Betting Sites in Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a country of history, culture and Islamic law, which generally influence its gambling laws. Of all the activities that one can do, gambling and betting tend to reside in a peculiar position in regard to the Maldivan society, as the law creates a clear distinction between what is tolerable and what is not. This is a complete guide that will help expound on the landscape of betting sites in Maldives and the state of Maldives sports betting, in the process.

Betting Sites in Maldives
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Brief Look on the History and Culture of the Maldives

Maldives which is actually an archipelago is officially called the Republic of Maldives. Situated in the Indian Ocean, to the south west of India and Sri Lanka, this country consists of 1,192 coral island that form 26 atolls. Malé, the capital city, and known as the Kings’ Island because of its central location, beats with life in front of the Maldives Muslim majority population. Dating back to the 16th century, Maldives was ruled by Portugal, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom and got independence in 1965, followed by an evolution into a republic by 1968.

The Economic Pulse: The rest of the activities include tourism and fishing.

Tourism and fishing sectors are the economic pulse of Maldives. Tourism becoming a major economic factor was firstly noted in 1972 with the flourishing of tourist resorts, the best ones being Bandos Island Resort and Kurumba Maldives, which almost accounted for 30% of the GDP. But this lively tourism scene is a complete oppose to the strictly dictated gambling laws whose attribute is Islam.

The act of gambling in Maldives is highly influenced by the country’s adherence to Islamic law and is therefore completely illegal. There are no legal houses where popular casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, or bingo are offered. The governments makes the enforcement of anti-gambling laws very ruthless and the police are very proactive in pursuing the illegal gambling activities. Laws that are broken in this regard can attract fines and or imprisonment.

The Online Gambling Conundrum

The physical gambling establishments are prohibited but the online gambling case is a complex scenario. Prior to 2015, individuals caught gambling could be jailed. Though, the entering into force of new legislation in 2015 became a turning point in that regard, no more treating gambling at Maldives online casinos as an extremely grave offence. Consequently, in the context of illegal gambling there is a very real risk that online gamers will get caught but the threat of harsh punishment is virtually nonexistent, thereby creating a secret opportunity for all games interested in this kind of gambling.

Key Legal Milestones

  • 1965: The Maldives gets independence from the British colonial rule, thus creating a legal framework that is still evolving till date.
  • 1972: The start of the first tourism resorts, harmonizing economy with world tourism direction.
  • 2015: A year of change as far as the legal approach is concerned with regards to online gambling, the penalty leveled for the same was also brought down.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Maldives – 5 Things to Know

Gambling laws in Maldives

Cultural Vs Digital Evolution

Gambling landscape in transition.

More stringent laws on gambling sites in Maldives.

Regulated and lawful channels for the fans of gambling.

Betting Sites in Maldives and Sports Betting

Due to the legal restrictions, no homegrown betting sites exist in Maldives, leaving enthusiasts to foreign-operated platforms. Though this creates a challenge in choosing the best online casinos for the people in Maldives, it also drives a careful but growing interest in the area of the sports betting and online gambling. However, the prospect is still alive that the further legislation will bring more favorable terms for home-based betting sites and other Maldives sports betting sites that are legally sanctioned.

The Way Forward

The change in the laws over time in internet-based gambling leads towards a potential change in the gambling landscape of Maldives. Even though currently, the betting sites in Maldives operate from foreign grounds, there’s a well-placed cautious optimism for the future introduction of the Maldives approved online casinos and sports betting platforms. An error of this kind would not only bring in line the Maldives with current global digital trends but also provide regulated and legal avenues for predominantly Maldivian gambling enthusiasts.


The case of the Republic of Maldives is a good example of this and is an interesting case since the country has a diversity of cultural background and strict adherence to shari’a when it comes to gambling laws. The narrative is still influenced by the fine line between persevering with cultural values and the digital evolution of gambling and sports betting. Even though the near future of betting sites in Maldives and Maldives sport betting platforms is still at risk from the strict laws, the changes in legislative approach give a hope of the more regulated and legal environment for gambling in the years to come.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Maldives

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