Betting Sites in Nauru

Nauru is a small island nation in the central Pacific Ocean that has a rather particular legal framework when it comes to gambling and sports betting in particular. Has a population of roughly 13,000 people as of January 2024, the legislation regulating gambling is rather complex and nuanced. In the following article, you will find information about legal gambling in Nauru, the authorities that regulate it, the requirements for obtaining a license, and the existing betting sites in Nauru and sports betting in the country.

Betting Sites in Nauru
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History of Nauru’s Gambling Legislation

Gambling legislation in Nauru has developed through several critical steps in the recent past as noted below:

  • Sporting Pools Act 1968: Authorized sports betting pools.
  • Street Betting Act 1970: It includes regulated street betting activities.
  • Bingo Licensing Act 2008: Set down licensing regulations for bingo games.
  • Gambling Act 2011: A single law that at the present time governs all types of betting in Nauru.

Regulatory Framework

The regulation of gambling in Nauru is informed mainly by the Gambling Act 2011. This encompasses the guidelines for the online and also the physical gambling activities. The important provisions of the Gambling Act 2011 that needs to be followed are enumerated below.

  • Offences: The act also outlines the penalties in regard to unlawful gaming and betting, anyone found guilty shall be subjected to a fine or imprisonment.
  • Gaming Licences: Gives a clear procedure on how one can undertake the process of applying for various types of gambling licenses.
  • Advertising: Controls the advertising of gambling activities to deter advertising of unlawful gambling.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Nauru – 5 Things to Know

Currently, there are no licensed land based casinos in Nauru.

Online betting is permitted, but unauthorized games lead to fines.

The Gambling Act of 2011 outlines the legal framework of gambling in the country.

Some of the reasons why there are no casinos include; small population, and government decisions.

Some of the common games of chance that are played in Nauru include betting on sports and bingo.

License Types of Betting Sites in Nauru

There are various types of gaming licenses that one can apply for under the Gambling Act 2011. The applicant must submit his/her application to the Secretary together with the fees as may be prescribed. There are different types of gambling licences and the fees that go with each of them are explained below:

  • Bingo License
  • Sports Betting License
  • Lottery License
  • Gaming Machine License
  • Table Games License

Also, there is a provision on the exemption of license fees for charitable uses, particularly in the conduct of raffles and karti games.

Gambling Taxes

The Gambling Act 2011 also provides for the tax responsibilities of an operator of gambling business. These are helpful in generating the country’s revenue and make sure that the gambling operations are done properly.

Tax Rates

Gaming Tax: Applicable to all licensed gambling activities.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

As mentioned before, gambling is legal to an extent in Nauru but there are certain limitations in regards to the kind of bets that can be placed. The following is an elucidation of bets to be placed and prohibited bets:

Permitted Bets

  • Bingo: Bingo (Gaming) is licensed and regulated by the Bingo Licensing Act 2008.
  • Sports Betting: The funds are governed by the Sporting Pools Act of 1968.
  • Gaming Machines: It is allowed but the user needs to obtain certain license.
  • Table Games: Serving under section 178 of the Gambling Act 2011.
  • Lottery: Legal with relevant permits for conducting business under the operation of a lottery.

Prohibited Bets

  • Unlicensed Casino Games: Engaging in the casino business is prohibited without the license of a government agency.
  • Online Casinos: Online sports betting is not prohibited absolutely but it is also included in the category of the live casinos.

Online Gambling and Betting Sites in Nauru

As for the laws regulating gambling in Nauru there are no laws prohibiting or allowing online gambling in this country explicitly although the population of Nauru has unrestricted access to the international websites with online casinos. Here are some key points about online gambling in Nauru:

  • No Licensed Online Casinos: As for the moment, there are no companies that could be heard of providing online casinos that operate in Nauru.
  • Participation in International Sites: Players are allowed to gamble on any games available from online casinos operating in different countries.
  • Legal Status: Gambling is not prohibited online, but playing in unlawful casino sites is technically punishable by fines.

Land-Based Casinos in Nauru

While casino gambling is available in Nauru, no land based casinos have been established yet. The lack of casinos may be due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Small Population: Nauru has a very small population and therefore cannot support a casino.
  • Lack of Investors: It is possible that potential investors will not notice a market at all.
  • Government Decisions: The local government has not been very aggressive in seeking casino operators to set up shop in the country.
  • The Most Common Types of Betting in Nauru
  • Sports Betting: The most common type of betting that is legal and falls under the Sporting Pools Act 1968.
  • Bingo: Available for one time use only and aired in local pubs and bars.


The laws pertaining to gambling in Nauru have established legal provisions for both, the traditional form of gambling as well as the more contemporary online gambling. Currently there is no online or physical based casino in island but local people can freely visit over the world internet sites. To prevent the emergence of any social ills related to gambling, it remains essential to understand that this country has the Gambling Act of 2011 that regulates gambling activities.

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