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Located in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo is a good example of strict gambling rules. The history and culture of this south-eastern European country, which is famous for its multiculturalism and a great legacy, have been marked a lot by its attitude to gambling. Focused on Betting Sites in Kosovo and Kosovo sports betting, the article gives a comprehensive picture of the gambling environment in Kosovo, including its gambling laws, gaming licences, and legal gambling activities of the country.

Betting Sites in Kosovo
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The strategy of Kosovo in regard to gambling, especially since 2019, is described as a very strong position against the activities of betting inside the country. The change agent was a devastating incident which led to a total ban throughout Kosovo on all forms of gambling and sports betting and this was a turning point in the gambling legislation of Kosovo. The government’s unanimous ban on gambling as a whole was a clear indication of its will to control the negative social attributes associated with betting.

Key Milestones of Gambling Legislation in Kosovo

  • March 17, 2019: One fatality related to a tragic event in a gambling center of Suhareka/Suva Reka has seriously darkened the whole industry of games of hazard. A detained police officer related to the incident raises worries over the dangers of gambling.
  • March 20, 2019: Another death related to gambling is recorded in Lipjan/Lipljan that strengthens the demand for stricter gambling rules.
  • March 28, 2019: To such incidents and growing public worry, Prime minister Haradinaj is promoting law aimed at banning every form of gambling. The Kosovan parliament moves fast and the legislation is approved.
  • April 1, 2019: The new gambling law becomes operative, introducing a total ban on almost all forms of gambling with an exception of the state-run Kosovo Lottery. Such move makes Kosovo a unique case in Europe in terms of these restrictive gambling laws.

Kosovo gambling licensing and regulation

Following the establishment of the gambling ban in 2019, Kosovo stopped issuing new gambling licenses, with the exception of the licenses of lottery retailer licenses controlled by Lotaria e Kosoves. This step was made with the aim of eradicating the chances for the new gambling establishments to receive the licenses and operate freely in the future, thereby supporting the government’s fight against the gambling.

Effects on Betting Sites and Sport Betting

Its prohibition stretches as far as online space, making Betting Sites in Kosovo and Kosovo sports betting almost non-existent in the legal scope. The only betting system, which continues to function with the authority of the law, is the state-owned Kosovo Lottery, thus, creating a small window for betting activities allowed by the law in the country.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Kosovo – 5 Things to Know

The only legal betting in Kosovo is through the national lottery.

Balancing the ban on gambling activities with individual rights in Kosovo.

The responsible gambling integration is a major concern for policymakers in Kosovo.

The gambling laws of Kosovo are very restrictive and place the public welfare first.

Kosovo is a case in point for other countries in the same position with the regulatory requirements.

Gambling Taxation in Kosovo

Consistent with the total ban, there is no predominant gambling taxation system in Kosovo after 2019. For sportsmen and women, this also makes the issue of tax on gambling winnings irrelevant since there are no legal gambling options except for the national lottery.

The Spillover Effects of Kosovo’s Gambling Legislation

Kosovo gambling laws introduction and implementation have indeed transformed the industry of betting in the country. Apart from the direct purpose to fight crimes and social ills related to gambling, the law is indicative of the tendency to put the public welfare and the integrity over the profits derived from the gambling industry. But the total ban of the legal gambling, except for the national lottery, triggers the discussion in Kosovo on how to balance regulatory control and personal freedoms.

Those people or organizations who were engaged in or intended to enter into Kosovo betting market must reconsider the opportunities within the legal framework of those regulations. Even though the prohibition may seem as a constraint, it enables discussions of a balanced integration of gambling activities without which societal interest could be at stake.


Kosovo, which remains steadfast on its gambling laws, is as a result an example for countries faced with such regulatory issues. The development of gambling policies in Kosovo reflects the authorities’ intent to deal with betting issues, to put current system on public safety, and to establish the example of strict regulation in challenging conditions. Kosovo’s method is interesting for those wanting to gain more detailed understanding of the global gambling regulations seeing it as a multi-layered relation of society, law and gambling industry.

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