Betting Sites in Greece

Among the intersections of ancient history and modern technology, Greece is an interesting example of an evolving world of online gambling and sports betting. Having in mind its great cultural heritage and modern tech infrastructure, Greece has managed to work with a complex set of rules and develop its current gambling landscape. The article attempts to shed light on the gambling laws in Greece, centring on betting sites in Greece, Greece sports betting, gambling licences, and what kinds of bets are allowed and prohibited.

Betting Sites in Greece
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Gambling Regulation in Greece

Greece, is well-known for being the cradle of democracy and philosophy and manifests a specific story in the field of gambling regulation. Here is a concise timeline listing the key Greek gambling regulations:

  • 2002: The banning of all electronic gaming was legislated by law 3037/2002 as there was a concern of online gambling. This sweeping law accidentally proscribed even the video games played in internet cafes.
  • 2011: In Law 4002/2011 there was introduced a transitory period that permitted 24 online operators to continue with their services provisionally. Thisera saw the birth of Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC) whose role was to regulate games of chance in Greece.
  • 2012: It is suggested by the government to merge the online gambling into state-run OPAP raising the fears of monopolistic practices. November witnessed a demand that interim license holders should stop operations.
  • 2013: The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) declared OPAP’s monopoly illegal, but allowing them to have 35,000 video lottery terminals.
  • 2016: Most of the conversations were about operators’ taxations, with one of the outstanding suggestions being the rise of GGR tax to 35%.
  • 2019: The law 4635/2019 changed the licensing system for online gambling significantly, abandoning the public tenders and promoting an approach where any interested party may obtain a fixed-term, renewable license.
  • 2020: The Ministry of Finance submitted new draft gaming regulations to the European Commission and the HGC made progress for more regulatory clarifications.
  • 2023: A draft Regulation was released by the HGC, which was aimed at the land-based casinos and introduced many novelties, which is another step forward in the process of perfecting the Greek gambling laws.

Navigating Greek Gambling Licenses

Licensing is essential for the legal operation of gambling in Greece, with different types of licenses catering for various aspects of the industry:

Types of Licenses:

  • Simple-Type Casino Licenses: For casino resorts.
  • Wider-Range Casino Licenses: Addressed to facilities integrating gambling with top-class lodging and specific tourist infrastructure.
  • Two types of licenses: online betting (type 1) and other online games that cover possible events that may be placed, type2 – which are renewable for seven-years, represent the spectrum from actual events to casino games.

Costs and Taxes:

  • Getting an online casino license carries a payment of €2 million, while sportsbook licenses are €3 million.
  • Gross Gambling Revenue taxation is at 35%, in addition to 20% corporate tax.
  • The taxation of customer winnings is different, with the first Є100 being free, then 15% up to Є500, and 20% for larger amounts.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Greece – 5 Things to Know

Greece’s evolving gambling regulations

Legal reforms and licensing reform in Greece

Freedom and control in the Greek gambling market

Colorful sport betting and casino games sector in Greece

Integrity, fun, and safety for all in Greek gambling industry.

Betting Sites in Greece and Sports Betting

Greek betting sites and Greece sports betting face is a never-ending transformation towards contemporary digital tendencies and the preferences of customers. The entire reforms within regulatory and licensing frameworks testify to Greece’s commitment to making the gambling environment safe, transparent, and competitive. By showing an interest in the protection of both the operators and the gamblers, Greece will become a significant player within the world gambling market.

Despite the fact that the market is overloaded with regulations, many stakeholders of the Greek gambling market – professional bettors, as well as sports betting fans – will need a clear set of rules, which provide a perfect balance between operational freedom and strict control over the market. In Greece, the spirit of a gambler can enjoy the hair-raising excitement of sports betting or the slightly cunning art of card games.


To sum up, the amendments in the Greek gambling legislation that led to development of a thorough licensing regime signify a broader modernization and adoption of the international norms. Greece betting sites and Greece sports betting is a lot more than betting, it is a tradition of innovation and regulation that ensures fair play, thrill, and safety for all parties involved.

Betting Sites in Greece: FAQs

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