Betting Sites in Slovenia

Slovenia, located in south-central Europe, is a country that has many different kinds of landscapes for both its people and the gambling industry. Being a country with a rich culture and modern regulatory system, Betting Sites in Slovenia is an interesting place for the bettors and operators. This article delves into the issue of Slovenia sports betting in a thorough way. It analyzes the history of gambling legislation, licensing requirements, taxes and also it explains which activities are allowed and prohibited to bet on.

Betting Sites in Slovenia
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Slovenia: Overview

Situated at the northwest tip of the Balkan Peninsula, Slovenia has a beautiful view that includes Triglav Peak and Lake Bled which is very calm. Slovenia is endowed with a climate which changes from Mediterranean to continental and mountainous, therefore it presents a special mixture of different landscapes. Ljubljana, the capital is situated in the heart of Slovenia which is divided into 12 regions and includes 212 municipal units. The diverse climate and topography of Slovenia are a symbol for the gambling laws that have changed so much over time.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Slovenia – 5 Things to Know

Country has advanced laws and strategies for gambling.

The full legalization of online gambling is anticipated in 2022.

Slovenia is a good place for both the operators and the bettors.

The online gambling operators must be the land-based concessionaires.

Slovenia’s gambling industry consists of both online and land-based operations.

Developments in Gambling Legislation in Slovenia

The gambling industry in Slovenia has been through a lot of changes, the rules have shifted from strict ones under Yugoslavian rule to more open and regulated system. Below is a timeline highlighting key legislative milestones:

  • 1965: The Yugoslavian Gaming Act was introduced to help in the post-WWII reconstruction of the country.
  • 1972: The grand opening of the Penthouse Adriatic Club was a s ignal that this era is recognized as “pavilions for games of chance. “.
  • 1991: Slovenia’s independence gives the green light to gambling thus, existing casinos can freely operate.
  • 1995: The official legalization of casinos in Slovenia has been done by the Slovenian Gaming Act; locals’ ban from gambling venues is now lifted.
  • 2012: Reform of gambling laws under the Zakon o igrah na sreč.
  • 2014: The new Gaming Act, which will be implemented soon and regulate online and land-based gambling under the supervision of the Finance Ministry.
  • 2016: Online casino legalization with Casino Portorož d. d. as the first licensed online casino is what we are talking about now!
  • 2022: Anticipated the complete legalization and regulation of online gambling, in accordance with EU norms.

These are the changes in legislation that prove Slovenia has been gradually adjusting to both local and international gambling norms.

Licensing and Regulation in Slovenia

Slovenia’s way of gambling licensing is strict, hence only the qualified operators can enter the market. The Regulations and the Licensing of the Republic are at centre stage for this role by creating different categories for casinos and slot halls. At present, the number of casino licenses is limited to 15 and slot halls are also capped at 45 which shows that a controlled expansion strategy is being followed.

Key Licensing Facts:

  • Issuing Body: Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Casino Licenses Available: Capped to 15.
  • Slot Hall Licenses Available: Capped at 45.
  • Licensing Requirements: Detailed on the website of The Financial Administration of Slovenia.

Taxation on Gambling of Betting Sites in Slovenia

Slovenia has different tax rates for gambling that shows the government’s desire to control this industry in a good way. The gambling tax rates vary from 5% to 18%, which depends on the game type and gross gambling revenue. Besides, there is a concession or license fee of 5% to 45%, and also a tax of 15% on gambling winnings that exceed €300.

Gambling Tax Rates:

  • General Gambling Tax: The tax on the gross gambling revenue is 5 – 18%.
  • Concession/License Fee: 5 – 45% on gross gambling revenue.
  • Gambling Winnings Tax: 15% more than €300 if the prize is worth above that.

This taxation system is the embodiment of the regulatory equilibrium that Slovenia wants to keep, making sure that gambling industry pays its fair share towards economy.

Permitted vs. Prohibited Betting

Slovenia categorizes the different kinds of gambling, and thus has a mixture of online and land-based betting activities. The legal forms are the online lottery, bingo, and sports betting through state-owned enterprises. Additionally there is also a sanctioned online casino operated by Casino Portorož d. d. , but the strict requirement for this to be land-based concessionaires limits market’s openness. The expected full legalization of online gambling in 2022 is intended to expand the range, thus making Slovenia a desirable market for international operators.


The sports betting and gambling scene of Slovenia is the result of a unity between conservatism and progressive legislative changes. The country’s strategy of the gambling industry regulation and taxation shows that it is dedicated to creating a safe and prosperous betting environment. Slovenia seems to be the country that will play a significant role in the European gambling market because of the expected full legalization and regulation of online gambling which is going to take place soon. Thus, both operators and bettors can look forward to some great opportunities for their businesses or fun.

To sum up, Slovenia’s development in gambling law along with its clever licensing and taxation policies make it the place of bets for betting sites in Slovenia and a model for good regulation of sports betting.

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