Betting Sites in Marshall Islands

The laws on gambling in the Marshall Islands remain strict, affecting domestic and international betting services. This article explores the legalization of betting in the Marshall Islands, legal gambling laws, betting sites in Marshall Islands, sports betting, gambling authorities, legal forms of gambling and the forbidden ones. Gambling legislation in the Marshall Islands is mainly governed by two pieces of legislation: the Marshall Island’s Gaming Control Act, and the Marshall Island’s Gaming Control Regulation.

Betting Sites in Marshall Islands
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Key Legislation for Gambling Businesses

The main piece of legislation regulating gambling operations in the Marshall Islands is the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act 1998. This act categorically banned all forms of gambling in the republic, but allowed for some forms of gambling that are conducted by nonprofit organizations.


  • General Prohibition: Any natural or corporate entity is restricted from participating in any form of gaming or gambling activities within the Republic.
  • Possession and Use Restrictions: According to the law it is unlawful to possess, utilize, sell or buy any gambling or gaming machines, appliances or devices for purposes of gambling.
  • Definition: ”Gaming” or “Gambling” means betting or wagering money or any other thing of value for a game of chance or event of skill, including slot machines and other similar devices.


  • Nonprofit Organizations: The legislation permits nonprofit organizations to conduct games such as bingo, raffles, and cakewalk for the purpose of raising funds only.
  • Permits: The nonprofit organizations are required to seek permission from the local government council for each event at a fee not exceeding twenty dollars per permit.


  • Criminal Penalties: Its violation leads to a misdemeanor charge and fines of up to $1,000 or imprisonment of up to one year or both.
  • Civil Penalties: Other civil penalties are $1,000 per day for each day that a violation persists.

Enforcement Powers

  • Police Authority: National and local police may search premises and use force when investigating offenses related to gambling. They also have powers to shut down premises, arrest people, seize equipment and freeze any money earned through unlawful gambling business.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Marshall Islands – 5 Things to Know

It is against the law to engage in gambling.

There are no gambling taxes in Marshall Islands.

Permitted exemptions for nonprofit fundraising purposes.

Prohibited bets: casino games, sports betting, slot machines.

Options and forex trading which are allowed under a different framework.

Historical Context and Recent Developments

In this case, the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act was passed on April 9, 1998. However, other games that may be in the same category as slot machines or video arcade games have been in circulation in Majuro for several years. However, in April 2023, the Attorney General’s office stated that criminal charges are expected in the coming weeks, after police raids that led to the seizure of dozens of gambling machines.

Timeline of Legislative Actions

  • April 9, 1998: The Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act.
  • April 2023: Police operations result in the seizure of forty one gambling machines in Majuro with the police preparing to press charges.

Regulatory Agencies and Licensing

Marshall Islands does not allow gambling licenses for betting sites or for any operations related to sports betting. Nevertheless, it allows companies to provide choices and forex trading through the internet. Options and forex trading are a little different from gambling and are regulated under different laws and by different authorities.

Licensing Fees and Types

  • Options and Forex Trading: These services have to adhere to certain standards of operation although they are not governed by the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act.

Taxation on Gambling Activities

Because the Marshall Islands has banned traditional gambling, there are no gambling taxes in the country. Nevertheless, any unlawful gambling that is offered and apprehended would attract fines and penalties as described above.

Permitted vs. Prohibited Bets of Betting Sites in Marshall Islands

Prohibited Bets

  • Casino Games: Such games as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.
  • Sports Betting: It is important to note that all types of betting on sports are prohibited.
  • Slot Machines: Gambling and betting in both physical and online slot machines is not allowed.

Permitted Activities

  • Bingo: Permitted for nonprofit solicitation.
  • Raffles: It is allowed under the same circumstances.
  • Cakewalks: Also permitted for nonprofit solicitations.


The Marshall Islands has a zero tolerance policy on gambling which is supported by the Gaming and Recreation Prohibition Act 1998. However, the country permits options and forex trading but under a different legal framework. For those who want to find Marshall Islands betting sites or engage in Marshall Islands sports betting, it is important to know the legal situation and follow the existing rules.

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