Betting Sites in San Marino

San Marino, the center of Europe is not only famous for its historical sites and beautiful views but also for its lively gambling industry. The supplied guide is a thorough examination of the subject of betting sites in San Marino and their sports betting, it discusses the subtleties of the country’s gaming laws, licensing, taxes as well as what is allowed and what is not when it comes to gambling. The Insider’s Guide to Betting Sites in San Marino and San Marino Sports Betting is what you are looking for.

Betting Sites in San Marino
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Gambling Landscape of San Marino

San Marino, the tiniest country in the world located right at the center of Europe, is like a lighthouse for betting lovers and operators. Being the land of history, beautiful nature and active gaming market this country is a special place to play games. In this paper, we will be discussing the betting sites in San Marino, San Marino sports betting and also the legislative framework that regulates gambling activities within its borders.

Key Legislation Governing Gambling

The foundation of San Marino’s gambling legislation rests on two pivotal laws:

  • Law № 67/2000: It is the instrument for the legal regulation of gambling, such as its control, supervision, taxation and licensure.
  • Law № 143/2006: Brings into existence the regulating authority which is in charge of monitoring the gambling industry and specifies its functions.

All of these laws taken as a whole permit different types of gambling, like sweepstakes, lotteries, prize draws, lotto betting games and other similar activities. At the same time they introduce several social responsibility measures.

Regulatory Overview

The ESG, supervised by the Grand General Council and the State Congress is a main regulator. It has to implement and supervise gambling activities in accordance with the above-mentioned laws.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Marino – 5 Things to Know

The ever-changing world of betting in San Marino

The history of gambling legalization in San Marino.

The special features for the operators and the bettors.

A Casino which is the only one alluring Italian tourists.

The current trend is the shift from traditional tourism to online gambling.

Permits of Betting Sites in San Marino

For those who want to start in the San Marino gambling industry, it is necessary to know the licensing procedure and its costs.

Licensing Process:

  • Submission: Applicants have to submit a written request to the Control and Supervision Committee, which should be informative about the gambling activity that is going to take place.
  • Review: The State Congress is the body that examines applications and gives a decision within 30 days.
  • Requirements: Corporations that are willing to get licensed should have at least some capital of €258,228.

License Types and Fees:

  • Validity: A license is given for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Scope: The licenses are for different sectors, such as gambling on lotteries, sports betting and casino games.
  • Taxes and Fees: Licensees are liable to a gambling income tax of 12%.

Taxation: A Closer Look

The fiscal responsibilities for operators and players in San Marino are outlined clearly:

  • Operators: A 12% tax on the gross gambling revenue, which is in addition to the regular corporate taxes.
  • Players: The taxation of gambling winnings for players is still unclear.

Prohibited and Permitted Betting

San Marino is the place where a lot of gambling activities are permitted, but it maintains rather strict controls especially for online platforms. The unlicensed online gambling sites are treated as illegal, although the enforcement is not strong and many international platforms accept San Marinian players without a local license.

History of Gambling Legislation in San Marino

  • 1880: Gambling was made legal to reduce the national debt.
  • 1949: Italy put a lot of pressure on San Marino to ban casinos.
  • 2000: Law No. 67/2000 overhauled gambling regulations.
  • 2014: Online gambling was officially legalized, this was a very big step for the country in terms of its policy on gambling.

San Marino’s Economic Shift

In the post-2014 period, tourism started to be a major economic source of San Marino thanks to attractive deals on alcohol and cigarettes that were offered by Italy. Although these changes occurred, San Marino still has only one casino that serves mostly the Italian tourists.

The Future of Betting in San Marino

The betting sites in San Marino and sports betting are changing, thanks to the legislative changes and the new technologies. San Marino is the place to be for both bettors and operators as it has a well-developed legal system and clear regulatory rules.


To sum up, San Marino’s gambling scene that is a mix of tradition and modern technology attracts both amateur and professional gamblers. If you are an operator who is trying to break into the San Marino market or a bettor on the lookout for new opportunities, it is crucial that you know all about the local gambling laws, licenses and taxes in order to be able to navigate through this landscape successfully.

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