Betting Sites in North Macedonia

North Macedonia, located in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula on Europe, has been through a very interesting change when it comes to gambling and sports betting. This country, surrounded by Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, has a land area of 25,700 square kilometers and a population of 2.097 billion. It is the most famous gambling center. This article introduces the complex world of betting sites in North Macedonia, focusing mainly on the laws and regulations surrounding sports betting and gambling activities.

Betting Sites in North Macedonia
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The gambling sector in North Macedonia experienced a lot of changes, the most noticeable being the Law on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games and its subsequent amendments. These statutes have been the groundwork of the legalization and regulation of different kinds of gambling such as sports betting and online systems.

  • Prior to 1991, North Macedonia was a part of the USSR and therefore it followed the Soviet Union’s strict ban on gambling. This stand was softened with the country’s independence and the gambling legalization in 1991.
  • The Lottery of Macedonia which was founded in 1972 is the way of gambling that has a long history, it started even before the country’s formation and people from this region have been involving themselves in lottery games for a very long time.
  • Online Gambling Legalized: The year 2014 was the turning point when online gambling became legal and hence it meant a new era for betting sites in North Macedonia. Yet, it was only in April 2020 that online gambling became completely legal and included the whole range of online betting activities and platforms.

Gambling Law and Regulation in North Macedonia – 5 Things to Know

Alignment with the European Union standards.

The changing betting sites in North Macedonia.

Regulatory measures for the responsible gambling

The interesting jobs for the enthusiasts and the operators.

The strategy of delegation and reorganization is strategic realignment.

Licensing, Taxes, and Regulations

The regulatory environment for gambling in North Macedonia is governed by the rules and conditions regarding licensing, taxation, and operation of betting sites and facilities.

Licenses and Fees:

  • The gambling licenses are given by the Ministry of Finance for a period of six years, with each venue needing its own license. The casino license fee is €600,000.
  • The Financial Requirements for a Casino License are that the investor has to have at least €500,000 of capital and an additional deposit or bank guarantee of €300,000.
  • Online Platforms: From the year 2020, brick-and-mortar license holders can as well run online platforms thus there is no need for standalone online licenses.

Gambling Taxes:

Tax Rates: The gambling tax rates in Macedonia are determined by the Law on Tax Procedures, which sets a 20% gambling tax based on gross gambling revenue and a 3% special healthcare financing fee.

  • Fixed Fees: Moreover, there are some fixed fees such as a monthly fee of €3,000 per roulette table and €1,725 for any other type of table.
  • Corporate Tax: Macedonia has a corporate tax rate of 10% that is not progressive.
  • Player Taxation: Gambling income is subject to taxation for players at a rate of 15%.

Significant Amendments and Events

  • February 2024: The President of North Macedonia decided not to sign the Proclamation for the Promulgation of the Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games, because he thought that it was inappropriate to use such a procedure.
  • Distance Regulation: The 7th of February amendment is the one that makes it compulsory for all gambling places to be located at least 500 meters away from primary or secondary schools.
  • License Fee Increase: The amendment led to the great rise of the license fee for betting shops from €105,000 to €2000, and introduced restrictions on the number of payment places.

The Future of Betting Sites in North Macedonia

The betting sites and North Macedonian sports betting are constantly changing. The legislative and regulatory measures are aimed at the creation of a gambling atmosphere that is both fair and responsible. The full legalization of online gambling and the adjustments to licensing fees and operational requirements have made North Macedonia a competitive market for sports betting and other forms of gambling.

The fact that they are ready to adhere to the EU’s standards even though it is a difficult task, shows their determination to be part of the European legal and regulatory system. This changing environment is a good chance for the bettors and operators in North Macedonia to have an interesting time while doing sports betting and gambling because it is dynamic and regulated.

FAQ about Betting Sites in North Macedonia

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