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Fiji is an archipelago situated in the South Pacific Ocean in the middle of the Southwest Pacific consisting of 332 islands with a total land area of 18333 square kilometers and a total marine exclusive economic zone area of 1. 29 million square kilometers. Overview of Fiji’s gambling legal environment, the authorities, allowed licenses, expenditure, and taxes. We also establish the type of bets that are permitted and barred under the law of Fiji, which includes online betting sites in Fiji and sports betting in Fiji.

Betting Sites in Fiji
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Fiji gambling Laws and Regulations history

  • 1964: It becomes de facto legal with betting on Australian horse races in betting shops.
  • 1968: Legalization of games of chance occurs with the approval of The Gaming Act (Ordinance No. 65).
  • 1987: New political entity – Republic of Fiji; gambling remains legal under the new regime.
  • 2009: An example of legislation which has been put into practice is the Fiji Gambling Act that has the effect of prohibiting most forms of gambling. However, it permits some forms of social betting and lotteries under legal provisions.
  • 2011: The Fijian government finally awards its first casino license to One Hundred Sands to develop a $290 million five-star casino resort in Denarau Island.
  • 2014: It also brought the Vodafone Pick 6 Lottery – the first lottery in Fiji.
  • 2024: To the dismay of locals, developers reveal that the public will not be allowed into the planned $2 billion casino and hotel.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Fiji – 5 Things to Know

Gambling laws in Fiji are quite rigid.

Illegal gambling is strictly prohibited.

Fewer opportunities for betting activities.

Be abreast with the law and its provisions.

Chronological history of gambling legislation in Fiji.

Gambling Environment of Betting Sites in Fiji

Gambling in Fiji is also prohibited in accordance with the country’s Gambling Act of 2009. This law states that any form of gambling in the islands is unlawful, unless otherwise permitted. The Act allows:

  • Social Gambling: Lottery games not involving professional players, games of chance that are held at home, the total prize for which does not exceed $100.
  • Lotteries: Providers are required to acquire an official license to offer their services.
  • Remote Gambling: Permitted only if through the telephone, radio, or television but banned the gambling via the internet.

Regulatory Structure and Compliance

There is no special body regulating gambling in Fiji; the licensing and regulation of gambling activities and companies is under the president of Fiji.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Fiji

The licenses for gambling are given to the people who have attained the age of 21 years or more. The fees for licensing, the sequence of the licensing, and documents needed are stated in the Gaming (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2009.

License Types Include:

  • Class I Gambling: Charitable gambling
  • Class II Gambling: Commercial land based gambling and remote interactive gambling

Gambling Taxes

Fiji gambling taxes are regulated by the Gambling Turnover Tax Decree. They are as follows:

Gambling Turnover Tax:

  • 1. If proceeds per player are more than $1: 15% on gross proceeds.
  • 2. If proceeds per player are 51c to 99c: 15 cents
  • 3. If proceeds per player are 7c to 50c: 7 cents

These taxes are in addition to the normal corporate tax of 20%.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The Gambling Act details severe penalties for any person or company that runs a gambling site from Fiji without a license. Players who engage in unlicensed remote interactive gaming are subject to severe penalties:

  • Fine: $5,000
  • Imprisonment: Up to 2 years

History of Gambling Legislation in Fiji

  • 1964: Betting on Australian horse races.
  • 1968: Legalization of games of chance through The Gaming Act.
  • 2009: The Fiji Gambling Act.
  • 2011: First casino license awarded.
  • 2014: Vodafone Pick 6 Lottery Launched.
  • 2024: The controversial $2 billion casino and hotel project.


Gambling is legal in Fiji, but most forms of gambling are either banned or strictly controlled. However, there are legal opportunities for anyone who wishes to undertake betting business within the legal framework. Currently there are no legal actions against players playing at international sites since the government of Fiji has not legalized online casinos.

To get more information about betting sites in Fiji and Fiji sports betting, it is always wise to know any changes in the legal aspects and always follow all the legalities.

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