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Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria. This little but alive country has a special combination of advanced gambling laws. Due to the recent changes in the legislation, Liechtenstein has become a very popular place for people who are interested in both land-based and online betting, especially for those who are looking for betting sites in Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein sports betting.This article aims to clarify gambling laws and explain which gambling regulations are permitted and prohibited.

Betting Sites in Liechtenstein
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Knowledge of Gambling Laws in Liechtenstein

For the past eight years, Liechtenstein has been going through a huge change in its gambling legislation, from the strictly regulated market to a more open and legally structured environment for both bettors and operators.

A Historical Perspective

  • Before 2010: Gambling was mostly forbidden, except for the International Lottery (Internationale Lotterie in Liechtenstein Stiftung – ILLF) which was launched online in 1995. This was one of the world’s first lotteries to be digital and was not just a gambling operation but rather a charitable organization because of the great things it did for charities.
  • Approach the Gambling Act of 2010
  • The Gambling Act 2010 (Geldspielgesetz – GSG) was a turning point which started the process of regulation of gambling in the country.
  • Casino Licensing: The act helped the government to issue casino licenses, although there were initial problems such as legal disputes that delayed the actual implementation of this provision.
  • Online Gambling Legalization: Parallel to the control of physical casinos, the act also provided for online gambling, stipulating that any organization of online gambling games on a commercial or public basis would have to be licensed by the government.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Liechtenstein – 5 Things to Know

The society is in support of the controlled gambling.

Liechtenstein’s gambling industry is very much alive.

A casino ban proposal was turned down in 2023 referendum.

Casinos have raised the economic level of the local community.

The scope for development in both the land-based and online sectors is very huge.

Present Conditions of Betting Sites in Liechtenstein

Despite the progressive legal framework, obtaining an online gambling license in Liechtenstein has been fraught with challenges:Despite the progressive legal framework, obtaining an online gambling license in Liechtenstein has been fraught with challenges:

  • Online Gambling License Issuance on Hold: Even if it was theoretically legal since 2010, the actual issuance of online gambling licenses was stopped. The government indicated the pre-regulatory preparations and the establishment of a separate gambling department within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Economy, and Environment as the basis for the delay. By the end of 2023 the only license for online operation that has been distributed is the ILLF which is no longer functioning.

Key Dates and Developments

2010: Gambling Act 2010 (GSG) legislation to legalize and regulate both land-based and online gambling.

  • 2019: The government decides to cut off the processing of applications for the online gaming concessions until 2024.
  • 2023: The suspension of online gambling licensee applications is still in force.

Taxation Framework of Betting Sites in Liechtenstein

The taxation system for gambling establishments in Liechtenstein is progressive based on gross revenue:The taxation system for gambling establishments in Liechtenstein is progressive based on gross revenue:

  • Casinos: taxed between 12. 5% and 40%.
  • Lotteries and Sports Betting: will be taxed at the rate of 10% to 20%.
  • Online Gambling: exposed to a 5% to 12. 5% tax rate.

For the individual players, the winnings of up to 1 million francs are exempted from the tax, thus, they are the good chance for the high rollers and casual gamblers to win a lot of money.

Thriving Amidst Regulation

Notwithstanding the strict measures and the current status of online gambling licenses where it is in between the legal and the illegal, Liechtenstein’s gambling industry has undergone a lot of growth, especially in the land-based sector. The casinos’ innovation has led to the prosperity of the local economy, and at the same time, it has given a chance to the locals and the tourists to participate in gaming.

Is the case of a casino ban in a 2023 referendum where the ban was rejected with a 73 vote. 3% of the voters who support the continuation of casino operations, is a clear indication of the community’s approval of this industry. This outcome shows not only the economic advantages of casinos in Liechtenstein but also the fact that the society accepts the regulated gambling as a part of the national heritage.

Looking Forward

As Liechtenstein keeps on updating its gambling law and the operational system, the opportunity for the increase in both the land-based and online sectors is very big. For the operators and betting fans, the detailed study of the laws and regulations of Liechtenstein is a must. On the one hand establishing a betting site or on the other participating in the Liechtenstein sports betting, the main thing is to know the legal requirements and comply with them.

The way Liechtenstein deals with gambling—regulates it and at the same time provides an opportunity to do it— can be an example for other jurisdictions on how to create a good gambling environment that is both beneficial for the economy and the community.

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