting Sites in Bulgaria: FAQs

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