Betting Sites in Belarus

As one of the leaders in the East European gambling industry The Republic of Belarus made a significant progress in altering the legal system to suit and regulate the new world of Betting Sites in Belarus. This is an important development for the bettors and punters as they want to clarity as well as safety in their operations. To start with, the following brief description will discuss the main legislative aspects, the challenges of obtaining gambling licenses, as well as the white list for permitted and black list of forbidden bets in Belarus.

Betting Sites in Belarus
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Gambling in Belarus: A Preface

The modern type of gambling takes place in Belarus; in the past, the country used to be the home to all gambling forms. The history of land-based casino success goes back to the beginning, along with the unregulated but maternal presence of online gambling platforms. This lively area of gambling is a mixture of both offline and online environments that entail noticeable absence of strict bans and the availability of online casinos.

Legislative Framework

The Belarusian gaming industry is built upon the strong legislative basis. Key regulatory milestones include:

  • Presidential Decree No. of January 10, 2005. 9: Sets out in details the rules of organization of gambling business activities in the country.
  • Presidential Decree of September 1, 2010, No. 450: Implements licensing policy for some activities including gambling.
  • The above decrees and resolutions were aimed at enhancing operating procedures and the creation of an exclusive computer cash regulation system for turnover control in the gambling industry.

These regulations establish a regulated atmosphere where casino games, slot machines, and sweepstakes are regulated by clear legal rules. An important feature of Belarusian law is that individuals have the ability to self-exclude from gambling venues, which shows a dedication to the practice of responsible gambling.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Belarus – 5 Things to Know

Belarus: An increasing market for sports betting

Obtaining licenses is a challenge to offshore entities.

A combination of increase regulations and growing market.

Regulatory landscape is complex and at the same time transparent.

The gambling industry is where tradition and innovation come face to face.

History and Development of Betting Sites in Belarus

A breakthrough occurred in August 2018 when a decree “Improvement of Legal Regulation of the Gaming Business” was adopted in Belarus which had a great impact on online gambling operators. This act established the basis for legalizing virtual logic halls with the condition that operators obtain necessary licenses.

Licensing Dualities

In Belarus, the regime of licensing differently treat Virtual Gaming Institutions (VGIs) and live gambling operations. VGIs use internet and software and, by contrast, live games use live broadcasts from casinos or arcades requiring a dual license for such live gaming ventures.

Licensing Requirements:

  • Minimal two years operational track record for eligibility.
  • A thorough technical assessment of the gaming software.
  • Managerial experience in the gaming industry.
  • Funds control of prize payments and tax liabilities.
  • A blank business slate for the managers of the company.

Other requirements for live betting include good broadcasting and local permission to establish gaming centers, providing a well-controlled and open gambling atmosphere.

Taxation and benefits of operators

The tax model for gambling activities in Belarus divides into gambling equipment and net difference between bets and wins, with VGIs being taxed only on the latter, along with personal income taxes of players and at a rate of 4%. This complex tax regime, together with the detailed licensing requirements, provide opportunities for firms targeting the Belarusian market and looking for a regulatory haven.

Present and Future Directions

Adjustments to post-legislation in 2018/2018 sparked a surge of online gambling companies but only a few of them obtained online licenses so far. The law allows operation under foreign domains as long as server hosting corresponds to the physical locations in Belarus. A single registry for any type of gambling license streamlines administrative processes, increasing operational clarity.

But, significant problems are faced by the operators of offshore gambling because of strict regulation and strong active measures against unlicensed platforms and this highlights the resolve of the government of Belarus to have a properly regulated gambling market.


The Belarus sports betting and betting sites have overcome a maze of regulations to become vibrant elements of the local gambling industry. Against the background of changing legal frameworks and government regulation, Belarus is an example of the symbiotic relationship between tradition and innovation in the gambling industry. Belarus, as a gaming jurisdiction, creates an interesting mix of regulatory strictness and successful market potential, attracting the attention of the sports bettors and the operators alike.

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