Betting Sites in Portugal

Portugal is not only famous for its long history and beautiful landscapes but also for a very active gambling and sports betting industry. Lisbon being the capital of Portugal, this country is a mixture of traditional and online betting experiences which are governed by the full legal framework. This article is intended to be a detailed and comprehensive guide on betting sites in Portugal, the issues of sports betting in Portugal, the legislative structure, licensing procedures, taxes that apply and much more.

Betting Sites in Portugal
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The Regulatory Framework of Gambling in Portugal

Portugal has a well-organized structure for both land-based and online gambling operations which guarantees that the operators do their business in an honest, financially stable, and technically proficient way. The major regulatory bodies are the Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos do Turismo de Portugal (SRIJ) and the Comissão de Jogos (Gambling Commission). These are the institutions that issue, control and check all gambling activities in this country.

Key Legislation and Regulatory Bodies

  • Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ): The SRIJ, the regulatory and inspection authority of both land-based and online gaming activities is an autonomous body under Turismo de Portugal.
  • Gambling Law (Decree-Law No 422/89): This law sets the legal rules for the operation of land-based casinos.
  • Online Gaming Law (Decree-Law No 66/2015): Regulates the functioning of online gaming platforms.
  • Bingo Law (Decree-Law No 31/2011): Bingo hall is the application of gambling law.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Portugal – 5 Things to Know

Land-based casinos and online platforms are both there.

Different kinds of betting are allowed, but fantasy sports are not.

Portugal is a country with an active and regulated gambling industry.

The most important events in the Portuguese gambling law history go back to 1783.

The strict laws and responsible bodies are the main factors that make gambling operations honest.

Licensing and Regulation

Operators wishing to provide betting services in Portugal need a license from the SRIJ. The process is carried out in a way that complies with the strict requirements which include financial stability, technical capabilities and also following the legal standards.

Kinds of Licenses and Prices

  • Fixed-odds sports betting
  • Pari-mutuel and fixed odds horse racing betting.
  • Online bingo
  • Online games of chance

The online gaming sector is not restricted by the number of licenses issued, thus it becomes highly accessible to qualified operators.

Key License Details:

  • Duration: The online gaming licenses are valid for three years, and they can be renewed after this period.
  • Land-Based Gaming Concessions: The duration and conditions of land-based gaming concessions are set by public tender documents.

Gaming Taxes of Betting Sites in Portugal

The tax system for gambling in Portugal is different according to the type of gaming and its place. Here’s a simplified overview:

Bingo halls: Taxed at 25% on bingo prizes.

  • Lottery: The person gets 5% of the revenue from selling lottery tickets or if the prize is more than €5,000 he/she will get 20%.
  • Online Gambling: 25% of the online games’ gross revenue, which also covers poker and bingo.
  • Sports Betting: The tax amount is 8% of the bet placed and it goes up to 35% for fixed-odds betting where players place their bets against each other.

Gambling activities are not included in the VAT, but standard corporate taxes are still applicable. Most importantly, the winnings of players are not taxable or subject to stamp duty.

Major Milestones in the Portuguese Gambling Legislation

  • 1783: Legitimization and setting up of the national lottery.
  • 1916: Casino Estoril, which is Portugal’s oldest casino was set up.
  • 1970: Development of the casino industry during Antonio Salazar’s regime.
  • 1989: The modern Portuguese gambling legislation is now in force.
  • 2015: Online gambling legalization.

Prohibited and Permitted Betting

Portugal has a very large spectrum of betting activities to offer such as sports betting, casino games and lotteries; however some types of gambling like fantasy sports are still not allowed.


Portugal is a country that has the regulated but at the same time, very lively market for gambling and sports betting with clear rules and responsible bodies which are there to guarantee integrity of betting operations. Either, through the conventional land-based casinos or modern online platforms Portugal provides a full gambling environment. The legal and regulatory situation is the most important thing for both operators and amateurs, who want to enter into Portuguese betting world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting Sites in Portugal

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