Betting Sites in Finland

In the context of Europe, Finland’s approach to gambling is special, where it combines a very long historic background with modern regulations, that balance national interests with EU directives. Enthusiasts and operators looking for the Betting Sites in Finland or Finland sports betting should comprehend Finnish gambling laws, gambling licenses, and what kind of bets are allowed or prohibited. This extensive guide will clarify these issues and point out legislation milestones.

Betting Sites in Finland
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The Development of Gambling Legislation in Finland

Finland, whose official name is the Republic of Finland, is a nation situated in the north of Europe and well known by its forests, many lakes, and highly developed technological sector. It borders with Sweden, Norway, and Russia, and has a strong cultural identity, which includes a unique style of gambling regulation.

The gambling in Finland is both online and land-based. But it is controlled by a stringent regulatory environment administered by the state enterprise companies such as Veikkaus Oy (in mainland Finland) and PAF (in the autonomous Åland Islands). This monopoly system guarantees that gambling revenues are directed to public welfare, education, and culture;; however it has been criticized under the EU open market environment.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Finland – 5 Things to Know

Age criteria and ID for online shoppers.

Prohibited: free spins/bets & loss limits applied

The Finnish approach is a priority on responsible gambling.

Partial licensing by 2026 balances safety and welfare of players.

The Lotteries Tax Act defines taxation rates and distribution of proceeds.

Major Legislation and Regulatory Bodies

The Finnish gambling scene is dominated by the Lotteries Act wherein the Gambling Department of the National Police Board is in charge of regulation, control and licensing. Below is a chronological outline of significant legislative milestones in Finnish gambling history:

  • 1899-1917: In addition, gambling was banned in Finland and there was a long era of prohibition before the modern regulatory system was established.
  • 1917: Once more, gambling was made legal, which became the basis of today’s regulated market model.
  • 2017: Veikkaus Oy unifies the main domestic gambling entities, which enables to standardize the gambling operation in whole Finland.
  • 2022: The Finnish Lottery Act is a significant innovation that aimed at strengthening the state monopoly and players’ protection measures.
  • 2023: After the parliamentary elections, the government said that Finland planned to move to a partial licensing system by 2026, which would be a big movement in the country’s gambling regulatory approach.

The Present Situation of Betting Sites in Finland

For the players who are working on the Finland sports betting market should be aware of the limitations and freedoms of this partly regulated market. The sports betting and online gaming industry of Finland are heavily regulated and properly monitored to ensure responsible gaming with Veikkaus Oy being the only entity allowed to operate these services on the mainland, while PAF is the body in charge of such operations in Åland.

Gambling Licenses and Regulations

  • Government Decree on Lotteries
  • Government Regulation on Veikkaus Oy Games.
  • Decree of Ministry of Interior On Rules of Veikkaus’ Games

Together with the implementation of the EU gambling directives, these decrees contribute to an orderly and responsible gaming environment, with the focus on consumer protection and prevention of money laundering.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The Finnish gambling framework prioritizes responsible gambling. With strict guidelines including:

  • Age limits for each online client.
  • Compulsory control of gambling ID.
  • Limitations of free spins and free bets in online casinos.
  • Loss limits as a player protection.

Taxation and Levies

  • Lotteries Tax Act: Differentiates tax rates of the different type of winnings and gambling incomes accentuating the responsibility of the operators and the destination of the profits towards welfare programs.

Looking Forward: Half Licensing Movement

The Finnish gambling market has been given a fundamentally different line of development with the government’s decision to introduce a partial licenses model by the year 2026. The legislation aims at resolving the issues associated with the monopoly and yet, it maintains priorities with the security of players and the funding of public welfare.


The Finnish gambling system has come to exemplify the balance between national welfare and the love for gambling. With Finland’s move towards a more liberalized market model, it is an interesting example of regulation of gambling in the digital era. Continuing to be updated on the dynamic legal changes, will be fundamental for all sports betting fans, entrepreneurs, operators, and entrepreneurs who are considering to establish a betting site in Finland.

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